Ferguson gives reason why Messi is better than Maradona

Former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that Lionel Messi is better than Argentine football legend Diego Maradona. According to Ferguson, the fact that Messi spent more time in the spotlight than Maradona is enough to rate him ahead of his Argentine counterpart.

Ferguson gives reason why Messi is better than Maradona

Ferguson made this known in an interview with The Times to honour legendary sportswriter, Hugh McIlvanney.

When asked to choose between Messi and Maradona, he said:

“Told of this, I would side with Souness, who said Mess is a better player than Maradona on that one.”

“Maradona’s career at the very top was only a few years.”

Ferguson added:

“But I can imagine Hugh’s response. You don’t know what you’re talking about!’ While blowing a big puff of smoke in your face, lighting another stogie and speaking with that wonderful, rasping voice.”



  1. Yeah,I think is saying the truth,Messi I really better than maradona,that a very good reason by Ferguson

  2. Messi is a great player like he said…he is enjoying his long duration years as a player in a club

  3. I don’t understand what he means by staying longer in the spotlight? All that matters is the thing u are able to do within the space of ur reign. Maradona single-handedly won the World Cup but Messi could not even win copa America. For me Maradona is better.

  4. Messi is indeed good, thou dont know much about Marradona, but i read about is history, he didnt achieve much like MEessi.

  5. That’s the plain fact, messi has spent more time on the spotlight than Maradona ever did..
    But what is the use of compering, they are both great players.

  6. He has always been at the top of his game ,ever since he came to limelight ,Ferguson has seen it all before he made that statement.

  7. Both are great players.
    But messi has always been the best.
    Actually, every generation has got its best and fir this generation messi is the best.
    Hes d second to none

  8. Is true but messi didn’t better than him because messi don’t collect World Cup while Maradona are collected

  9. Messi has been a force to reckon with and he has been a great player maradona on his own is good but the difference is clear

  10. Messi is very good and has truly maintained world leadership in his career. But Maradona remains a legend in his own right.

  11. This is nothing but the truth…. Messi is playing real hard. I love and envy his skills. Though Maradona too is good.

  12. he is right because messi has won a lot of trophies and break records amd created records as well with more playing time still counting

  13. I think its messi’s time to shine,the time of maradona differs from the time of messi,both f them are still a star.

  14. When view with time spent and record created and more coming… Messi is at the top of it compared to him…. Messi is still up going with his performance.

  15. All are good players, is just that there must be individual differents that must make one better than the other.

  16. Messi is a better player than Maradona it is not easy to stay in football consecutively for 10 years.

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