Fela Durotoye asks Nigerian women to deny husbands sex if they don’t have PVC

Ahead of the 2019 election, Presidential aspirant Fela Durotoye, has asked Nigerian married women to deny their husbands sex if they refuse to get their permanent voter’s card (PVC)

Durotoye made the statement while making a presentation on The Platform in Lagos on Tuesday May 1st.

Fela Durotoye asks Nigerian women to deny husbands sex lailasnews

“We need to get our PVCs. PVC is not a nice thing to have, it’s a need thing to have if you want a future that you can choose.

In fact, for me PVC is not just permanent voter’s card, it’s the power to vote your choice. I have started a little movement where I’m asking every young lady to insist on asking any toaster for their PVC first.

No PVC, no toasting.

More than that, I’m working to collaborate with a few key people to ensure that every married woman whose husband does not have a PVC by July 1st, they’ll lock up. No PVC, no jangilova .” he said.

Fela Durotoye continued:

“Whenever a generation has a choice to make, they can choose to either be a wasted generation or they can choose to be a great generation.

“Now, a wasted generation is any generation that hands over a disadvantage to the next generation and says it’s now up to you to fix it.

“A wasted generation enjoys constant power and then hands over generators to the next generation. A wasted generation knocks out water from its taps and knocks out education from its schools and therefore does not want its own children to go the same schools that prepared it for leadership.

“We have inherited a nation that isn’t really working much, but that’s not good enough a reason for us to bequeath a nation that doesn’t work to the next generation.

“So, my question is, in 2019 as we must make up our minds today, we’re going to ask ourselves: Are we going to be a wasted generation.

“If we’re not going to be a wasted generation, the only option we have is to be a great generation.

“A great generation is a generation that hands over advantage to the next generation. A great generation is a generation that solves problems for the next generation and teaches them how to solve their own problems.


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  1. How can you say that? That’s a manipulative statement & is beginning to portray what you’ll do…voting is a civil right & not a compulsion….Some Nigerian girls /women are so somehow & in following this talk may end up on the sidewalk.

  2. Lol wetin concern sex concern PVC, where was PVC when I was paying the bride price Mtcheew!.

    Sex that married people uses to console themselves from this one chance government is what you want to play with.

    Good I’m noh married sef.

  3. I belong to comment readers association of nigeria (craon)our duty is to read,hit like,smile and pass. we no dey find trouble oo also try to be very brief so we can move to other comments tnx. please if you are a member of this association, #hitlikeandpass # no find trouble oo

  4. She did not tell the female folks to get theirs, but she employed a manipulative means to get the men to go for their PVC, she is a scammer

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