Fat Shaming: Denola Grey admits his old tweets were shameful after he was called out

Actor, Denola Grey has acknowledged that his old tweets of him fat shaming were shameful and distasteful.

Recall that tweets from 9 years ago of Denola Grey were pulled up after her advised his fans to stop commenting on people’s bodies and several tweets pulled up saw him fat shaming.

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Grey says he has grown and evolved from the person he was 9 years ago and now champions, encourage loving our bodies as he has also experienced the effect of being body shamed.

He wrote;

I would like to set the record straight before sensationalism is used to discredit a positive message. Tweets I made 9 years ago that were body-negative and fat-shaming have been highlighted. Those tweets and my voice were shameful, distasteful and are in no way a representation of how I view the world or feel now. I have seen first hand how body shaming of any kind has far reaching negative effects on people. myself included.

Thankfully, I have grown and evolved and I’m always the first person to champion and encourage loving our bodies in whatever shape or size. I hope that with new information and maturity, we learn and become better than we were yesterday.

So yes, please let’s stop commenting on other people’s bodies. Our opinions on people’s appearance, however justifiedwe feel in having them, should never be weaponized or used to objectify or degrade anyone.

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