Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress

The time was 5:03pm, I dialed Uche Ogbodo’s number to schedule an interview with her. She picked at first call and in few seconds, I was already talking to this actress who featured in movies I grew up becoming fond of and even do a throw back with.

Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress lailasnews

It’s quite amazing seeing that Uche Ogbodo still has a place in the Nigerian movie Industry, the third biggest movie Industry in the world, 14 years after and still counting. The light skinned actress was friendly at the other end of the phone and before we rounded off the interview plan, she said ‘shey na wetin I talk you go write?’ Quite funny, but the year had already begun with drama between an actress and a reporter.

Our little chat was meant to be just about Uche Ogbodo’s plan for the year, but few minutes after the call dropped, I will see a photo of the beautiful actress already in the gym on Instagram with ‘Back 2 the Grind ‘ caption and different work out inspired hashtags. I had to make a quick upgrade on the questions, and trust me;  Uche Ogbodo is one actress whose other ‘angle’ you’ll like to know.

Before the recent photo on her Instagram page, there was an ‘Uche Ogbodo brand’ DP on her page, one would think that the actress wants to go into more production this year, however she had this to say;

Yes there was a logo on my Instagram page but it isn’t a production house Logo. It’s a brand logo for the Uche Ogbodo Brand. My Intention is to do more starring this year than production. Of course that is my main job.

Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress lailasnews 1

You once said Nollywood feels like a cult, does it still feel that way?

Well it still feels that way because things are still done in Circles. But I’m not letting that deter me. Because Nollywood itself is very Huge and can contain everyone with their diverse talents and creative mindset, so I am focusing on myself and what I can bring to the table.


Some say your 2017 birthday dress and fashion style is not conventional with the Nigerian culture, are we seeing more ‘middle finger’ style this year?

Well in fashion and what I wear on my skin, I hardly seek opinions nor attention with it. I wear what I love and what I feel good in. I’m not one to check on what people may think about what I wear or not. It is my body and it is my money as well. So what the hell!


Your movie ‘Rip Tide’ took almost a year, was there any production hitch?

Well yeah, I had some technical delays with RIPTIDE that I was trying to sort out in the studio, but now everything is fine and we are ready to release.


Any regrets being a single mother?

I’m not even gonna lie, I sometimes feel so bad and cry when things get so much on me, because I feel raising a child is a job for 2 people not 1. I never wanted to be a single mother, fate chose me!!  But nonetheless, I have no regrets on deciding to keep the baby and not abort it. I’m happy with myself, one of the best decisions I ever made. And I’m happy with the Lovely Daughter God Blessed me with. It’s all worth the effort.

Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress lailasnews 2

Do you think the culture and belief system of tribes in Nigeria have been fair to single mothers? Are you under any pressure to remarry?

 Well I know our African culture and tradition does not support singleness nor single motherhood, and I don’t think it’s bad. I love African Culture and the discipline that comes with it. But ultimately the choice to cajole a child or daughter into marriage is that of the direct or immediate family, and I come from the most organized lovely and supportive Family. They all know what I went through with my Ex and they are supporting me through it all. They are more concerned with me healing completely from my scar, than forcing me into marriage.


Tattoos tell a story and you have one, what’s your own story?

The story behind my tattoo is; at the end of it all, all the glory belongs to Almighty God!  My tattoo is an embedded Cross with “Glory” written across it.


Are you a fan of gender equality?

 I am a big Fan of Gender Equality


Have you had any face-off with a colleague you won’t forget?

 I’ve had face-offs with some of my colleagues, but they are minor confrontations that happen daily on the course of our job. But the Greatest Confrontations of them all, would be when I was physically assaulted by a marketer then “Amaco” or whatever his name is again. I will never forget that! He even went on to feign innocence in the incident, buying people with money to lie against me, telling them to say I was the one who assaulted him first. He even told the press that I slapped him first just to destroy my name! This Man assaulted me mercilessly and stripped me naked for no sin I could remember. He even threatened me, saying that he will destroy my career and that I should bid Nollywood goodbye. Well he tried his best but God is bigger than him.


Ada Slim is your friend, what do you have to say about her banter with Tonto Dikeh?

 I don’t really know the issue between them. Ada is my friend but I didn’t ask because this case is between two former best friends, and they will sort it out. It’s none of my business.


You have a ‘clique’ which includes Anita Joseph, Angela Okorie, Obehi Inojie and Tracy Daniel, what makes those ladies special to you?

 Those ladies are special to me, because they are really strong women with diverse originality and orientations. I love being friends with women who know their onion.

Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress lailasnews 6

 What’s that part of Uche Ogbodo behind the scene we don’t know? What else should we expect from you this year apart from acting in 2018?

That part of me behind the scene people don’t know is; how carefree and easy going I am. I don’t really like all the fuss that comes with celebrity life.  I just like to enjoy family time with my kid and two sisters that stay with me. I am also very ‘spiritual’ as well. In 2018, I have lots of ideas that I’m unveiling, especially one that is starting really soon, I can’t wait to share it all with you guys. Uche Ogbodo’s brand is really growing and spreading out. God willing, everything will fall into place as I expect it should.


Are you open to love in 2018? Is marrying your colleague a “Yes Yes” for you?

I am very much open to falling in love. Everyone who knows me, know that I am a girl who believes in love, although I haven’t been so lucky with love, but I believe real love will find me soon and keep me locked down. So 2018 is the year maybe, and I don’t have a choice of who I will marry or not, one can find love in different places. I believe true love has no color, so if I find it in a colleague, I will be delighted to walk down the aisle with him.

Exclusive: The other side of Uche Ogbodo, the Actress lailasnews 5

Banky W and your colleague Adesua Etomi’s marriage was the biggest thing in 2017, what do you have to say about their love story?

 I never saw it coming, but I was really happy for them. God bless their Union.


I saw the trailer of ‘Mrs Noah’, was that sex scene real?

 Hell Yes & No it wasn’t real, it was just acting


What was your experience with Anthony Monjaro? What should we expect from ‘Kissing Shadows’? Is there any award you hope to clinch with it?

 Kissing Shadows is one of my best movies and project in 2018. I’m really happy I was chosen for my role, and starring alongside Anthony Monjaro was real great. We had a chemistr, he is a very good actor. I love working with actors I have chemistry with.  Well if I’m able to clinch an award with ‘Kissing Shadows’, that would be really great.


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  1. The deed has been done, that’s the past now so learn to live with or forget it and move on with your life. Life is too short to keep hurting because of the past which can’t be repaired nor forwarded so as to amend it. My dear everyone has that moment because no one is perfect, so , that you made the mistake of being a single mom which you never planned for doesn’t mean you should keep hurting over it, remember this is the same single mom cases which thousands of ladies out there are craving to be part of because they see it as fun. My dear cheer up, brace up, pick up your piece, dust yourself and move on with life. When the right time comes everything will fall back into place.

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