Federal Government vows to end ASUU strike

The Federal Government yesterday promised to end ASUU strike as the Academic Staff Union of Universities also vowed to continue the strike, daily Trust reports.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige gave this assurance  at the resumed negotiation between the Federal Government and ASUU,  held  at the ministry of Labour and Employment.

FG vows to end ASUU strike lailasnews 2

Ngige  said the President has directed him  to pass the night here until all issues that have kept students away from school are resolved and strike called off.

He also said that  the president directed him to seek the understanding of  all sides, with  a view that the revenue of the federation has dwindled from what it was before the present administration assumed office.

The Minister further said President Buhari was greatly worried about the situation in the university system, hence, his steady and holistic approach to tackling the rot through adequate funding, notwithstanding the dwindling revenue accruals.

“The President told me to assure you of his determination to reposition our universities as he would do everything possible to cast the present challenges in our tertiary education to the dustbin of history,” Ngige added.


  1. Ngige, try ur best to resolve this impasse quick. Students staying at home is dangerous to growth and development

  2. I’m quite sure that ASUU will still be on strike even after election. Because there is no reasonable conclusion

  3. Not federal government wants to end Assu strike, want want, let them end it immediately, students are tired of staying at home, this is not good for our educational system.

  4. The federal government should try and meet the demand of ASUU for students to proceed with their studies…. Is really not fair for students to be posted daily on these strike issue…..

  5. Oga ngige abeg go and sit down.you guys are not doing well at all.shebi all una children are studying abroad… Don’t blame politicians

  6. It’s long over due, please adhere to the request of the association, after all what they are demanding for is not up to the money you people use for breakfast.students are tired of staying at home.

  7. These people are justwicked. Why can’t they resolve the issue and allow students go back to school? Their children are studying abroad and they are toiling with people’s lives. Nawa oo

  8. The federal government should keep to their promise students are really tired of staying home,some has not written the final year exam

  9. Oh my world, is this the way Nigerian students will be going for another four years? God will help Nigeria.

  10. Same old story,when and how..with all their children outside of Nigeria schooling how will they end it,Only God will cine to our rescue

  11. student need to go back to school immediately ,u people should not come and start making ur empty promises act fast

  12. Please and please they should help us come to an agreement, so dis strike can end soon am tired of staying at home oo.

  13. This things Ngige is saying are stories, they should do something fast and end the strike or are they also playing politics with the Academic sector

  14. Please do all what you could to end the strike. Sure, past government purposely left the cramps for this present government.

    They have tried their best. Help them.

  15. Don’t vow just do it, let them do what Assu want and the strike will be off. FG do the needful

  16. Mr ngige may almighty will continue to work with you to end up strike because I don’t understand them any more.

  17. the federal government should stop vowing, they should take actions immediately so the strike will be call off

  18. Federal government should meet the demands of ASUU so that students can go back to school. This I becoming unbearable.

  19. Welldone FG but I have been hearing of this vow since thebstrune began it nothing have been achieved so when will it be

  20. They should end this strike, it has really been long, they should agree on a particular decision during the meeting.

  21. Federal government should end the strike ad soon as possible and also look into the demand of the staff too

  22. The same story always, when will our country stop this strike issue, we observe strike almost every session

  23. We will be happy if there issues can be resolved without any further delay to enable them resume there studies now.

  24. We don’t want to hear or say, put little action on it… We’ve been tired of ” they promise, they wil do in short time cos we’re getting feed up!

  25. I hope they come together and finally resolve this unending issue, I’m a student and I’m tired of all this.

  26. There is no need for Ngige to tell us that the FG has vowed to end ASUU strike. He should keep quiet and work Buhari’s desire into reality. We are tired of hearing what the FG has vowed to do without seeing them materializes.

  27. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m quite sure that ASUU will still be on strike even after election. Because there is no reasonable conclusion on the table. Thanks

  28. Please the FG should try as much as they can to call off the strike so that the students will go back to school

  29. I hope so because if Ngige children were to school in Nigeria he wouldn’t hesitate,that man is just being wicked and inconsiderate

  30. I don’t know what this country is turning into pls federal government should consider the students and negotiate with ASUU so that student can go back to school.

  31. They need to resolve this issue. The government and Asuu are westing the future of the youth in Nigeria

  32. Pls ooh , something should be done as soon as possible, we are really tired of staying at home,our stay at home is cosing more harm than good

  33. I can see that FG is doing all the could to end thus ASUU strike by all means, looking at the meetings they have scheduled with the union. I hope all parties involved will come to a term soon.

  34. We pray it will be resolved very soon, federal government please grant their request for the sake of the students

  35. I hope the government will take this seriously and end the ASSU issue this time bcos am getting tired of it all

  36. Vowing after the strike has lasted for how many months, if your kids are in Nigerian university will you sit down there and be vowing

  37. All of us here knows how to end ASUU strike,Federal government pay them their money and nothing more

  38. To me if they are fully ready to meet the ASSU demand then the strike will stop but if the are not ready to meet the demand no way o because what Federal government is doing is bad

  39. We’re just hoping so. Wish to have a very successful agreement that will end up this unstoppable strike

  40. I think they should act fast on it.
    Their conclusion should be with immediate effect.
    The Nigeria students are tired of staying at home

  41. The government will soon deny that they’re not aware of the Asuu strike.Government of lies. If they like they should not end the strike.We have our pvcs

  42. Making vows sometimes have no difference from making empty promises. Until they act on their vows, all they say are just empty

  43. He should try everything within his capabilities to ensure that the meeting leads to a reasonable end and the strike is called off

  44. Enough of the nonsense unnecessarily unbegotten promises of the federal government. We can’t stand all this their nonsense charade of impunity. They better call off the strike.

  45. Good one there I just hope that this strike will end just as the federal government have promised.

  46. Please and please…. We beg of yhu
    Resolve this issue and let’s move forward
    Stop wasting our precious time and future

  47. FG does not know that an idle hand is d devil’s workshop. Election is coming now and they will be recruited as political thugs.

  48. Assu strike, want want, let them end it immediately, students are tired of staying at home, this is not good for our educational system.

  49. Pls federal government should be fast with ending the strike, student are tired of staying at home

  50. since the government have been making promises about ending the ASSU strike. But haven’t done anything till now. But causing more problems for the student

  51. The Federal government should try and settle the grieve lectures so as to end the strike action for students to resume learning.

  52. The strike is prolonged beyond normal as against the resolution to end it before 2018 Christmas. Students are forgetting what they were taught.


  54. God let something be done about this urgently not talk but nothing will be done we are tired of talk and nothing is being done

  55. 30,000 is not too much to pay people who are working for you
    Why will federal government be so heartless not to accept to pay 30k
    I am very sure they can afford it

  56. I just pray they end the strike because it’s now becoming too late we are staying too much at home

  57. ASUU should end the strike themselves because they are impeding the progress of the Nigerian students they claim to be fighting for and they have been doing this for decades…

  58. They should stop all these vows and promises and do the right thing the future of the youths is at stake here.

  59. ASUU should end the strike themselves because they are impeding the progress of the Nigerian students they claim to be fighting for and they have been doing this for decades…

  60. We are sick and tired of this ASUU/Federal government drama, the government needs to resolve the situation once and for all.

  61. We are sick and tired of all these empty vows and promises, the FG should do something meaningful to put an end to this strike

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