Fake policemen smuggling cannabis in Edo arrested by NDLEA

Operatives of the NDLEA have arrested two fake policemen, who were conveying 50 bags of dried weeds, suspected to be cannabis sativa and weighing 685 kilogrammes, along Okpella-Okene road.

Fake policemen smuggling cannabis in Edo arrested by NDLEA lailasnews

The fake policemen who were arrested in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State, operated with a black Toyota Hiace bus, marked Ondo AKR 392 LZ and labelled with stickers of the emblem of the Nigeria Police.

Speaking to newsmen on the arrest of the suspects, Edo State Commander of the agency, Mr. Buba Wakawa who identified the fake policemen as one Matthew Onumba and Ojukwu Henry, described them as members of a drug syndicate specialised in smuggling cannabis from the South to North-West region of the country.

According to NDLEA Boss,  the bus had reportedly taken off from Uzebba, in the Owan West Local Government Area of the state, en route to Kaduna State, when it was intercepted during a search operation by officers of the agency. It was gathered that the arrested suspects, also attached a siren to the vehicle in a bid to evade security checks by the police.

 “The black bus (Toyota), with tainted glass, had a siren and police stickers both at the front and rear to deceive unsuspecting members of the public as well as security personnel. It has all the paraphenalia of an official police vehicle but all is a ruse.

“So much has been invested into this operation and I am glad that our efforts have been rewarded” he said.

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  1. the police should find one or two ways to fish out the fake police and bad ones in them, thanks to the ndlea for apprehend this people.

  2. Can you imagine this kind of nonsense!!! This is impersonation and he should face the law. An old man like this exhibiting criminal act, what will he teach his young ones?? Honestly he really needs to be dealt with severely.

  3. That’s a very good one well done police for the good work, but am wondering where they got the police stickers from abi can theses sticker be bought from the market, if not, that is to say there is a police man working with them, so the police should do a proper investigation.

  4. Kudos to the police…but also an investigation shld also be carried out in the police Dept to ascertain where dey got the police apparels from…..we know most of these criminals collude with the police

  5. They learnt from the real policemen. God have mercy. If they’ve not seen the real ones doing it, then they wouldn’t venture it. The real police needs to be screened too.

  6. May God deliver us from evil men. Security personnel should upt their game so these false people can be eliminated from the system

  7. This is job well done. If people will put in their common sense to reasonable things instead of the bad, this country will be a better place than what it is. Congratulations to the Operatives of the NDLEA .

  8. Everyone wants to hide under one umbrella or the other to perpetrate their evil. And the Nigerian police is one of such umbrellas.

  9. They are using police uniform to cover their criminal act. They must be charged for two cases, one for smuggling dry weed and for insult Nigeria force my claiming what they are not.

  10. They should take the penalty according to the Law, I am very sure they would have their know their punishment since they also existing through the Law

  11. Who knows how long this has been going on ? Thank God they’ve been apprehended. The authorities involved are really doing a nice job

  12. Fake police, nothing last forever, especially when you are into bad things,the long arm of the law will surely caught of with them

  13. They would have escaped and successful operations, but I guess there is informant because no one will ever suspect such packaging to be fake

  14. Government should put measures for easy identification of uniform men in order to stop this act of impersonation to custitute crime

  15. Some people are desperate because of money , only God knows how would have been the his victim by calling himself a policeman.he must face the law

  16. These men must have taken this as their major business for a long time and must have deceived a lot of security personnels.

  17. That’s very good in fact they should just send away the fake policemen out of this country they should just suck all of them

  18. They wanted to learn in a hard way good for them. They need to be dealt with. Rather than look for a job a these people do not even think of their future all the know is just how to consume

  19. Wonders shall never end, where did they get the police uniform from? They should also investigate the real police as well not sure they are working alone

  20. That location in Edo state is known to be notorious for criminal activity. There should be increased security around that area this season

  21. Cannabis smuggling?, but how did he got into the uniform of the police,is the most important now.Policemen who are supposed to be our helping hands to us are now getting more weird to me

  22. It has gotten to d extent where pple can even feign to be policemen so as to cover their criminal acts
    Only God knows how many r out there claiming to be police

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