FireOFola lays heavy curses on lady who subbed on the N980k #DubaiOnCredit story

A lady has brought heavy curses to herself after she subbed FireOFola on social media to confirm if she is the side chic in the Dubai on Credit story where a tour operator called out a guy, Olumide for refusing to pay for the trip he took with his side chic on credit.

A social media user who prides herself as #TheRicherSinglemom made a comment asking to confirm if FireOFola on twitter was the side chic in question.

FireOFola lays heavy curses on lady who subbed on the N980k #DubaiOnCredit story

She wrote;

So…. is the 980k dubai side chic fireofola?? Somebody confirm or deny this gist I want to check something

The sub did not sit well with FireOFola at all and so she decided to lay heavy curses on the user. She wrote;

By the authority in the name of God Almighty, as long as you breathe air and you drink water and you eat pepper, everything that makes you happy shall make you SAD.. Your joys will turn to sorrow.. You won’t find happiness..

I have recited Psalms 109 (7) times on your life, whatever is making you happy, will make you weep.. On the days you choose to spend your money on something Joyful, you will use it to treat incurable ailment, you and all that you hold dear..

I BLOCKED YOU.. I’ve blocked you since last year I am sure, you would always send me messages to help you advertise many times unless you have deleted the messages.. I DON’T know you.. Never met you.. Will never meet you by God’s Grace…

You cook up stories, you lie against people… People will implied ate you in matters you know nothing about.. You are running a business, you will RUN INTO TROUBLE… YOU AND EVERYONE ON THIS TWITTER WHO WISHES ME EVIL AND SAYS ANYTHING AGAINST ME MORESO LIE…

Olivia , the only way you will ever find joy, I mean permanent is if you stop drinking WATER, stop breathing AIR and stop EATING PEPPER… AIYE E O NI NI OYIN.. YOU WON’T HAVE PEACE OF MIND.. Any good thing that happens to you will be TEMPORARY..

You will gather and it will SCATTER… It shall never be well with you.. I serve God, I don’t serve Him for show.. On your day of Rest, you will have no joy and peace.. God won’t show you Mercy.. Till your days of old, Mercy shall be far from you.. Amen!

The obviously infuriated FireOFola went on, she added;

Whatever anyone on here who by chance wish me bad, gossip about me, tell lies and whom my joy is a problem to lays his or her hands upon to do shall SCATTER.. I ALWAYS MIND MY OWN BUSINESS! ALWAYS… why would you just wish me evil? I mean I work.. I run a business

Why the fuck do you think I can’t spend my own money or go on a trip? If your life is meaninglessness without men, mine isn’t.. Jesus! You lots are vile.. Damn!

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