My first time in aeroplane, I thought I’d die – Woli Agba

Comedian Woli Agba has narrated how sacred he was when he boarded an aeroplane for the first time in his life.

Woli Agba: My first time in aeroplane, I thought I'd die

Real name Ayobami Ajewole, Woli Agba said he boarded the aircraft when the Alfa Sule Dance Troupe have him the opportunity to travel from Lagos to Abuja.

Sharing his experience, he said:

“It was really the first opportunity I had to travel out of the country. We went to South Africa. It was also the first time I would enter a plane. In fact, I didn’t even know that one could travel by air from Lagos to Abuja.

“When the plane took off, I was smiling inside me. Suddenly, the pilot announced that the plane was in a sort of trouble. It was not funny. There and then, I told God that He didn’t bring me on the journey to waste my life. I thought I was going to die. Fortunately, nothing happened. The plane didn’t crash. I was so happy and relieved when we eventually arrived in South Africa.”

The comedian also revealed that he once felt his career was no longer relevant until things took a good turn for him.

“People stopped talking about us at a point and I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I felt as if I had used up all my glory and there was nothing left for me. I was preparing to get married at the time. But from nowhere, things started working out for me again,” he said.

Speaking on his relationship with female fans, Woli Agba said he has never had any advance from them as they see him as an elderly person.

“Ladies respect me whenever they see me. They call me Woli Agba and daddy. Even when I attended Olamide’s concert, they came to me and started calling me daddy. Ladies don’t see me as a young guy they can relate to or entice. I get direct messages on social media from ladies, but I value my marriage and my home comes first. I am too focused to be distracted.”



  1. There is always a first time to everything in life. It does happens to everyone especially those that have phobia with height.

  2. Oga comedian, I understand your fright, thank God, after everything, you were able to conquer that fright, Kudos

  3. Thank God for your life… For you to enter the plane for the first time is a good opportunity. Good things shall continue to follow you from now hence forth.

  4. Smiles…i even like the way you come out to say something like this to the media instead of keeping it within you

  5. Lol,that’s how it is when its your first and you are a full grown adult and i hope you can keep those girls away o.desperate one won’t give up even if you are married

  6. Hmmm! My dear, I was as scared the first time too. It was as if my spirit left my body. I just comported myself.

  7. There is always a first time to everything in life. It does happens to everyone especially those that have phobia with height.

  8. Well,I think it’s funny any way
    Thanks be to God for the opportunity of flying in an aeroplane at the first time and a successful landing even with the little shocked but but you all landed safely. Glory to God

  9. well, he has experience it. Next time he will not be afraid. But keep on smiling, a new stage in his life

  10. I can’t stop laughing ooh…. Well thank you landed safely and I’m sure that such frightening would not occur again.

  11. It sound funny bt it a normal thing asfar as flirts (aeroplane)is concern u have to b scared since it was ur first time,even d pilot added to ur fears by giving dat announcement, next tym I know u won’t b scared like b4

  12. power of change, your gift and talent has made way for you, from grass to grace
    continue to flourish

  13. This is a serious but though is true seriously first time in plane is not easy you will feel scared especially when d plane want to start moving

  14. That’s the word Woli! Don’t be distracted… I know by now levels son change… You no dey fear plane again

  15. The part that nothing was working to things started working again touched and I give glory to God for it’s s a testimony

  16. Here is a man that values marriage and God. Bro God will not bring you out and leave you to die.

  17. Congratulations for ur first time on flight. Ur experience is not strange as many people feel the same on their first flight

  18. Wow thanks God anythings bad don’t happen a place is so scared thing to travel with it only God that help

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