Fela Durotoye to run for president in 2019

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Popular motivational speaker Fela Durotoye has made his intention to run for the post of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019 known to people of the country.

The father-of-three, who is married to makeup entrepreneur Tara Fela-Durotoye, declared his intention yesterday, February 22. He explained that after researching the national parties in Nigeria, he decided to contest under the umbrella of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

Fela Durotoye to run for president in 2019, joins Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) lailasnews


In an Instagram post, he wrote:

“I stand here on behalf of this generation of leaders to declare that WE ARE NOW WILLING, ABLE; READY TO SERVE OUR NATION THROUGH ELECTIVE OFFICE; WE ARE NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN, …

“To build the Nigeria of our dreams would require exceptional candidates who would emerge from a pool of excellent; credible aspirants chosen by the people to represent them at the general elections. And so, over the last few months, I have researched into several political parties to determine if their ideologies, vision and values resonate with mine. .

“I am glad to announce that one party has resonated more with me than any other in sharing common ideology, principles and a truly democratic internal political process that is open to all to aspire

“A party that provides a level playing field for the best candidates to emerge at all levels for Legislative & Executive offices. THAT PARTY IS THE ALLIANCE FOR NEW NIGERIA.

“And today 22nd of February 2018, I have formalized my membership with the ALLIANCE FOR NEW NIGERIA (ANN) & become a member of this great party. .

“IT IS OUR TIME… And together, we will deliver the future.
God Bless You all.
God Bless our Alliance For New Nigeria.
And May God Bless our Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Fela Durotoye to run for president in 2019, joins Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) lailasnews 5

With full support from his wife, Tara Fela-Durotoye, she also took to Instagram to endorse her husband, writing:

“As our children prayed this morning one of the boys said ‘may the impact that Dad has had on us be the same impact he will have on Nigeria so Nigeria will be a better county ?

“I believe in you @feladurotoye and I support your run for a new Nigeria. We have a party that is inline with our values, Join us @alliancefornewnigeria”

Fela Durotoye wrote in another post:

“13 years ago, my heart was infused with a vision of a NEW NIGERIA and I received a mandate to raise a generation of nation builders that will build Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live in; work in. .

“This great generation of nation builders of every tribe and tongue … of every religious creed … men and women, boys and girls from every hamlet, village, town and city across the length and breadth of our nation across the entire spectrum of our society … all infused with a similar set of values; committed to a lifestyle of leadership and excellence as they seek to build Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live in.”

Fela Durotoye to run for president in 2019, joins Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) lailasnews 4

Fela Durotoye seem to have captured the attention of young people on social media and a lot of them are promising him their votes, come 2019.

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  1. This one wer u smile like dis no be say wen u get der ur name go change from Fela to boneniface and start telling us dat mosquito don swallow money ,,,,abeg oga go try local government chairman first make we see howfa

  2. all the best, just remember that politics is a dirty game, so be ready to get your hands dirty if u hope to go far.

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