Female pants thief says he was sent by a prophet

A female pant thief, identified as, Adejoh Ojonugwa, has revealed that he was sent to steal by a prophet, Olajide Ogunleye.

25-year-old panel beater,said the prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ibanujemidopin Parish, Uso in Owo Council area, sent him to steal the pants as part of the rituals to make him rich.

Female pants thief says he was sent by a prophet lailasnews

While being paraded at the Ogun state police command, Adejoh said he recently approached Ogunleye for ways to get rich fast and that the clergyman asked him to get pants and ladies underwear.

“l was given a concoction by the prophet and, from that point, l could not remember what l was doing until l was arrested by police detectives. l regained my memory after four days when l remembered visiting the prophet for assistance to get rich. I had visited the prophet to pray for me because of my work and how to get rich.

After checking my palm, he told me there were ways out but asked me to swallow some concoction and prayed for me but asked me to look for ladies pants and underwear. But when I got home I didn’t know what I was doing again and l started looking for pants and underwear. I found three of my sister’s pants and l went to my brother’s house where l took two of my sister-in-law’s pants.

Hours later, my sister-in-law raised the alarm that her underwear were missing and I was arrested and taken to the police station. Two of the pants belong to my sister-in-law and the three others belong to my younger sister. When the police arrested me, I was taken to Uso Police Station before they transferred me here (Akure)” Adejoh said

Commenting on the recent trend, the state police spokesperson, Femi Jacobs, warns parents to advise their female children about where to keep their underwear

”The main suspect claimed to have lost his senses after taking a concoction from the prophet and started looking for ladies underwear. He said he had gone to the spiritualist who is a member of the Celestial Church to pray for posterity. He now said that the man prayed for him and gave him an ointment to take and as soon as he swallowed the concoction, he lost his senses and began to pick ladies pants.

He had already picked some in Uso, their village, according to him. And he came to Akure again to pick those of his brother’s wife. We are baffled and shocked to discover that during the time he lost his senses, the next thing for him to do was to begin to pick women underwear. We think the story is too good to be true. That is why we are engaging him. We will further dig into the matter to know what he actually wanted to do with the ladies pants. Once we know what he wanted to do, he will face the consequences.

We don’t want such a thing to happen in our state. And we are using this opportunity to enjoin our ladies and our women to keep very well whatever they put on, whether underwear or dresses. We also plead with parents to ensure that their daughters keep their underwear very carefully. We are using this opportunity to enjoin our ladies and women that this is a very dangerous phenomenon. We have to keep well whatever we are putting on. I also advise parents to warn their children, particularly females, to be very careful about where they keep their underwear.” he said


  1. This how people will just go about thwarting people’s destiny bit God in his infinity will expose them all

  2. I pray God will forgive our generation for the kind of things we put our hands in the name i want to be rich, youths mainly female please let’s be mindful of how we keep our belongings

  3. Well i believe that young man,so much fake prophet everywhere decieve g the simple in heart,may God help us is too bad.

  4. This what the Devil tried into this world now, may God continue to be protecting us and our families

  5. This sound stupid, first he said the moment he took the concoction given to him by the clergyman he lose his sense, but he still maintain that the clergyman ask him to come with women pants for the rituals. Hmmm

  6. if it’s true,that man or prophet needs to be arrested cos his ritualist using church to disguise himself

  7. This getting rich at all cost is now the in thing……not minding who is going down….God should deliver us

  8. both him and the pastor or prophet should be arrest. he should stop making excuse about vain charmed by the prophet.

  9. That is really very bad and annoying. How can a prophet send him to do such a thing, though it might be possible and true but no one knows

  10. Some of these pastors are devil, he should be arrested along side the fake prophet to face the consequences of his bad deed. May God continue to reveal their secrets

  11. What is this all about women pants? Please, ladies let’s be careful bcoz d rate at which this pant issue is going is so alarming. May God help us

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