Eyes of murdered DELSU student found in shrine, police arrests native doctor

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The eyes of murdered DELSU student, Elozino Ogege, a 300 level student of Mass Communication, has been found in a shrine after the police arrested the native doctor ‘incharge’ of the rituals.

Eyes of murdered DELSU student found in shrine, police arrests native doctor lailasnews

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Andrew Aniamaka , who disclosed that “all those connected with the gruesome murder of Elozino have been arrested and will duly be prosecuted”, added that a security staff identified as Onos Ekana, who works in Site III of the university campus, two suspected internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ and a native doctor are currently in police custody.

Aniamaka who further confirmed that the eyes of murdered DELSU student and her heart were found at the shrine, said;

“A herbalist who the ritualists gave the body parts removed from the deceased has been arrested and we found the eyes of the deceased and her heart in his shrine in Warri.

“During the confessional statement of the two ritualists nabbed in Umege, Abraka, they said that they have also given human parts to the said herbalist on five different occasions, though they were not specific if the five persons murdered were DELSU students”.

The police spokesperson who called on the press to help sensitize the public on the need for people to do away with the mentality of encouraging youths into crime, said those arrested will soon be charged to court.

“Investigations will be concluded soon and the culprits will be prosecuted.”

“We must stop celebrating those that get their wealth through evil ways,” he told Oasis magazine.

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  1. God av mercy
    So dis is s hw dey av bn doing human part offering to d native doctor.
    Tnk God dey av bn exposed

  2. This people don’t have human sympathy. They were sent to school to study, now they get themselves into stupid act.

  3. This yahoo boys matter is getting out hands, maybe we start unleashing terror on them on the street…. Very heartless people

  4. the wicked will never go unpunished ,but wait the story is not clear to me how where they able to identify the girls eyes and the heart how did they know it belongs to the girl? please they should be careful not to arrest the wrong people

  5. Only God knows what this world is turning to..May God help us all…may God save us all from all this evil deeds

  6. This is very bad as some of our girls you just adjust the following those that they don’t know I don’t know about what the boyfriend is doing they don’t have to follow him and they spend the money with him and end up getting killed brother friend and protector daily

  7. We live in such a wicked world . All because of riches . Justice for elozino ogege. They can’t go unpunished

  8. Can this arrest serve as a deterant to all the ritualists, and can girls too learn to know the kind of guys they go out with these days yahoo yahoo wahala?

  9. Thumb up to the Nigeria police and also a warning to everyone, we should be more careful these days because Christmas is round the corner and everyone wants to use Jeep.

  10. We can see your effort so far with all this prove of success and we know all of the culprit to her dead will be apprehended.good job.

  11. I hope they will not take bribe in releasing them because they must not go unpunished for the of innocent ones they’ve wasted.

  12. Men are engulf with the passion of wealth making by all means , see the height of involvement this boys have gotten with the devil , do they for ones ask that after their existence on earth were will they spend their internity,

  13. These criminals are so wicked & heartless. Killing fellow humans for money.They should be made to face the full wrath of the law.

  14. Oh my God, what a waste… The soul of the girl didn’t rest until they were found, this is so sad. Young boys all in haste to make blood money. This generation is becoming something else.

  15. Oh my God. Human being can be cruel oh…and they are Christians, I guess, they commited this gruesome murder to this poor girl….wroth in hell…rip to that girl…

  16. Dis is gud news. I d painful part is dat zino is no more. Gud job dat d police have done. Let dem face d law. No mercy. Ndi oshi. Want to be millionaire over night

  17. Justice for the DELSU students and for other unnamed victims. The killers and native doctor should be sentenced without mercy.

  18. They must be punish seriously because they are wicked why could they do DAT they do ritual because they can’t work they must take them to court and be punish

  19. This native doctors will never use their children for ritual.
    May God keep my people from bad guys in the campus

  20. Like I will always say
    ….gals should be careful…..cuz what some of them are after Is just money and dese guys know, dats y dey keep using Dem to renew their “jazz”… esp during the end of the year

    May her soul rest in peace

  21. This people are so heartless, killing an innocent girl, may God continue to protect us from all this evil doers

  22. Their wickedness will land on their heads, all of them will be exposed and brutally pay for all the crimes they have committed

  23. Hmmmmn, this country sef, bad news everywhere everyday,,, nothing we won’t hear in this country,, thank God for the police

  24. Evil men,u want to get rich at the expense of another persons life,u will use ur own life and pay for this crime,let me see where u will be and make the money

  25. This is serious, all this guys are hungry to get rich bg using human like then, there is nothing that have beginging without end, now nemesis has caught up with them,they will surely face the law,

  26. God have mercy,from Boko Haram to yahoo Boys this is end time. can them use they manhood instead of them use they follow human being to be making their own money nawo

  27. Oh Zino!may your soul rest in peace…may your mother be comforted…I have been following this story and I’m ecstatic that the ritualists have been found…..I pray Zino gets Justice,may her killers know no peace!

  28. Beware of anyone living extravagantly more especially among youths. This will serve as a lesson to all other youths trying to become rich overnight.

  29. The heart of a man is desperate and wicked. What will it profit a man to gain the whole riches and looses his life?

  30. Good job. God will surely exposed this kind of people one by one. Let him pay the price of what he did.

  31. Justice! Justice!! Justice!!! The ritualists and herbalist should be eliminated if possible. They’re not qualified to live.

  32. They should not in any way be treated mildly
    If 5 others have been victim
    Then more would have
    If not that nemesis caught up with them as they caught the wrong fish and a strongly spirited girl who would never rest till they suffer their fate and come to ruin

  33. This is wickedness of the highest order they should also plug his eyes and all those involved so they will feel the pain, what a wicked world we live in God keep us safe

  34. Exactly, the way Nigerians celebrate wealth is just too much, that’s the root cause of all these wickedness. May God continue expose the evildoers.

  35. We really have to be careful at how we move and the kind of people we involve with. Especially girls be careful of the kind of guys u involve with.

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