FAAN reacts to Aremu Afolayan’s viral airport outburst

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, has reacted to Aremu Afolayan’s Instagram video where he blasted airport officials and the government.

FAAN reacts to Aremu Afolayan’s viral airport outburst lailasnews

The Nollywood actor,whose sister was subjected to a sad experience at the airport by immigration officers, slammed President Buhari and Governor Ambode of Lagos State.

According to Aremu Afolayan, his sister who is a French citizen was not allowed to fly because the Manager of Ethiopian airline said he wasn’t comfortable with her passport. The actor who blamed President Buhari and Ambode who according to him can override the stress.

Reacting to the viral video, FAAN released a public statement notifying everyone that access to the terminal is free.

“The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) hereby notifies all passengers and other airport users that access to the terminal building is free. All passengers and airport users are therefore advised not to give money to any ‘airport official’ to gain access into the terminal.”

FAAN reacts to Aremu Afolayan’s viral airport outburst lailasnews 1


  1. If this matter didn’t turn out this way by now Aremu’s sister would still have been stranded. Nice update from FAAN anyway.

  2. We really need to voice out against so many things in this country, too many frustrations here and there. kudos to Aremu for putting up a good fight

  3. Aremu is really putting up a good fight.we need to voice out against unlawful stuffs happening around d country

  4. It is good for the way they have cleared the air,at least everyone now know that it is free.thanks for the aremu outburst

  5. at least his rant made a difference and faan has woken up to their responsibility. a statement has been issued sharp sharp. when good people fail to speak up, bad people thrive illegally and get away with it. we need to speak up more often in this nation, lets know if things will change for good

  6. Sometime one has to speak out, keeping silent will not make any difference. Now that he spoke up, they have taken correction.

  7. Despite the frustration yet you were able to respond nicely, that is a lesson in humidity. Well done bro.

  8. He has really made a da different in his ranting thank God it has called their attention to declare this.

  9. They all know what they did just like the police that goes with the slogan Bail is free yet know one goes without money for bail. lols

  10. Am I the only one who noticed that the above notice means nothing? The dude (Afolayan) outbursted about prevent g his sister from flying, not restriction of access into the terminal. For goodness sake, access to the building is always free and that wasn’t what Afolayan protested about.

  11. What did Afolayan rant about, what are they responding to? All the same, your response even though it does not blend with the main issue, it shows the message got to you.

  12. weldone my brother, God will strengthen you, people are always scared of saying the truth because they don’t want to be jailed this is a promising leader

  13. What is the president issue in what happen to him at the airport, it is a choice if to give as gift or not.

  14. Thank you Aremu for mustering the courage to speak up. More courageous people like you is what we need in the country.

  15. I salute aremu afolayan for his courage to rant in the first place. If the most popular celebrities in Nigeria has the same courage to speak up on many issues, many of the issues could have been solved by now

  16. Thanks God he spoke out if not that’s how others will be going through the same issue . now they’ve done something about it

  17. This is the reasons why we Nigerians should learn how to cry out when we need to. It might be out breakthrough. Good news anyway

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