F-SARS allegedly locks man up for 2 weeks after neighbor falsely accused him of robbery

A man has recounted how he got locked up for two weeks by F-SARS after a neighbour falsely accused him of robbery.

The man took to his social media page, waivyness to recount the harrowing experience of how F-SARS took only the statement of one person and locked him up for 2-weeks only to find out he is innocent.

F-SARS allegedly locks man up for 2 weeks after neighbor falsely accuse him of robbery

He shared;

On the 14th of January 2019 I slept and woke up grateful for another day like anyone else prepared myself for the day because I had prepared to market my home studio to enable me earn. In my usual manner daily I carried my mums bags to see her off to the market.

Unknown to me there were two robberies in the estate where I reside as we were going out we met a crowd at one of the homes in which my mum stopped to commiserate with the lady involved after which we were given a lift by another kind lady who was exiting the estate too.

She dropped us off were both me and mums took bikes to our respective destinations. I went about creating awareness for my studio through DJ’s I knew in Ikorodu and returned home at about after 3pm, my mum came back around 5pm which I was already taking a siesta. Then …

There was a knock on my door which mums answered, in my sleepy state I heard someone ask her where her sons where? She replied my younger brother hasn’t been around due to his NIIT program where he stays with a friend in a closer location to his place of study, but I was home.

Then I had come out and I heard someone say “Owu n n’oni”. One of them told me there was a robbery in the estate overnight and that the boys in the estate were asked to come to the station to make statements about what they knew. Unbeknownst to me there was a crowd outside

I got dressed and went with them to meet a crowd outside(surprisingly). Got in a car they came with and went to the station with them. Upon arrival and being ushered to meet the DPO I saw none of the estate boys supposedly there. Then a stranger I had never met started talking

To the DPO saying he saw me in morning carrying two bags to which I replied that they belonged to my mum and she also testified to. The DPO told me to take off my head warmer and I had on braids, upon sighting my hair he immediately said I was his suspect.

While protesting it he ordered his officer to take the stranger’s statement, we were taking into an office were I asked the guy what this harassment was all about. Turns out he’s the driver to another lady who also got robbed that night.(he doesn’t live in the estate).

I was taken to another office and handcuffed to someone else who was awaiting release. After some minutes he came back uncuffed me and I was booked without me defending myself or writing a statement. The next day came and another officer took me out of the cell

To their office where he asked me why I robbed the lady to which I replied I didn’t, I was beaten with a wire and later transferred to F-SARS Ikeja(ipakodo). They took my statement there and asked me what I was doing there if I knew nothing of the incident?

2 weeks later I was released on bail after their investigation of me turned up nothing. On getting home I found out that the other lady that got robbed had a friend who told her I was involved. Imoh! All I’ve ever done was greet this lady and go about my own business.

I HAVE NEVER ROBBED ANYONE!!! but this Lady sullied my name to a point where I live I get the worst stares because no one wants to speak out that F-SARS cleared me of wrong doing and I also presently talk to no one. All they saw was when I was brought back in handcuffs

As F-SARS came back to inspect the crime scene. I’ve been in a viewing centre where two people I don’t know where discussing in Yoruba about me for something I know nothing about. My mum told me of 6 calls from potential customers during my detention. My studio PC crashed

Upon my release and it’s been the most harrowing experience of my life from then till now cos I haven’t been able to fix my system and my life😢. All because someone said some untrue words about me and whenever she sees me she looks at me like I owe her.

She has never told me to my face why she did what she did or what warranted such wanton gossip that put this saddening tale into my life. I’ve been filled with so much rage I wake up angry at myself for reasons I can’t even tell myself 😭 I understand now why GOD included

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” in his commandments. He knew the emotions that emanate from it can become a cancer in one’s life.

Before God & Man I reiterate my innocence but I can’t talk cos it seems like I’m holding a grudge. To which I am.

I want her, the driver and the morons who came to my house to suffer worse fates than I have been dealt.
With tears in my eyes I’ve read Psalm 109 for them. I don’t want their apologies I just want their suffering and maybe just maybe I can heal.

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