Five people dead in Florida mass shooting

Five people have been killed in a recent mass shooting in Florida, this is the 19th mass shootings in the United States this 2019.

A gunman took hostages in a Florida bank, forced them to the floor and began shooting, authorities said.

Five people dead in Florida mass shooting lailasnews

Sebring Police Chief Karl Hoglund and Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman briefed reporters but declined to elaborate on the motive for the shooting, which took place around noon at the SunTrust bank in Sebring, about 94 miles southeast of Tampa.

A county negotiation team made contact with the suspect but was unsuccessful in de-escalating the situation, officials said.

Eventually, a SWAT team stormed the bank. The suspect surrendered and was taken into custody, Sebring Police Chief Karl Hoglund said.

The suspect was identified by Hoglund as Zephen Xaver, 21, a Sebring resident. A photo published by the Highlands News-Sun shows police taking a handcuffed white male, wearing a T-shirt and khaki shorts, from the scene.

“It’s been a tragic day in our community. We have suffered a significant loss at the hands of a senseless criminal doing a senseless crime” Hoglund said

Adding that “at least” five people were “senselessly murdered” in the ordeal. It wasn’t clear whether the victims were bank employees or customers.

The gunman apparently entered and locked the bank, then forced customers to lie on the floor.


  1. The Whole world is a ticking bomb with Tombstones glaring @us in the mid day Sun.
    What’re we producing……Monsters,Cyborgs…..God help us

  2. And they never in their wisest imagination thought their life would come to an end in such a terrible way! Oh God pls save my family and I from untimely dead as this

  3. The world is wearing away gradually. Crime and terrorist everywhere. May God console the family of deceases

  4. Oh!! May their soul rest in perfect peace and may God give their families the strength to bbear at their loss, this a very bad news, innocent ones shouldn’t die

  5. So sad! Insecurity everywhere even in the so called United States. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

  6. Wasting 5 innocent lives for a reason best known to him. Very soon now one psychologist will come and say the man is mentally challenged.

  7. The government should take a look, and take care of the place to avoid life risk, sorry for all of the lost.

  8. may God confront those who lost their family members and those who died may their souls rest in peace

  9. Imagine the statistics for this alone…..if this act is not curbed…..I wonder the statistics we WD have by December 2019!!!!this is crazy

  10. There is needs for proper gun control in the United States of America, because this issue of miscreants shooting people to death is becoming too much.

  11. In this country we have bono harms and herdsmen, in the Whiteman country we have mass shooter. God will help his people

  12. This Florida shooting is too tragic and is condemning, I really sympathize with those that lost their lives in the shooting, may their souls rest in peace, may the lord grant their families the fortitude to bear the lost.

  13. I want to know the motive behind this recent shooting. I think every youth in the US should be mandated to take mental test because this mass shooting is becoming rampant.

  14. This is serious, there are just too much guns in that place. The government should do something about it, quickly.

  15. All this criminals that have no remorse in taking life should not be shown pity when caught. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

  16. The problem am having with all this type of story is that, the persons involved have no motive of their action, so this mean that it has something to do with gun control.

  17. Violence mostly leads to loss of lives and nothing good. May the souls of the dead ones rest in peace.

  18. This is not good at all may the soul of those affected rest in peace
    God please grant the families of the victims fortitude to bear the loss

  19. The US should abolish the owing of arms by individuals since mass shooting has become the other of the day

  20. Why the mass shooting for God sake when you are not on the battle field. Rest in peace to the deceased.

  21. EFCC want to take the place of SARS , anyway, same thing will still happen to them if they are not careful.

  22. 19 mass shooting only in this year … Within Just 24 days… Am I the only one who saw this …??I think the US should be named As the No. 1.terrorist nation in 2019

  23. May the culprit be caught and may the soul of the departed rest peacefully. Didn’t know they rob banks in abroad o

  24. may their gentle souls rest in perfect peace and please the government should place do something about this killings, is just everywhere.

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