‘My girlfriend’s parents rejected me because I’m an outcast ’- Man cries out

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A young man identified as Didi Mehn on Facebook is in serious emotional pain after being rejected by the family of his sweetheart for being an osu.i.e an outcast.

My girlfriend’s parents rejected me because am an outcast Lailasnews3

According to the man from Enugu state, his girlfriend’s parents who initially accepted him changed their minds after discovering he’s an OSU (outcast)

Read what the handsome man shared on Facebook in order to clear his confusion.

We so much Love ourselves….We’ve been together even in difficult times…I think she’s d woman I would want to spend d rest of my Life with… She has already said yes to my marriage proposal but there’s a problem….She’s Amadi while am an Osu….

Her parents initially accepted me wholeheartedly but after investigations they made abt my family,,they discovered am an Osu n now they said that d relationship should end,,reason is cos they don’t wanna give thier daughter to an Osu….

Am so confused right now,, pls what do I do???

My girlfriend’s parents rejected me because am an outcast Lailasnews2

My girlfriend’s parents rejected me because am an outcast Lailasnews

The Osu caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of persons called Osu.

Osu are the people dedicated to the gods; so they are regarded as slaves, strangers, outcasts, and untouchables.

Oral history has it that an osu was a respected monk devoted to the service and worship of a deity. The origin of the osu caste system can be traced back to the era when deities were believed to ask for human sacrifice during festivals in order to clean the land from abomination thus leading to the purchase of a slave by the people.

The osu caste system also has its origin traced to the Nri Kingdom. It is believed that the Nris possessed a hereditary power and thus do go about cleansing various kingdoms of abomination; any community that refuses to be cleansed are called osus.

Another view on the history of the osu caste system centres on ostracization. This occurs when a person or group of persons who refuse the orders of a king or the decision of a community are banished from the community thus resulting to the victim and its generation being called osus.


  1. Is something of this sort still in existence.

    The lady in question must be stupid if she should allow her parents and their devilish believe stop her from getting married.

  2. You are not an outcast u better erase that mindset and move on with your life. Every disappointment is a blessing,u will soon find your perfect match. Wipe your tears and move on

  3. Oh my God, this is so touching. I feel for this man honestly. I don’t wish anyone to ever come across this problem in igbo land, it is so devastating, God will see you through.

  4. Ur people don’t joke with that Osu stuff even with Christianity & all. U should have expected this from inception instead of going headlong & hurting urself now. Pick up d pieces & move on, it’s not d end for u. In future,to save urself this kind of problem, look outside ur tribe or check among ur “click”Good luck.

  5. The real reason of the Osu system in Ibo land. In the olden days the Ibos had no prisons and no uniform or consistent method of punishing criminals caught among them.Vitually every Ibo village had and still has parcel of uncultivated land called the EVIL forest. The Ibos believed that evil spirits inhabited these forests and nobody could survive going in there.So members of the localities who committed serious or heinious crimes were banished to the evil forest where they were expected to be killed and eaten by the evil spirits in the forests. Ofcourse, there were no evil spirits in those forests and the men and women who survived the harsh conditions in the forests most times wandered back into the villages.Since the Ibos believed that nobody could survive the evil forests, these wanderers from the evil forests were viewed as ghosts and shunned by all and sundry.This is the most plausible explanation of the origin of the Osu system. I absolutely do not condone the system, it is very difficult to ignore

  6. My dear its so pathetic that nonsense is a hereditary belief that moves from generation to another of which even strong as Christianity is in Nigeria today yet it hasn’t made any impact on it cause its a traditional remarks which is upholds itself in igbo culture and u know how strong igbo culture is…………so forget her and ask God to bless u with ur real wife whom may not be an igbo girl also and have ur peace. Remember also that its not the girl’s parents faults cause their kinsmen wont even near u let alone accepting any thing from u as their tradition demands … if they give their girl’s hand in marriage to u without the consent of the kinsmen then they might risk being banished from their village or ostracized . For the fact that I hate this OSU of a thing cause its absolutely wrong and sin to call some one an outcast but I can’t also marry from that very part of igbo tribe since my parents wont support the marriage and I can’t live alone with her only and being deserted by my whole family and town people. Wisdom is profitable to direct so leave her memories and forge ahead

  7. Fuck that family that reject u . What a shit and sad story is this . What is outcast for christ sake oh my future wife family make una prepare una self.

  8. My brother wipe ur tears this is why we should pray for Biafra to come quickly cuz it would be passed as a law in the Biafran house of assembly and abolished both traditionally and religiously, no Biafran child will be rejected as Osu or Ohu we r all created in the image of the most high God the creator of heaven and earth, lets all put our effort and agitate like never before lets gain our independence as a nation and all this nonsense would be abolished and forever gone in our land.

  9. If the girl love you …she will come back …and if she comes back receive her…give her belle…nah the girl family go find you…what God has joined together let no osu put asunder

  10. … I have just gone through his profile pix. Which outcast is he talking about that i don’t know about? Abeg, nothing like outcast my bro. Na bleach u dey bleach. Na too much bleaching is the major thing they reject u.

  11. Forget dat rubbish, go and make some good money and return back if you won’t have parents line up with their daughters for u to marry. I’ve come to understand that in this country, once u have dough, all problems are solved. Just look around u to confirm it for urself

  12. If your family is affected by osu caste system (outcaste). There’s a group for you on facebook. kindly inbox or comment under the comment section. They will add you up. cheers

  13. Stupid thing, what is osu for God sake, this is what we grew up with, we wia not there when our forefather where dedicating what ever nonsense it was. Like fuck it, and to think that some Christians indulge in this is a big shame, if i fall in love with osu, i will marry him.

  14. You call them OSU yet u eat and dine together with them, u attend the same school with them,u make friends with them, go to their houses to fetch water to drink, they render help to you when u need them then when it comes to marriage we see them as an abomination. You don’t want to marry an OSU because he or she is seen as a sacrifice to the gods. Why then do we call ourselves Christians not just that children of the most high God. Let’s say no to OSU caste system because it has destroyed so many marriages and relationships. Let’s accept each other as one because we are one before God. Let love rule, we all need each other to survive. Let’s say no to it.

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