Nigerian lady blasts the NYSC scheme and Nigeria at large

A mixed race Nigerian lady, Claudia Ayodele was among thousands of Corps members who passed out from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme yesterday, Thursday.

She has taken to her Instagram page to call out the NYSC scheme and Nigeria generally.

According to her, Nigeria has produced a high number of graduates who lack basic common sense.

Nigerian lady blasts the NYSC scheme and Nigeria lailasnews


Here’s what she wrote:

“So I passed out today.

But no, you won’t see me wearing that horrible government uniform and posing with my certificate. I literally changed less than 10 minutes after getting my certificate

A brief recap

Honestly the last 11 months were not a joke.

I don’t know how many times I wanted to literally quit NYSC but I kept reminding myself why I actually started

Why? Because you just never know when Nigerians want to make your life miserable in the future. On the positive note, I learnt a lot about the way of life in this country

Got to experience going to a state without an airport in its near vicinity. Got to experience what it’s like to be in the deepest jungle bush where even google maps imaging cannot capture the road. Got to experience how deeply ingrained corruption and indiscipline is in Nigerians from young to old. Got to experience how simple queueing, is not possible… Over and over again.

Respect rarely exists. Humility rarely exists. Shame equally rarely exists. Self-Interest exists. Before anyone gets hurt by this finding, honestly there’s a big difference between poor and middle class not to talk of upper class

They say Nigeria has a high number of graduates, I say Nigeria has a high number of graduates who were not taught quality education and lack basic common sense

They say the problem with Nigeria is it’s old leaders, I say Nigeria faces an even bigger problem when the young already show traits of the older generation clinging on to power

For the first time I got to fully interact with Nigerians from all walks of life and it has been a truly humbling experience. I am grateful to those who pushed me to do NYSC because now I know up until a year ago, I lived in a bubble when it came to ‘knowing’ my country.”

Ex-Corps member blasts the NYSC scheme and Nigeria at large. Lailasnews

Ex-Corps member blasts the NYSC scheme and Nigeria at large. Lailasnews

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  1. Hehe welcome to naija sweetheart…a country where you dont just need to have eyes at the back of your head but eyes at the back of your eyes!

  2. Hey Claudia, if you are reading this, you got yourself a new friend right here. My name is Chika, also a Nigerian that is so tired and vexed with the youths.

    You forgot to add that despite all the above vices you listed, they pretend and carry themselves as the most religious in the world.

    On Fridays, Mosques fill to the brim, all the way to the outside, blocking the economic roads in hypocritical prayers to gods that is not God. They spend what should give them quality education on Pastors, Tithes, Seed sowing, first fruit sowing and all kinds of very stupid things, without even a bother to do any of the 10 commandments.

    I tell you Claudia, the most vices and sins are committed in Nigeria, just that the media is mediocre and not so developed to get it all out.

    Nobody ever hit the nail on its head as when you said, “graduates who lack basic common sense”, they lack the common sense to know that all the Pastors are mere Luxury munging, private Jet flying, money hungry idiots who with religion, prey and milk them for their lack of common sense, they rather defend the thieving Pastors, causing one to shake head in disbelief.

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