Fela Durotoye releases his 10-point agenda as Nigeria’s president

Presidential aspirant, Fela Durotoye, has released a 10-point agenda on what he plans to do to improve the condition of Nigeria if he is elected as president in the coming 2019 elections.

The management consultant released the document on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, noting that it is a condensed version of his policies while disclosing that a detailed one will be released soon.

Fela Durotoye releases his 10-point agenda as Nigeria's president lailasnews 3

In his 10-point plan, Durotoye noted that he’ll focus on power, security, education, healthcare, infrastructure, business and industries and the economy. Others are enforcing the rule of law, creating jobs and reducing the cost of living in the areas of food, transport, housing, fuel and so on.

Fela Durotoye releases his 10-point agenda as Nigeria's president lailasnews 2

Cost of living

While expanding on his points, Fela Durotoye promised that he will reduce inflation from double digit to single digit in order to ensure affordability of necessities, guaranteeing a minimum of 5% of gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate per annum in his first four years.

He said he’ll reduce the pump price of refined products by encouraging the licensing of modular refineries, as well as also diversify intracity transport options, launch 36 agricultural hubs across the country, and create a national affordable housing policy that enables the development of affordable housing.


Fela Durotoye also promised to deliver a minimum of 12,000MW to Nigeria within 4 years which he says will attract investors.

He said his administration will achieve this by taking a multidimensional regional approach to power generation as well as prioritising the use of renewable energies for power generation while also partnering with the private sector in the area of increased funding for power projects across the federation.


Durotoye assured Nigerians that he’ll degrade, dismantle, and defeat terrorist group, Boko Haram, with human intelligence and return internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their homes or reabsorb them into a reconstructed community and ‘safe cities’.

He further promised to address militancy across all geopolitical zones and put a complete end to activities of violent herdsmen and delist the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group to engage them in negotiations instead.

He also noted that military intervention under his command will be in line with the proportionate use of force and adherance to the fundamental human rights provisions.

The aspirant also promised to ensure that security forces are well-equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and hinted at the creation of one Military Equipment Manufacturing Plant without providing details, for security reasons.


Durotoye promised that his administration will increase the literacy rate by up to 90% in four years by making education compulsory and mandatory up to secondary school across the country. He noted that this will be achieved by increasing funding and partnership with the private sector and development partners, while ensuring that government expenditure on education is not less than 5% of GDP starting from the 2020 budget.

He said his administration will work with states and local governments to ensure nationwide rehabilitation and equipping of all existing government schools at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, while also ensuring free education for primary and secondary students in public schools.


To improve healthcare in the country, Durotoye promised to ensure access to at least one working federal health care facility in each of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria while also significantly increasing funding for medical research and development across all federal universities, and university teaching hospitals.

He also promised to increase government expenditure from 0.9% of GDP to a minimum of 5% of GDP, increase doctor to population ratio from 4:10,000 to 15:1000, and improve average life expectancy from 53 to 60 years.

He promised that there will be mandatory universal health insurance for every Nigerian with emphasis on maternity care to eliminate maternal mortality by 2023.

He also said his administration will create structured health alliances with specialists outside Nigeria (especially for cancer, HIV/AIDs, kidney-related problems, autism and cerebral palsy), as well as set up four regional healthcare cities to provide tertiary and specialist medical care and act as a medical tourism destination for the West African sub-region.


In his policy statement, Durotoye promised to rehabilitate and construct inter-city roads across the country; provide support for the commencement of light rail metro-lines within all 36 states through public private partnerships to aid the easy movement of goods and services; as well as improve rural to urban transport systems by developing a pan-Nigeria rail system that works.

He also promised infrastructure in place for at least one additional sea port while also promising a reform of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

Business and Industries

Durotoye promised that if he becomes president, he will double investors’ confidence index from current 18pts to an all time high of 40pts within four years while also lowering the unemployment rate from 18% to an all time low of 5% with an improved foreign direct investment (FDI).

To reduce banking interest rates, Durotoye said his administration will ensure a lower inflation rate with robust monetary policies and promote an industry development centric banking sector which will ensure that the banking industry is able to lend to businesses at single digit interest rate which would thereby enable households to grow outputs.

According to him, his administration will improve the ease of doing business and make Nigeria the number one destination for investors in Africa by creating an enabling environment for locally-owned businesses and foreign investors to thrive and maximise profits.


Durotoye promised to diversify the economy by promoting non-oil sector growth through agriculture, mines and steel, manufacturing and the services industry by providing legal and fiscal incentives in these industries and sectors. He noted that this will be achieved by decentralising national resources to allow states generate more revenue at state level and attract investors.

He said he’ll promote an enabling environment for private sector led growth and adopt Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) for sustainable revenue generation.

The leadership expert also promised that his administration will promote better tax compliance by reducing personal income tax (PIT) by a few points, and reducing the rate of company income tax (CIT) from 30% to 20%.

Job creation

Durotoye promised to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria by creating 12 million jobs in four years, 3 million for each year of his first term. He said these jobs will cut across education, health, economy, agriculture, amd the power sector.

He said a national jobs database will also be created to make it easier for job owners and job seekers to connect with each other while also promising to establish vocational and technical skills acquisition training centers across each of the six geo-political zones.

He also promised the implementation of a Start-Up Action Plan to support start-ups across the federation through a Start-Up Intervention Fund under the Bank of Industry (BOI).

Law enforcement and judicial system

In his final policy point, Fela Durotoye promised to make Nigeria surpass Botswana as the least corrupt country in Africa during his four years in office.

He said his administration will pursue and implement a comprehensive police reform that’ll provide support for state and community policing and create a more motivated and professional police force via decent pay, trainings and tools.

He also promised to support the creation of state judiciary councils in all of the federating units as well as the establishment of state courts of appeal to enable states appoint their own judges and have control over the payment of their judicial officers.

To expedite court processes, he promised an automation of court systems to ensure zero tolerance for inefficiency.

Durotoye concluded that to achieve a Nigeria that works properly, the country must evolve and rebuild with vision and values that’ll create strong institutions.

He’ll contest for the presidency in next year’s election on the platform of the Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN).


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