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Fani-Kayode reacts as crowd stones Buhari in Ogun

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Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Aviation has reacted to attack on President Muhammadu Buhari in Ogun State.

The President and the All Progressives Congress national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole were on Monday attacked at the party’s rally held in Abeokuta, Daily Post reports.

Fani-Kayode reacts as crowd stones Buhari in Ogun lailasnews 3
Fani-Kayode reacts as crowd stones Buhari in Ogun

President Buhari, alongside Oshiomhole and other party members were stoned with materials suspected to be shoes and stones as he raised the hand of APC governorship candidate, Dapo Abiodun.

As a result of the violence, activities at the MKO Abiola International Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, was paused for some minutes as bodyguards guarded the president to avoid being hit by the objects being thrown at him and other party members.

Igbos should learn from history and vote Buhari - Igbo Group

The development angered the leaders of the party, including former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, who left the podium while the President was making his remarks.

Reacting, Fani Kayode mocked Buhari, saying the attack is “payback from the Lord for your cruelty to Nigerians over the last 3 years.”

On his Twitter page, he wrote:

“First you were booed and jeered and now you are being stoned at your own party rally! Shame on you Buhari!

“The Lord is paying you back for your cruelty to Nigerians over the last 3 years! God’s judgement is upon you for your evil and wicked ways and this is just the beginning!”


  1. What is Fani Kayode smoking at?????
    It’s because of their (Ogun ) attitude and greed, the state has been stagnant. Ogun State your votes means nothing to Baba Buhari, you shall regret your actions.

  2. Yes I agreed you with you Sir he got what he deserved the people are wise now no one will deceive them any more. Is pay back time.

  3. Yes that’s the point you said it all and so shall it be, we don’t want him anymore……

  4. He deserved it in some aspect cause the stoniewas purposely because of Amosun that cannot control his state

  5. Till Saturday before we know if it’s 3 years repercussions PMB is suffering from now during his campaign or not

  6. I have said it before that this so called president buhari is o tired and need to retire, he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore, he’s just there as an image as president, the real people leading the country as president are behind him that we don’t know

  7. Fani Kayode is a very stupid man who lack respect. They should have respected Buhari for at least he is their president.

  8. Despite the circumstances, they have no right to stone a president
    Fani-kaode,are u not supposed to calm ur people not to do that

  9. Stoning him is to bad he his an old person n also our president no matter what he did he shouldn’t hve being stone

  10. The events of yesterday was quite disgraceful to the nation. The party should organize themselves and set standards. Anyone who cannot remain loyal should leave.

  11. this is an issue of politics within ogun state and I think the result of the election will end any form of criticism

  12. Then what is fani kayode’s concern about it, the people of Ogun did what they did because of the President administration

  13. I think Mr President deserve some respect, I don’t support such attitude. If he didn’t perform vote him out but stoning him is a disgrace on Nigeria as a Country.

  14. Its high time people started showing & expressing some respects to our dear leaders. Who knows what we will do when we reach their level. Besides, everyone has his good & bad sides. I wonder why we always seem to pretend noticing the goodies of a person until he is no longer there and so it is with us all the time….This is one of our major problems and it has to be amended by ourselves before we end all these disputes whatsoever & its kind.

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