Falz Talk – How singer blasted Nigerian government in new song

Falz Talk is a new song by the Nigerian singer and rapper and the song is currently the buzz in town and social media as we wrap up the 2nd week in the year 2019.

The video of the song, which is directed by Prodigeezy, features Falz driving alongside other men, while different scenes relating to the lyrics of the song played out.

Falz Talk - How singer blasted Nigerian government in new song lailasnews
Falz Talk – How singer blasted Nigerian government in new song

‘Talk’ is a socio-conscious record that addresses critical happenings and advises the youths to be wary of ‘greedy politicians.’

As the 2019 general election draws near, the artiste uses lyrics of the song to address critical leadership issues and advised Nigerians, especially the youths, to speak up for what they truly want, NAN reports.

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Falz, now popularly known by industry watchers as a ‘Music Activist’, had earlier hinted fans that he would release an album titled ”Moral Instruction” on January 15.

He said of the album:

“There is a dire need for us to redefine the concept of humanity and morality.

“There is a pressing need for re-education and re-orientation of the people, for this is the only way we can restore sanity.”

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  1. Falz is really talented, I just hope they won’t ban this like they did to “this is Nigeria” . most of them don’t want the truth to be told.

  2. I hope they don’t come at him . Because these politicians are not smiling at all.Nice one falz.If only the youth and Nigerians will hear.Falz talk is a nice song indeed

  3. Falz, is really Nigerian musician with a different vibe. He has with the move of music expose some moral vices in our country and possible solution
    Love his music more!

  4. You really make sense you are saying the truth God bless you for that I pray you challenge them more so that they will change

  5. I like you jawe falz the bad guy tell them, let them know say we know the wickedness they are doing

  6. please o using Nigerian government to sing risk o because every body know what Nigerian government did to FELLA o

  7. This is nice Falz. We need to sensitize our youth to shun thuggery especially during the forthcoming elections.

  8. What he is doing is good but he should thread with caution because current Nigeria government is something else biko.

  9. Falz talk so true, we really need to re educate and re orient our selves. Youth the advice is coming from one of us. Shine your eyes be upright so we can make our country great and better. I greet you.. Weldon sir


  11. Am yet to listen to the song but I believe anyone wise youth will keep away from hypocrisy, lies and deceit

  12. Thumbs up to Falz,i like that he is using one of the interest of the youths(music) to address society ills.

  13. If only Nigeria musician can have effective message they are passing across the mind of people instead of songs that have no meaning like shaku shaku

  14. Falz is one of the few musicians who don’t afraid to say the truth no matter what may happen. This is Nigeria and everybody is a criminal including PDP who is claiming Holiness now.

  15. I’ve always respect your lyric no matter how people react to it please let the corrupt leadership know so that they can amend there ways a little bit

  16. Anything we can do to make This country better let us do it, this is a good mone others should join

  17. A very good song with strong message by Fresh boy president, Falz. I hope other artistes will emulate him and use their music to address the bad situation of the country on behalf of the voiceless ones in the society

  18. I think they don’t call at him . Because these politicians are not smiling at all, Nice one falz,
    If only the youth in Nigerians will hear. Falz talk in his song is nice.

  19. Falz style of music is really imparting knowledge. When u listen to the lyrics, you see he is making a lot of sense

  20. Good one man (Falz),,,, sound it to the youth hearing for them to wise up, to know the right candidate to vote for the coming election…not to vote for this politician people that are playing us game.

  21. You’ve done noble Mr Falz but a word of advice is be careful because you never can tell what People are capable of doing.

  22. You have done well Mr Falz. Truly Nigeria needs to be sanitized. So let’s use every available medium to achieve it. Our youths let’s vote wisely

  23. Well said Falz, i hope our youth will listen that they should stop running errands for all these politicians who sent their own children abroad for schooling, only for them to employ other people’s children for their despicable act.

  24. Interesting. Now we have someone who is willing to take the balls of fela anikulapo. Not so bad Falz

  25. A song with impact and deep message
    Only if people would listen
    Sanity needs to be restored to our daily lives and everything we stand for

  26. What a wonderful piece of work put together by Fal. Let the government know they should do or put the talking into practice.

  27. What do u expect from a Son of a SAN! who is also a lawyer? He must criticise the Goverment…i like him..i pray they don’t ban the song like “this is Nigeria”

  28. Nice one but hope they won’t ban this one too
    Because they don’t like and want to hear the truth

  29. Falz is an artiste that sings with the current situation experienced in Nigeria . I’d recommend the song for all Nigerians . Talk has really opened eyes of so many Nigerians

  30. Upon the whole musicians in Nigeria Falz is really talented, I just hope they won’t ban this like they did to “this is Nigeria” . most of them don’t want the truth to be told.

  31. At least we have someone who can criticize the ill practices of our leaders and advice the youths

  32. And you think all this adamant and cruel beings will change they will not though you have deliver your message to them wolves in human form

  33. People having been singing about that but it has not change yet, is time for the youths to stand for their rights

  34. No matter the message he tries to send to politicians they will never change to make this country better

  35. Falz has really stand out from among today’s music stars in the country. He has taken his music lyrics beyond girls and butts. He is also speaking the truth. He is indeed an activist.

  36. Atleast someone is releasing politically conscious songs.. This is the type of musician Nigerians need now. The type that will wake us up from our political slumber and motivate both the citizens and the leaders to do the right thing

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