Filling station manager stabbed to death by his employer over N40k

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A young filling station manager identified as Chigozie has been allegedly stabbed to death by his employer in Anambra over N40k.

Filling station manager stabbed to death by his employer over N40k lailasnews

The deceased who was a manager at a NENCO filling Station in Okpuno Nnewichi in Nnewi North local government area of the State was allegedly stabbed to death by his employer on Wednesday.

According to reports, trouble started when the Director asked the manager to provide the sum of N40,000 which he claimed to be missing from the company account.

Chigozie reportedly pleaded with his employer to bear with him, and deduct the said sum from his November salary, but the director of the fuel station declined and insisted that the money must be provided immediately.

According to report, what seemed to be a mild drama turned bloody when the director of the company in a desperate move to recover the said money, stabbed his employee several times with a screwdriver before he collapsed.

Chigozie was rushed to the Rose of Sharon Specialist Hospital, along Oba Rd., Nnewi, where doctors confirmed him dead. The suspect reportedly fled from the hospital.

Spokesperson for the Anambra State Police, Haruna Mohammed said the headquarters is yet to get the full details of the incident.

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  1. All because of #40k wen he go chop finish for one night na waoo oo father save ur plp in dis country

  2. Let always have a conscience void of offence toward God and man.. He should be made to face the law…

  3. What is ₦40000 for God’s sake, that someone will just killed someone because of it. God have mercy.

  4. The rate at which people take laws into their hands is quite alarming because of 40k he would have just lock up

  5. Foolish, wicked man….I am sure the man’s corpse will provide his 40k now. The heart of men is evil.

  6. This is serious he already have his plan of doing such because I can’t imagine how little argument will lead one to stab another

  7. For God’s sake, killing because of 40k that he was even willing to refund. You are heartless and wicked

  8. That fuel station should be shut down for life. This so call directors are so wicked. When it reaches time for payment, they look for one allegation or the other against their employees. When he is caught, be should rot in prison for life

  9. Well i won’t be in a hurry to judge because am not there when it happens , these boss self too do , maybe he attempt to corner the guy salary nah

  10. human being are not patient at all, his employee is s devil incarnate and he didn’t know, may his soul rest in peace, he must face the law.

  11. Awareness forum most be created allover the country to teach people how to control their anger over mere issues.

  12. The love of money is the root of all evil. He is now running helter skelter after wrongdoing. One day bush meat go surely catch the hunter and you will be accurately judged. May his soul rest in peace.

  13. This is very sad, you should be wary of the kind of people you fight or quarrel with because many are crazy but only few are roaming the streets

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