FG announces fresh recruitment of over 1000 Nigerians

The federal government of Nigeria has announced plans to recruit over 1000 workers for the Warri-Itakpe standard gauge rail corridor.

This was made known by Mr Fidet Okhiria, the Managing Director, Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos.

FG announces fresh recruitment of over 1000 Nigerians lailasnews

Okhiria said the completion of the rail project will require additional staff, hence the government will train and employ new 1000 staff.

“Warri-Itakpe standard gauge rail corridor is about 320km, about 12 stations and we have to employ people that will maintain the tracks, people that will work in the stations and sell tickets.

“Also, technicians that will examine the train. So, we are going to engage close to over 1000 to maintain about 320km track, both junior and senior.

“New employees can’t just be sent there; they must be trained.

“In order for them to be trained, we will be moving people from the existing staff, but we have to replace them. So we have to fill up those position before the new people will be trained and certify to be part of the train operations,” he said.


  1. Yinmu !!!Lie Lie, they will always plan , never execute. Campaign is starting soon, more webs of lie are coming

  2. This is really lovely….,.please all the lazy youth should be ready to face the music and come out from the said laziness…..

  3. Thats a good one if it won’t be a peanut salary because our Government hardly pay their workers any good amount that is reasonable

  4. I hope the employment will be for every Nigerian and not just for family and friends of the ogas at the top

  5. Here is a good one from the government, hope the jobs to be given would be free and fair without partiality

  6. What about the salaries , the govt has not settled already employed staff. It’s a good thing, but again I ask about payment?

  7. If government gives employment to Nigerians just as they’ve said they would here, it would gladden the hearts of its citizens

  8. This is good news. At least it will put food on the mouth of the new workers to be recruited. Because people are suffering

  9. long life Government longlife to the fg, this is really good for the use youth empowerment thank God for this.

  10. If only can match action with words, it will go a long way to cutting down the massive unemployment rate in the country.

  11. I pray it works because not today we have been hearing something like,the problem of this country is that they do internal instead of external.

  12. That will be great if the 1000 employees will not be full of their family members and some ghost names.

  13. Well that is a good thing if good stuffs like this keep on coming why wont Nigeria leave there present state to a better one?

  14. Nice one to the government, creating job for his people. Training as well will boost their intelligence.

  15. It’s a good one if truly the plan is carried out. At least 1000 Nigerians will stop roaming the streets and engaging in unwholesome acts.

  16. I just hope this is not one of those political gimmick to enslave people for years. Please and please let FG follow through on their promise

  17. a very nice announcement, we are expecting more from fg and I hope implementing this will be problematic considering the nature of our government.

  18. Good one. Well we need more of this in different states of the country to reduce the rate of unemployment to the bearest minimum.

  19. That is good idea atleast it will reduce unemployment little that is what we are praying for good work.

  20. Wow, this is good news. Warri-Itakpe railine will grant prospect jobs soon. FG pls don’t promise and fail o

  21. At least it will reduce unemployment small although if you don’t have someone there already or upper hand no share for you

  22. That’s good it will reduce unemployment. Hope no political strategy? When i elections dey close na so so news and projects u go dey hear



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