FIFA President Gianni Infantino tests positive to COVID-19

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has tested positive for COVID-19, football’s world governing body revealed today.

FIFA President Infantino tests positive to COVID-19

The 50-year-old reported mild symptoms and will quarantine for at least 10 days.

A statement read:

“FIFA President Gianni Infantino has received confirmation today that he has tested positive for coronavirus. The FIFA President, who has reported mild symptoms, has immediately placed himself in self-isolation and will remain in quarantine at least for ten days.

“All people who came into contact with the FIFA President during the last few days have been informed accordingly and they are being requested to take the necessary steps.

“FIFA sincerely wishes President Infantino a speedy recovery.”

Infantino is in his second term as FIFA president, having won re-election in June last year.

The former UEFA general secretary first took office in February 2016.

Infantino has spoken recently of his determination to make sure the 2022 World Cup in Qatar takes place with fans attending, despite the coronavirus pandemic forcing domestic competitions to continue to restrict the number of supporters going to stadiums or banning them entirely.

“I cannot imagine the Qatar 2022 World Cup without fans because playing a competition the size of the World Cup without spectators is almost no point in having, causing us big issues, and there is no doubt that the next World Cup will definitely be held in Qatar,” he said.

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