Ex-Governor Dariye’s jail term reduced by Appeal Court

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Ex-Governor Joshua Dariye’s jail term has been reduced from 14 years to 10 years, by an appeal court in Abuja.

Ex-Governor Dariye’s jail term reduced by Appeal Court lailasnews

The appeal court who quashed count 23 because the persecution did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the former governor diverted the funds of the state to purchase a house in London,  held that the maximum sentence of 14 years for the counts was excessive especially because the appellant is a first-time offender.

The presiding judge, Justice Stephen Adah on Friday who reduced the charges in the counts to 10 years, while the terms with two years are reduced to one year each, also quashed the sentence in count 12 as he read the unanimous judgment of the three-man panel.

The panel held that the lower court which had earlier found the former Plateau State Governor not guilty for the charge, should not have sentenced him on the charge.


  1. Good job.i hope other governors will learn from this…misuse of power leads to jail term…

  2. Good job.i hope other governors will learn from this…misuse of power leads to jail term…this is good development.

  3. This is the real fighting against corruption… I hope this will surely go rounds to other politicians stealing Nigeria funds

  4. Luck is on his side but they should have allowed him face the full charge because this reduction will make others to feel that after all if they commit they might also be lucky

  5. Why will is jail term be reduce? He stole public funds and he was caught…So he should serve the full term.

  6. Whether he is a first time offender or not, he is supposed to serve the full jail term. Let him serve as a lesson to all others embezzling Nigeria’s money and diverting it for their personal use.

  7. What is the difference between fourteen and ten years,ten years is still very long,anyway he has to pay for his crime,this wili be a Lesson to our corrupt leaders

  8. Why will his jail sentence be reduced is it because he is a politician this is injustice in Nigeria you will see other people begging for mercy but no one will listen to them

  9. I wish all serving governors that have looted public fund should suffer what Ex-Governor Joshua Dariye is facing now.

  10. No gov or president, whether pastor or not that will not set on power n embezzle cash. To me, he is guilty.

  11. It’s quite unfortunate that the ex governor is battling with jail term. He is paying for the previous sins he has committed.

  12. He is so luck appeal court ruled out his initial 14years to 10years . He should be happy and his family should be at large

  13. 10years is still a long time for him at that age. But it will serve as a warning light to other politicians

  14. If the law deals with all of them that loot our money with long sentence then the system can flush them out completely!

  15. After the jail will it make the money to come out? They should stop deceiving themselves and not the public

  16. That’s still okay. He will be a scape goat for other Governors that are guilty of same crime as they will see that they are not above the law.

  17. Good for him. I know the jail term at first would have surprised him because he would be thinking he can overrule the law.

  18. They thought they can do anything with our money and go Scott free, good for him and a lesson to others who thinks they are above the law.

  19. What is the reasons for all this reduction, while would they not considered more reasons for increasing his years instead of reduction.

  20. Thank God for is just unfortunate, there are many people who are supposed to be jailed like him that are free.

  21. Why do they have to reduce is Gail term to me,every crime must be treated according to what the law says about it

  22. And the lord had mercy on him by subtracting 4 from his years of punishment this is how all these looters should be dealt with.

  23. He’s fortunate that the jail term was reduced.This should serve as a lesson to other politicians who misuse our funds.

  24. Now he’s the scape goat. Wish this goes as far as bringing other corrupt government officials to face the law. Kudos to the Nigeria government for this

  25. was he sentenced in the first place if he was not guilty of the offence. This usWhis not good image to the country. Thank God for the new development.

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