Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud demands immediate removal of his name from records of association

Ex-NANS President Abdul Mahmud, took to Twitter to demand the immediate removal of his name from the records of association following the group’s leadership’s recent visit to President Buhari at the state house, Abuja.

Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, demands immediate removal of his name from records of association lailasnews

According to the Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, only a generation without a sense of history will continue to walk the shamed path the association’s current leadership are walking on. Abdul Mahmud who was NANS president from 1990- 1992, further stated that it was not thoughtful for the association’s leadership to visit President Buhari when ASUU is on strike.

His tweets reads;

As the 8th President of NANS (1990-1992), I ask that my name be removed from all records and archives of the association. I shall issue a formal statement to this effect

Recall that following the election of Bamidele Akpan President NANS a few months ago, NANS got in touch with me to seek support for his leadership and request for a visit to my office

You subsequently sent me an invitation to your “Save Education Rally” pursuant to the Academic Reform (ACAREF) Programme I launched in March 1991. I declined your requests because I was abroad and still abroad. I promised the association and leadership audience on my return to the country.

That promise has now been nullified by the following: 1) the reckless threat issued to ASUU to forcefully eject its members from their homes 2) the ill-advised visit to Aso Rock, at a time students reel under the pain of strikes

It is your choice to decide your programmes of action, but the choice does not include threatening ASUU, the historical ally of NANS- alliance that dates back to 1982. Nor does it include the visit to @mbuhari, the then dictator who gave Nigerian students bullets when they asked for bread in 1984

Recall that in 1984 when @MBuhari attempted to hike tuition fees and hostel fees, withdraw feeding & ban students unionism in higher institutions, NANS resisted him

That year- 1984- NANS, which was 4 years old at the time was banned by @MBuhari and its President, Lanre Arogundade, arrested and locked up in Ife Prison till he was overthrown by IBB in 1985

Only a generation without a sense of history will continue to walk the shamed path you have walked since 1999. You all have the choice to either discover, fulfill, or betray your mission. Thanks

Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, demands immediate removal of his name from records of association lailasnews 1

Here are photos of the group’s visit to President Buhari;

Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, demands immediate removal of his name from records of association lailasnews 2

Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, demands immediate removal of his name from records of association lailasnews 3

Ex-NANS president Abdul Mahmud, demands immediate removal of his name from records of association lailasnews 4


  1. Thank you sir for such a rebuke. Is so bad that my generation cares less of the future. All they do is follow propaganda

  2. NANS executive re like politicians now. They only do what will benefit their pocket. Any other thing doesn’t matter to them.

  3. Waw dat very hard to believe but wat he say is right but Buhari is now president wat can de do u move on forgive and forget

  4. Its good that we walk down the memory lane to refresh our mind. Those that are planning are that shameless visit are the ones destroying the nations educational system.

  5. The current current NAN leadership is useless and visionless. Buhari has further applied his divide and rule tactics

  6. I totally support the former president of the above association. Everything in the country has been influenced politically. The visit of the association to the president at this present time is bad

  7. He asked that his name be removed. he is entitled to his opinion as a man. his good deeds will continue to speak for him.

  8. I like your stands you cancelling the promised made to them is ok since they lost their faculty of thinking why visiting president when he didn’t give a listening ears to the striking asuu and asup.

  9. There must be something behind this..something might gave lead him to make such an order

  10. serious minded people never ..its obvious he has been following histroy so he knows his rightand wrong

  11. Shame to the Buhari regime. I recall when my friend bros told me his father was a chef at buhari house at a young age they way buhari is moving money i was told it was under peak milk cartoons . full of 20 naira notes. Buhari will say give them one carton of milk while the chef supervisor will be the one to open it becos he know whats in the cartoon . Buhari you have been killing this country Nigeria for a lifeless reason. please if anyone if resigning because of you. You are the cause and a huge disgrace .

  12. This man is not happy with Buhari and his administration o, how could he want his name removed from the association because they visited Buhari

  13. Nigeria actually need people like this to shun bad acts because if you don’t say your mind like this they will keep misbehaving all because of their personal benefits forgetting we have the future to protect

  14. He shouldn’t make it look personal that he isn’t in support of Buhari administration, he should calm down o, why tell the association to remove his name

  15. Corruption in this country has lead to so many wrong doings and causes pain to the lower masses. He is trying to protect his integrity that is why he chose to resign.

  16. Comment*i believe there is time for everything but I believe there purpose of going to met the president is a good one

  17. What are they visiting Buhari for, some Nigerian know how to pay lips service even when they are suffering.

  18. I don’t even know why they visited him
    Why his government has refuse to settle Asuu
    My dear I support you oo in any action you are taking

  19. This man is really pissed!!! Sir just give them a chance and see what will happen our country needs people like you

  20. The man is right how shameless of them in the photos smiling with somebody who is the cause of disrupt in the educational sector

  21. This country is a disgrace to identify with and having a non-human as president doesn’t help matters.
    Hope God deliever us soon

  22. This NANS president is a disgrace, I watch the video where he was telling Buhari that he will deliver 20million votes for him. Politics has entered Unionism

  23. Thank you sir, this is a man with integrity, God will deliver us from the chains of these present government.

  24. Please cool down. We still need experienced leaders like you to help guide the younger in their pursuit of leadership. Please do not have your name expunged from the NANS records.

  25. This guy made a lot of sense to me and I see him as a great leader who knows what he us saying.

  26. He’s right in his claims/aurgements, since the association is still on strike, he should’ve paid him a visit following the issue on ground except the visit was personal….

  27. That’s nicely said and properly administered to NANS, seems they have lost their competency and sense behind educational struggle in this country

  28. Only God has the way to do His things…. You move with failures then you are one of them… Sensible people are seen in the gathering on sensible people…. He knows it all but they should consider students too..

  29. Thats a immature act from the association, but please he should not remove his name for history sake.

  30. This is the voice of a man with intergrity. It’s not that he has anything against Mr President, but he wants to make it clear that he can never support a cause that promotes education based on past behavior

  31. People might think that Abdul Mahmud don’t forget easily but he is correct .every last one of them don’t have our welfare to heart and when they do the wise progressive Nigerians will know.
    . PEACE .

  32. See vexation oo, me self no support dah kind visit buh in d same vein he may be trying to make d president do something abt d ongoing strike

  33. The current current NAN leadership is useless and visionless. Buhari has further applied his divide and rule tactics

  34. I still have not come to a conclusion why the NANS went to the villa and see the president f

  35. NANS representatives are politicians in disguise. The government will give them money and they will forget what they are doing. Thank God someone stood up at least

  36. I don’t think Abdul Mahmud has a point to proof . Because asuu is on strike doesn’t mean They can’t visit Buhari . No one knows what they have discuss yet and if Abdul Mahmud still insist on the removal of his name pleAse remove it

  37. The leaders shouldnt have done things like this, Buhari is not the man they should visit not even when strike is going on. I think I support Ex president Abdul Mahmud motive

  38. That is good from a good leader like him but try and give current NANS leaders advice and guide them rather than abandon them

  39. Hmm sir just take it easy
    The country will be better one day
    We know the government is nothing to write home about..
    Total failure

  40. Everything in this nation is about politics… I support the ex president opinion

  41. Thank you for standing for the truth is good you reminded them of the past incident is an eye opener to everyone of them. That’s to show you don’t support evil

  42. Buhari has done so many damages to some sectors in the country and he is still ready to do more, so visiting him at this time shows they lack sense of history

  43. I feel the pain of an heroe, he has actually laboured in this association.. And now the path they found is being despised by the contemporary! It has pained him so much that he couldn’t hold it anymore.. Find comfort in God please!

  44. It is obvious he doesn’t support buhari but it’s not enough to demand his name removed. Just let them know you don’t support them

  45. This man is a true union man. You spoke well sir. May God bless you. This country needs voice like yours sir in this trouble time in the history of our great nation.

  46. This man is truly patriotic, he doesn’t want to associate himself with NANS again because its obvious that they are not going by what the association stands for anymore.

  47. God bless you my president, this guy’s have already sold their conscience… They have turned Nans to beggers association.

  48. You see….They allow the student sit home while they go to aso rock to get their own share of national cake…This ASUU doesn’t have the students progress at heart same thing with our government….God please safe us from this wicked world.

  49. Everybody as his final decision so let him be it’s a free world he can choose to be part of them and he can choose not to

  50. Well said Sir, but still calm down because we need people like you to always represent us. President please do the needful and call of the strike

  51. What will removing your name from the association contribute to the present Asuu situation. We are looking for a way forward

  52. This is how your successors are selling the right of students in the name of stipends our politicians are offering them as student union leaders.

  53. Having your name remove from the association archive doesn’t change anything. Bros calm down

  54. In Nigeria constitution, there is freedom of association, so it is not by force to belong to an association, if he said that his name should be removed from their record, they should do that immidiately.

  55. “Only a generation without a sense of history will continue to walk the shamed path you have walked since 1999” Words on Marble. Food for the discerning heart!

  56. It’s really a good thing you you requested your name to be removed from their ill association that has now become the shadow of its old self

  57. Yea he have a point… Remove his name asap. NANS is a disgraceful ASSOCIATION…..imagine going there to talk nonsense and even present him a picture of him.

  58. It was such a shameful act by NANS after the strike has continued for so long. Buhari won’t take them any serious now.

  59. This man has his reasons for this actions, his is an insider of their deeds, so be it as you have wished.

  60. He is right in as much as the visit of the union and his comments on this matter is all politically motivated I support him in the interest of Nigeria students that are on strike for a long time now

  61. Will it change anything? Whether the visit was right or not his call that his name be erased make no relevant impact for a country like ours where we don’t keep record

  62. Sir, you just said the truth, and behold they’ll always be betrayals and hatred in every aspect an angle of life.

  63. That is a good one. It’s only people that are hungry that will pay this man a visit in other to have food

  64. President please do the needful and call of the strike, now the path they found is being despised by the contemporary! Buhari won’t take them any serious now. It has pained him so much that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

  65. Thank you for reminding us about the past,I don’t seem to understand the stand of the present ruling government on education,like they don’t really care about it

  66. If he wants his name to be removed I think they should respect his wish, but him not agreeing with the visit nans had with buhari is unacceptable, they might be working on ending the strike

  67. Thank you so much sir solidarity forever we shall always fight for our right give us our right Nigeria government

  68. This is a man of moral standard and a man of honor and dignity…He is absolutely right and may God bless him.

  69. Maybe he has done something wrong unknown to the whole associates in the organization before saying that

  70. Oh I wish we have more men like you in Nigeria politics the country will be a better place but reverse is the case

  71. NANS should be lending a voice to end the strike and not to be flirting in politics for bribes and making promises unguaranteed promises

  72. It was seriously a wrong decision to pay a visit to the president when the strike is on. And it only shows lack of concerns from the NANS leadership.

  73. This guy spoke intelligently and even remembered all that transpires in the past and based on that, he could act. You are a true leader.

  74. Fake altruism, you are an ex NAN president, you don’t really matter anyway. Just creating buzz to be reckoned with.

  75. This is so shameful for the present president of NANS to have embarked on such a mission knowing true well that it was PMB led government that has made ASSU to be on strike. What a shame. Kudos to Mr. Mamug for his truthfulness

  76. Its brave of you to speak the truth without fear or favor of anyone this show he is a loyal and patriotic citizen

  77. What’s the man’s issues na. Every leadership has his own time, he has done his. He only have advise that he can give the present time.

  78. That’s is opinion and his wish , but he has good reason for it, if its possible his wishes should be adopted

  79. You have really said well sir by taking us back in history, but I don’t think cutting off our head can solve our headache, because men like you would be always needed in associations like this.

  80. Quite an history
    But Buhari do love education and respects that
    There must be more to the arrest of the then NAS president when buhari was then president
    So I won’t be buying these talks

  81. The man is just too greedy and jealous, e suppose go die for the office nah, as if its a chieftaincy title, mtcheeeew

  82. I think they should cut down on the kind of money nans memebers receive because I think they join nans for the money and not what it stands for. Am highly disappointed in them. Abdul said everything he is right and I agree with him.

  83. I quite understand him, he doesn’t want to be associated with recent corruption done by his successor

  84. Dont mind them sir, all what they are doing is gimmick. They don’t have the interest of Nigerians in mind at all. What they are after is their own pocket. Stupid people.

  85. But all of u are like politician why rebuking them now or because Ghana must come never reach ur side?, pls forget the past and let’s move on.

  86. His a father I kind off feel what he’s feeling… The children of Nigeria are at home waiting for assu total off the strike they are there visiting visiting

  87. He must have his reasons for telling them to remove his name. If I were in his shoes, I would do the same

  88. His name should be removed immediately, that statement is absurd, does NANS has no right to visit its president again? Nawa for this man o

  89. Is not a matter of removing your name what ever thing you did during your tenon wether food or bad it will I will still remain in the hearts of people

  90. Actions people take really got histories and memories disapproving it. And the outcome of their meeting and what they gained from it is yet to be seen.

  91. Members of NANS paying a courtesy visit to the president of their country, Nigeria is a good step. If you’re not comfortable with it, fine and good but those people are right.

  92. He is right, money has spoil everything in this nation, at this level of leadership they are corrupt what will tomorrow be when they are into politics.

  93. Talking because of ASUU strike, I may reason with you. But referring to Buhari’s military days show the level of hatred and unforgiveness you bear as a burden.

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