Ex-soldier sentenced to 25 years in jail for murder

An 81-year-old retired soldier, Richard Ogunboyo, has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for the murder of Felix Esan in Ekiti state.

Ex-soldier sentenced to 25 years in jail for murder lailasnews

The convict, Richard Ogunboyo, who was the head of a vigilante group in Iyin Ekiti, when he committed the crime on December 15, 2016, in the community.

According to Punch Nigeria, Justice Lekan Ogunmoye, in his judgement, said the charge of murder against the convict could not be substantiated, but a case of manslaughter was established.

“Considering his age and the discretion of the court, he is hereby sentenced to 25 years imprisonment without an option of fine,” Ogunmoye ruled.

The police prosecutor, Seyi Akomolafe, had told the court that an eyewitness, who reported the matter at the Igede Divisional Police Headquarters, said the accused and other vigilante members in Iyin Ekiti came to the deceased’s compound on the allegation that a thief was taking refuge in the house. He said;

“Ogunboyo sighted the deceased and confronted him for being rude and disrespectful because he refused to stand up while a search of the compound was being conducted.

“Furiously, he brought out his dane gun and shot the deceased, while he took the remaining four people in the house to his own house, where he detained them till daybreak when they were released.

“When the others got home, the deceased could not be found. When Ogunboyo was confronted over the missing member, he said his relations had come to take him away.

“But there were blood stains on the floor and indications that he was dragged on the floor. The corpse of the deceased was later found in a deep pit along the Awo-Ekiti Road.”

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Ekiti State, Mr Gbemiga Adaramola, called seven witnesses, including the Investigating Police Officer and a medical doctor from the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, who carried out a post-mortem examination on the deceased.

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Exhibits tendered included pictures of the deceased’s composed body and others taken at the scene, statements of the convict and eyewitnesses, and the medical doctor’s report.

Ogunboyo, however, pleaded not guilty to the one count of murder preferred against him.

His counsel, A. T. Lawal, called five witnesses to prove his client’s innocence.

The counsel pleaded with the court to temper justice with mercy “as the accused was only discharging his duties.”


  1. He thinks he his still in service. Even the soilder in service are not killing people they only give punishment…now you will go and spend the rest of your life in jail…you will now die inside the jail….when you are not patience enough that is what you get.

  2. What a shame, people that were suppose to be protecting lives are actually the ones destroying it.

  3. Is a pity that people who ought to protect lives are the once destroying it. You are 81 and you can’t be greetfull to God for the long life he gave to you…

  4. What he did is good not good atall, even the jugment made to him is not good atall, they would have kill him back so that what happen to him we be inform of lession to other people’s

  5. This is uncalled for. how will an ex-officer of the law engage in such act. He has to face the law honestly

  6. What a wicked man,,they are supposed to protect lives and property but now even the life of human being is like rat in their eyes,,,

  7. Even though his actions deserve severe punishment.. Is 25years imprisonment not too long for his age, he’ll probably die before serving his term. #just saying #

  8. Men at that age are now doing things which young boys can’t even at least he will die in prison

  9. What an act, ex officer who should protect the law, is now a breaker of the same law, he deserves his purnishment. That also serves as a lesson to so many people out there. May God help us all

  10. My God! How can a man take the life of another and his conscience doesn’t prick him? No human sympathy, no remorse!

  11. Why do people always cause problems for their sef,that is really bad ,he punishment really sever him right,may d soul of d death rest in peace

  12. Discharges which duties?
    Taking someone’s life for no just reason and you call that discharging of duties?
    And to think the man is a retired soldier
    Serves him right

  13. Since he’s 81 let him spend the remaining years in jail, what arant nonsense, what if he was the one killed, just killed man without any offense. What a wicked ex-soldier

  14. Very bad of him killing someone because he was angry! Make him go jail jare! Others will learn to control there anger

  15. This is really sad! Is he mentally derailed or what could cause such attitude? This would teach him a lesson
    Rest in peace deceased

  16. Well, he got the result of his action. Death for death, life for life. After killing him you got not but to spend the rest of your life in jail.

  17. Take life easy not bcus u are a soldier that will give u right to be treating people any how just look at what it lead u to

  18. Yes i support serves him right the use am weapon to civilians should be highly caution..the dead has family and relatives an life to live…serves as a lesson to all at same time..

  19. Old soldiers are always arrogant and boastful in local community and portrait above the law impressions, this will serve as deterrent to others.

  20. People kill as though human beings are animals. The jail sentence serves him right, at least he will rot in jail

  21. The man needs to face the law, thank God he is been sentenced. Let him spend the rest of his life behind bars.

  22. Good serves ogunboyo right… No matter who you are ex military or vigilante with a gun, you don’t have the right to take human life. This should teach other people like him lesson not to over act just because they are the ones with a gun. Thank God there were witnesses there, if not, he would have escaped without being caught. Let justice prevail. It should have being a death sentence but 25 years is OK for an old fellow like him.

  23. I think this military personnel don’t know how to control their anger maybe they should be teaching then during their training

  24. What nonsense. How will you kill someone just because you think he is harbouring a thief. U will die in jail

  25. He took matters into his own hands and committed murder.no one gave him the authority to shoot at the deceased, he should have just handed him over to the police and not killed him.na to die inside prison be that.

  26. That serves him right. Just killed the man over nothing. Some of all these vigilantes are seriously looking for trouble.

  27. He was carrying out his duty but he did it in the wrong way that time, sorry old one you allowes the devil use you at that point in time. So sad over your sentense at such an old age.. God forgive and touch 5he heart of any president that will give you your freedom again

  28. 25yrs prison sentence for a 81yrs old man ,,that’s too much, but it serves him right for committing murder,,, I wish hard labour was also added to his sentence

  29. Imagine the kind of thing an old man did. He killed the guy and still went ahead to hide his dead body in a pit showing that he is a very heartless man. I don’t think that he will come out of the 25years imprisonment because he is already an old man. He deserves what he got.

  30. Nice one.
    Some uniformed men use to see civilians as animals.
    That serves him right
    No one is above the law

  31. Its called manslaughter because he did not stand up he shot the man there’s no mercy for him too he that kill with sword will surely die by sword because you’ve gun with you that doesn’t mean you’ve to shoot your follow human and also dump his corpse’s that totally unfair and dishonour to the man

  32. Those soldiers need to be monitor seriously because I don’t know why soldiers will just be killing any how including there collige

  33. How I wished everybody will be made to face the consequences of their actions when they commit any sort of crime. This idea of some going scot free while others are punished on committing the same crime should be stopped. It will help to reduce crime rate if these things are followed up.

  34. That is very bad of him, in the first place been a vigilante doesn’t give you the right to kill, secondly, after killing him, his body is been thrown in a pit like a dog, that really bad. It an unbearable act. He deserved to be jail as lesson to the rest.

  35. Let justice take it’s course, you are an ex military person doesn’t give you the right to take someone’ s life.

  36. I know he was doing the work for the community, but he went too far,how can he enter ones compound and kill him on account of hiding a theif, the judgement against him is good

  37. They should have just kill him by hanging,, 25 years in prison plus his age 81 years that is 106 , he cant survive the prison before he die.. sorry for him…

  38. He is supposed to be kill…bad of him
    Anyway that serves him right… This world is turning into something else

  39. He deserves more than that..after all ur training in the military,i wonder wat u re teaching

  40. Wow. 25years in jail for murder?? He’s goin to spend the rest of his life in jail. That’s good for him. Wicked man

  41. Psycho individual, they always act like no one is above them, thank God u re brought to justice

  42. I wonder how an experienced military man would have such a cruel acts,when u are not in a Battle, Good for u,DAT 25yrs is too small self,they u have hang u to death

  43. So even at his age life doesn’t mean anything to him to take it with his hands. He deserves to be punished by the law so others will learn not to take opportunity of the little power given to them to harm others

  44. He wouldn’t have shot him, most soldiers are unable to control their anger, see where it had led this soldier to now

  45. I don’t even think the old muderer can spend up to that years before he died in the prison. That serve him right and it will also serve others as a lesson.

  46. A soldier at 81years old still commits murder, he sent himself to go an die in prison, good for him he bags 25years imprisonment

  47. See what the feeling of being entitled has brought up old soja….you will rot in jail

  48. that’s too baby of an old soldier who should have been a veteran. thank God the law has taken its stand.

  49. An 81years old soldier!!! He deserves the punishment but that 25years awarded to him to spend in prison, I doubt if he will be able to complete it, although I’m not God, just assuming.RIP to the deceased.

  50. This is a serious case 81 years shooting innocent person dead that’s extremely too much for his age any way he deserved the punishment he got he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail may God help him.

  51. Yes that is a fair judgement for the ex soldier for manslaughter. he really deserve the judgement

  52. This old soldiers and their misuse of power sha. How can he just release a bullet on someone for just not standing up when a search was on. He deserve the punishment but with his age, I think he will die in that prison

  53. As a soldier he has the mindset of killing.maybe that’s why he killed the man but he shouldn’t go scot-free.

  54. I doubt if the old soldier will come out of the jail term alive considering his age. Been an ex soldier, I expected him to be more cautious and handled things better been an ex military man. I hope the sentence can be appealed.

  55. He has to face his judgement and punishment. For someone of his age.81 years and you still have the strength to kill.Some people know how to abuse a position that is given to them.Rest in peace to the dead

  56. Which duty was he discharging, when people are giving little power they over do things. Ordinary vigilante you just waste human being. So sad. Enjoy your new home.

  57. Who even gave vigilante the power to shoot? So this old soldier just killed the guy, Haba! What a lawless. May God put the guy in his place

  58. killing the deceased is not a better solution if the ex soldier believes he’s hiding someone the right thing for him to do was to search and if no one was found he should have left the place without hurting anyone because his target wasn’t there

  59. Old solider never die, is painful because the ex soldier is old. And how can he serve the remaining 25years in jail. He committed a serious crime but let’s not kill him like that.

  60. Exe officer for that matter that suppose to protect lifes and properties, life imprisonment is good for him

  61. The old man thinks he still has his uniform on…
    Well he doesn’t really care afterall he’s lived as long as 85 years already, 25 years is nothing

  62. At his age he is still having the courage to kill, he will suffer in the prison till his death. Nonsense.

  63. He is lucky that there tempt justice with mercy to him, he is supposed to be sentence to death.

  64. Please for goodness sake, being a veteran is enough why put an 81year old man in a vigilante group…..has he not served enough. Frustration could have made him do it. There could be more that meets the eye!

  65. This is sad despite his service to his father land. He shouldn’t have gone to that extent of killing someone.

  66. This was a very cold blooded murder, he is lucky not to be killed, but those 25years in jail wont be easy for him.

  67. In this kind of scenario it would have been better if he was sentenced to death. I bet he won’t even complete half of his jail term

  68. That is how they go about humanity and killing innocent people with there uniforms he should go and serve his punishment oh jare

  69. 81 plus 25 =106 years. He should pray God keep him for that years in Nigeria without any health issue, in a confined state.

  70. this kind of inhuman activities should never be consoled. thank God for the justice provided by the court

  71. He thinks he can get away with the crime as he has being getting away in the past. It serves him right to spend the rest of his life in prison

  72. At least they should have considered his age before sending him to 25 yes in prison. Why was he so heartless self, sentence has be made.

  73. He should face the sentence with hard labour.. Because he used to be a soldier, he behaves anyhow

  74. The court should have declared it life imprisonment cause with this his age 85 with additional 25 I don’t think he’ll still be alive

  75. That’s no discharge of duty
    It’s too cruel
    Shooting at someone because of refusal to stand up
    He definitely will rot in jail
    What nonsense

  76. At his age why did have to get into this kind of trouble it’s rather unfortunate he will die a prisoner unless they pardon him

  77. That is good for him and a lesson for others to learn, guns should not be use indiscriminately the laws governing its use should be applied

  78. Fool at almost 80 years he still is killing and detending people, let him go and die in prison cos I know he will not outlive 25 years there

  79. Hmmm too bad. An ex soldier for that matter. Is well with our country. Let him bear the broth

  80. I don’t know why soldiers behave like that,some of them are just so heartless.This punishment serves him right

  81. A callous old man, his sins has caught up with him. He shot the deceased intentionally, hijacked his family to his to cover for his misdeeds and it has backfired on him. Whatever punishment he gets, serves him right.

  82. At 85, how can the man be so strong to carry out such a wicked act.. Now look at the punishment he received… Very bad.

  83. that is good for him. but did he have a gun in the first. all because he is a ex-soldier. now he will pend more time in prison.. issokay

  84. That serves him right,because you are the head of vigilant group is not enough reason to kill as you pleases

  85. Hmmm it’s only God that can help us in Nigeria today.. just imagine killing him because he refused to stand…let him go and count the remaining of his days in prison wicked man

  86. So pathetic, this will serve him right. How can a old man chose to live the rest of his life in prison? Been a soldier has that really affect his brain? Anyway no sinner will go unpunished

  87. Because your an ex soldier, it gave you the right to kill and terrorize people. After 25 yrs of chilling inside prison, you will learn your lessons.

  88. This man is well stricken in age…jail won’t be a better place for him….but since he caused it for himself…

  89. A Nigeria soldier is supposed to be trained, but in Nigeria even those in service, most of them are drunkerds.

  90. That serves him right. Let him go and live the rest of his life behind bars. What right do you have to kill your fellow human being.

  91. we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted, that serves him right, we should at all times maintain peace and unity.

  92. This is so bad and heartless act to be committed by an old man like him. Thanks to God that justice has prevailed.

  93. This one must be a bitter retiree, transferring his aggressions on innocent people. I wonder what an octogenarian is doing in a vigilante job.

  94. He is supposed to be killed according to the law and even the law if Moses in the Bible ” that those that kill by the sword also die by the sword”

  95. 81years sentence to prison for 25years it could have nice they say life in prison,well you rip what you sow

  96. That’s strange for a man of his age and such wickedness imbibed in him. I guess it’s just a death sentence for an 81 year old man serving a mail time of 25 years

  97. Wicked man that serves him right 24yrs in prison plus is current age….Instead of him to be enjoying old age he will serve it in prison

  98. That was a wrong decision that he made as an Ex -soldier he is not suppose to carry gun taking laws into his hands, well he have to face the consequence.

  99. That was a wrong decision that he made as an Ex -soldier he is not suppose to carry gun taking laws into his hands, well he have to face the consequence

  100. Shouldiers are very wicked….they just do whatever pleases them…he should be punished for this…

  101. 25years is much oh my God may God help us.your training is not for you to kill oters but to guide yourself

  102. People should learn how to control their anger. How can such an old man not be able to control himself even if he was provoked.

  103. that is so sad,At 81 years That is for a life time . how many more years does he still have to live?

  104. Soldiers with their anger, this one, he is going to die in prison because he is already old. 81 plus 25

  105. I know he deserves severe punishment but considering his age, is 25years not too much ?
    That’s like just killing him, but letting him see himself die.

  106. So he feels being an old soldier makes him above the law and can kill anybody any how, serves him right . i only pitied his family members. 25 years is just like life imprisonment cos he is 81 already

  107. His punishment is kinda just, maybe he killed the man mistakingly while discharging his duties to the community.

  108. What kind of discharge of duty was that? He just condemned himself to a life sentence, considering his age.

  109. This is one bad thing in this country one anyone is wearing a force uniform they always think that they have right to kill at all times which is very bad

  110. Jst because he was an ex soldier he think he can use the gun on people anyhow, he shd spend his remaining life in prison after all he is an old man already

  111. Jst because he was an ex soldier he think he can use the gun on people anyhow, he shd spend his remaining life in prison after all he is an old man already,people don’t value other people’s life

  112. Hmm,,81years old man?that’s means you people should keep his Coffee ready because that man might die in jail.though he deserves it

  113. some people don even have human pity at 81… if u were also killed when you were young maybe you will see this age of yours rubbish

  114. No be small old Fool, killing at that age,is it not insane even if the guy stole from you l mean you should have remous at least

  115. he deserves his purnishment. That also serves as a lesson to so many people out there. May God help us all

  116. Nah this man get nigeria . you go die for prison with constant flogging. 85 plus 25 how many days inside the heat and mosquitos lol

  117. Serves him right. I wonder why such people without self control should be in possession of guns.

  118. Which nonsense duty is he discharging that he will kill an innocent man like that? Wicked old man. Let him rot in prison forever.

  119. Maybe he have issues with the decease that why he killed him. Anyways justice is served happy sentenced old man

  120. There is no place for criminals wether a retired soldier or not . Nobody is above the law . He deserved exactly what he is meant to get

  121. This Old man why,? What came over you? You have the society to protect and not to plan and kill . No . But you have to face the law. May God help you. You better Repent in the that cell.

  122. What a shame… Old age is an opportunity to get your life right with God… Too bad you will have to spend the rest of your days in jail

  123. At 81 he is this stupid and foolish well that serves him right just because you have a gun you think you can just do as you please.

  124. Serving a jail term at that age simply because he couldn’t control his temper.. When he is supposed to be enjoying the fruit of his labour at the comfort of his home. Its such a pity, anyway enjoy your jail term sir. Rip to the one he killed

  125. The old man has gone too far, as old as he is,he shouldn’t have done such a thing. 25 years imprisonment at 81 years, it’s very sad.

  126. No body I above the law and being an ex- amry and vigilante leader is never an excuse bto commit murder and go scout free. Welcome judgment.

  127. He deserve the punishment he was given, but I doubt if he will come out of prison alive considering his age and the lenghty jail sentence.

  128. Silly old man, he killed because someone didn’t great him? All these elderly men with silly behaviors. He sure will riot in jail. RIP to that man he wasted his life.

  129. An old man acting this way, I don’t why some army are too full of themselves, that means he is going to die in prison

  130. If not that he used his service year uselessly…..at that age,his children are supposed to be the one feeding him, now he will spend the rest of his life in jail and probably die there.

  131. In your old age but you caused your self a trouble so go to jail and die that’s serves you right.

  132. This is serious…he may die in jail .People should be careful of their actions…nobody knows what 2moro hold for them..rip to the victim.

  133. Look at this 85 years old man still killing the younger generation… he should be hanged or killed by firing squad… may the soul of the departed rest in peace

  134. U cant just kill pipo dah way now just cos yall av guns..lers call dus life imprisonment cos u wud b dead on release

  135. He is even a retired soldier and don’t still know the rule. Or he thought he still have the power of killing innocent and accuse them of attempting to him.

  136. Hymmm, this is deep. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment.
    Will the ex soldier said that he hasn’t disrespect people before? So sad

  137. people taking laws into their hands just a vigilante group member i wonder how his attitude was when he was still in service

  138. At 81 you just won yourself 25years in jail, the period which you are suppose to be playing with your grand children, may God save you

  139. This is abnormality. How could a reasonable ex solider do such without thinking of the consequences

  140. This is very bad of him. How can he just pull out gun and shot a fellow being just because he didn’t stand up while they were searching his house. Power intoxicate

  141. Hmm.. What is happening in this country self
    A ex soilder that knows the law of the country involving himself in murder.. That’s very bad and heartless of him… He must face the law

  142. At his age his this wicked and heartless now his going to spend the rest of his remaining day in jail

  143. I believe justice has been served on him and he should just live the rest of his life in there

  144. But it ring somehow in ear. 25years in jail for
    the murder?, He’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail. That’s good for him. Wicked man

  145. May the soul of Felix Esen rest in peace and thank God the law took it due cost.let the ex soldier stay there and suffer

  146. This old man is a very wicked man and I advised he remain in prison and die there for this wicked act of his. An old man without compassion.

  147. its so unfortunate this old man over stretched his bounds as a vigilante. that act was bad. but 25years jail term too much abeg. considering his age

  148. Military mentality of believing that they are above everyone causes his predicament, served him right

  149. Its a fair judgement due to the evidence at hand
    And it will serve as lessons to those who take laws into their hands

  150. He will definitely spend the rest of his life in jail, he is a very wicked and the punishment serves him right, old man with a wicked heart

  151. The old man will die in the prison ,such is life after serving in the Nigeria army 35years and now you will end up as a convinced

  152. Don’t you think that the judge has sentence him too much because I don’t think he will complete it alive.

  153. serves him right. How can you shoot a human being like you with a gun just because he is rude, that is wickedness

  154. Heyeah and such a pity there in prison he will spent the rest days of his life…. so sad!
    Well that’s just the consequences of murdered.

  155. Yes it good for him to be jailed for even more years how will he murdere after that he supposed to save him

  156. It is really a pity that the remaining days of his retirement will be in the prison. May God grant him change of heart before his death.

  157. That was so crazy of him, he is 80+ already how many years remain for him to die that’s been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. Well he got served

  158. He thinks he is still in service. Even the soldiers in service are not killing people they only give punishment… now you will go and spend the rest of your life in jail… you will now die inside the jail…. when you are not patience enough that is what you get.

  159. He should have been sentenced to death. The punishment is not quite befitting for the offence.

  160. 25 years is quite much. Besides millitary and their violence He was carrying out his duty but he did it in the wrong way that time, sorry old one you allowes the devil use you at that point in time. Am sorry

  161. The wicked should not go unpunished,That is very bad of him, in the first place been a vigilante doesn’t give you the right to kill. I believe is a kind of revenge, who knows

  162. An 81years in vigilantee service? Thank God justice was served , he should live the rest of his life in jail

  163. At 81 years he is being sentenced to 25years in prison, nation wa, why woud he even shoot someone who is not a thief.

  164. This is a reminder to all on the rule of law. No body is above the law let the political class, the military and others be aware .

  165. What right does he think he has by murdering someone. If not for his age ehnnn, he would have served more years

  166. What foolish duties was he discharging. Taking someone’s life cos he refused to stand up. Na god him be?

  167. in my defence …the soldiers of this country believe that ju8st cause they have rank and a cool apparel ..they are allowed to treat citizens …so absurd of him …let him enjoy jail

  168. 25 years imprisonment is a good jail sentence for him,let him go and die in jail as he is no longer useful.

  169. This is too bad thank God the judge finally send him to jail.the soldier man uses his military power to kill an innocent man

  170. This is terrible, after fighting for this country, after all the training, but he went too far, let him face his punishment, even in the eyes of God, murder is abominable

  171. I think they should even increase the sentence cos I hate when people trivialize the life of another man

  172. God that man is heartless… After killing him, u threw him in a pit…. Enjoy your days in jail

  173. The lsat sentence caught my attention… “He was only discharging his duties “… What stupid duties? So it’s his duty to pull out a gun and take a man’s life just like that? Something bad is really with some people in this country. Judging from the report, the man is a tyrant in that community. Let him rot in jail for the rest of his life.

  174. This is really unlawful, why could he just kill a human being like that..
    The punishment serve him well but 25yrs to his current age is simply a dead sentence anyways..
    Rest in peace to the deceased

  175. As old as you are….what can the killer did to you that make you committed this big crime

  176. He deserves to be jailed, he is not supposed to handle a gun at his age, he was just too angry, at his he was supposed to be cool.

  177. Many things can b done out of anger
    We should not always vent our anger
    He just wasted his life

  178. This is a very terrible offence. The rate of killing is very high. He will face the punishment for killing.

  179. That serves him right. He has no right to take human life indiscriminately, just because he is a member of a vigilante group. He is supposed to protect,not harm .

  180. He has seen what he caused for himself
    His punishment serves him right
    Others should learn from it
    He just murdered the man on cold blood
    May the soul of the deceased rest in peace Amen

  181. What a shame, When you are beign given a slave assignment you’ll have to deliver it like a royal somebody.

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