Finding Mr. Right

They say it will all get better, it’s just a little while; go to church more, hang out more.

Finding Mr. Right

The advice was practically to work hard, play hard and pray harder but it all seemed wrong or was I wrong myself? Momsi keeps calling continuously asking me to bring home a man, like this isn’t bad enough, my wardrobe was filled with over 20 Asoebi and Bridesmaid gowns.

Being a single lady in Lagos no be beans at all o, but most people don’t get it. Many guys just want to get down, and when they find out you’re living the baby girl lifestyle, Oshey!! that’s just an invitation to the “Gigolo association of Lagos” locally known as “Yoruba demons”.

To others, it seemed like I was living my best life. I work in a multinational organization located in Lekki and reside around Lekki, so there’s enough time to have fun after work and as you know the island is the hub of flexing, so weekends are always fun.

I am a tall, brown skin girl in my late 20’s, medium-sized boobs and a big booty who often gets all the compliments from everyone, both men and women but that’s just where it ends.

Having been in several relationships right from my university days, which all ended sourly. I have come to realize that most men just want a taste of the cookie jar and when they are done, they leave.

It’s been a year since I got involved with a man because of the fear of him walking out on me like my previous relationships but right now I am in desperate need of finding Mr. Right.

My search for him has made me reduce my outings, clubbing and hangouts, little did I know that the devil can meet you right at your place of comfort.

Oh! Yes, he can, and I was just about to invite him in…

To be Continued.
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