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FG spends N3.5m monthly to feed Ibrahim El-Zakzaky – Lai Mohammed

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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, yesterday revealed that the Federal Government spends as much as N3.5 million a month to feed detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria aka Shi’ites, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

FG spends N3.5m monthly to feed Ibrahim El-Zakzaky - Lai Mohammed lailasnews
FG spends N3.5m monthly to feed Ibrahim El-Zakzaky – Lai Mohammed

El-Zakzaky was arrested in December 2015 after members of his religious group had a clash with men of the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna state.

”It cost the Federal government N3.5 million every month to feed him” Lai said while addressing state house correspondents after FEC meeting

Watch video of Lai Mohammed revealing how much is spent to feed the Islamic leader below:


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  2. The money is too much for the food budget, there are other sectors money need to reach. God help us.

  3. when the needy are crying for increase in their salaries Buh no they can’t consider but they prefer going on strike over 30,000 . Such a bad situation

  4. How do they come about all these outrageous figures…do they think we are as dumb as they are….what have they been feeding the man with…this is funny.

  5. I don’t think that he said such a thing but if yes, why is federal government finding difficult to pay 30k minimum wage

  6. And you people are not even ashamed to say this. This is how you are just lavishing our money there, where the poor masses are dying of hunger

  7. I thought he is under detention, how come they are spending so much to feed him , in a month, not even a year

  8. What is he eating? Is it not the same food we are eating? Lai Mohammed you does not have shame, while the masses are dying of hunger. There is God oooo.

  9. you feed just 1 man with 3.5M monthly (feeding alone o), and expect a a breadwinner that pays rent and school fees to survive on 18k for a month and even raising shoulders that you’ve increased it to 30k which is not even confirmed. we are literally doomed in this country

  10. Even me that enjoy fundamental human right did not 50,00 monthly, not to talk of a detain person spend 3.5m. Haaaa see enjoyment why his follower are now protesting when gov is taking good care of their leader

  11. And you people cannot increase the minimum wage to 30,000 thousand naira, citizens are suffering and working so hard everyday to put food on their tables..
    Shame on you all

  12. impossible, how can they spent such amount of money on somebody who is in detention, corruption is there efcc please interven

  13. This is a hard nut to crack. What’s he eating? How many people in detention are being fed fat this way? This is the same man whose followers caused chaos here at Abuja, that some even died for. I wish this people can be reasonable.

  14. This is serious. one man 3.5million for feeding? How about the poor masses who barely feed themselves.

  15. Orphans are roaming the streets of money and such an amount is spent for someone under detention…Hmmm.It is well

  16. Nigerian government are so confused with their decision.. Spending such amount for feeding to one person is such a greedy act, when the poor and needy are crying every day.. I think the minister name (Lia) is seriously affecting him…

  17. Now I know that this your name is affecting you seriously, how many million in a month,? Your such a big liar, if that is the case free him to go.

  18. For just one person, and they finding it to pay workers 30000 minimum wage, am highly disappointed in this country

  19. Outrageous if you ask me. What kind of food could he be Eating? Ppl can lie oh…there is God oh..and Fed Govt doesn’t want to pay new minimum wage of 30k…no conscience at all if this is true.

  20. This people has shown to us the major reason why they still hail that man hostage , just to be sqandering money ,buhari and apc are all thieves

  21. This our government are becoming ridiculous by the day, imagine this kind of news? And they can’t pay our workers ordinary 30k. Rubbish

  22. Workers are here deliberating on #30k only no way and you are telling us this. Men, this guys are heartless. They take pleasure in the suffering of the people

  23. You spend that much in feeding one man, whilst the same government cannot pay workers 30,000 minimum wage.

  24. Odiegwu

  25. 3.5 million to feed a prisoner monthly, but 30k to pay workers monthly is too much?..this country is a joke!

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