Firefighter Oladimeji reacts as Nigerians blame him for his daughter’s scary experience in Abuja zoo

A firefighter, Esan Oladimeji has reacted bitterly to people who blamed him for the experience he encountered in Abuja zoo.

He had posted online how Lions in the zoo almost ate his daughter’s finger due to the holes in the net where the Lions were caged.

He wrote:

For the safety of kids, @ParkandZooNG kindly do something about the lion net hole. My daughter fingers slid inside the net and the lion almost went for it. Kindly retweet till Mgt. of Abuja park and zoo sees it.

However, many online users disagree with him and termed him a careless man that should be watchful instead of blaming the management of the zoo.

This triggered him to react furiously and shed more light on the case, and defends himself as a caring man to her kids.

He Posted:

Am so surprised at the response of me ‘being careless’ am getting from many citizens. Well, let me quickly make this clear

1. I don’t have dull children. I have got an active and curious ones.

2. Park and zoo is not the first zoo I will be visiting, so I expected the same lion’s cage standard as the ones I visited in the past.

3.I have left the zoo with my children unharmed because I was observant enough and I rescued her with speed of light.

4. The name of the zoo is ‘NATIONAL CHILDRENS PARK AND ZOO ABUJA’ so it is for children.

5 This tweet is to ensure:

5a management of park and zoo do the needful about the construction of their cage by ensuring the lions are more visible from afar and ensure an iron rod embarkment is placed at a good distance

5b. To notify the parents and guidance that might want to visit the park in the future with their children, because I don’t think I might want to have anything to do with the park and zoo again. Thank you all.

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