Female singers work harder than male colleagues – Ijekimora

Singer, Ijeoma Ononobi, aka Ijekimora, has said that female music singers work harder than their male counterparts in the music industry.

The Sexy Papa crooner made the statement while speaking in an interview with the Punch.

Female singers work harder than male colleagues – Ijekimora

She said:

“The body, face, talent and every other thing people love about my brand are all parts of my lifestyle. I did not set out to look this way just for my brand. This is the life I live on a daily basis. I love eating healthy and being fit, and in order to achieve that, I am on a strict diet and I go to the gym every day.

“I absolutely think female singers work harder than their male counterparts. This has been my experience and also the experience of many other women who I have had the privilege of speaking to. It has always been important for me to make sure I get respect and recognition as a talented musician and I am working towards that daily. However, it is important to note that the women who have taken on the challenge have done so excellently and that gives me hope that I can be one of those women in the near future.”

Ijekimora also admitted that sexuality sold more in the music industry. She added,

“I don’t regret relocating to Nigeria to promote my music. Nigeria was home to one of the greatest legends the world has ever known— Fela. He lived in Nigeria and made music that transcended cultures, borders and generations. If all that greatness can come from a place I call home, then there is no better place for me to promote my music.

“I know that sexuality sells more in the male dominated music industry. However, we are moving into a more inclusive world where all that is being pushed to the side and talent is what matters. I am happy to be a part of that forward thinking generation of the industry.”

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