Everyone will pay N50,000 to follow me on twitter in 2019 – Kemi Olunloyo

When Kemi Olunloyo wrote on Instagram – “Everyone will pay N50,000 to follow me on twitter in 2019″, most of her followers would want to believe she was joking as the post got very little engagement.

Everyone will pay N50,000 to follow me on twitter in 2019 - Kemi Olunloyo lailasnews 3
Everyone will pay N50,000 to follow me on twitter in 2019 – Kemi Olunloyo

Well, we all know Madam Kemi Olunloyo as a controversial personality who does not joke with her words. And it looks like fingers are already crossed awaiting her action on this statement.

She had written:

TWITTER ALERT📣📣📣🐦🐦🐦1/1/19 everyone has to pay N50K to follow me on Twitter @hnnafrica. SUBSCRIBE FREE now till midnight. The page goes PRIVATE MIDNIGHT.

Well today is the 1st day of the year 2019 and it is the deadline that she gave.

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So, will you pay N50,000 to follow Kemi Olunloyo on Twitter?


  1. I don’t think this blogger is normal at all. I know she is joking. Just trying to pull the leg of her followers

  2. Lol aunty kemi always act funny don’t forget this is 2019.dont do what will make social fans laugh you,50k for what to follow to heaven or were?

  3. Even she that said it knows she’s lying. Let her be ready to loose every follower she’s having at the moment

  4. 50k to follow you for what as what. I think you are just walking up from bed or you saw this in your dream…..whatever I want to announce to you that the dream is fake.oooo

  5. Why will I pay ₦50k to follow her on her Twitter.. .. what does she hv to offer me that is worth hat ₦50k for me to follow her…..

  6. This same table you are shaking is about to fall you coz you will loose followers rapidly what do they stand to gain if they pay 50naira

  7. Hmmmmm, am just laughing cos she is a big joke. Even people that have things to offer don’t collect money abi what will u call this one now

  8. You go blow more in 2019 I like that. I’m going to increase mine to 75,000Naira only. If you can’t pay, don’t follow me.

  9. Who be this? 50,000.. Am I following Jesus or following you is it a ticket to heaven? Abeg carry your Twitter comot here make I see road

  10. How will I pay Kemi Olunloyo just to follow him on Twitter? Am I mad?Maybe should go and park in the front ooo.

  11. Well She has her fans so they should pay 50k but as for me have got better things to do with that cash

  12. After I invest 50k to follow you, what will be my profit?
    Is ask am just asking o, so hansa dat first hanty

  13. God have mercy on her ,l pray she will not be the one begging people again just because I want to for to follow I will pay fifty thousand naira

  14. Lol will following her on twitter bring me salvation or good things this year? Abeg na
    to follow Jesus sure pass

  15. Pay 50k to follow her on twitter? That’s a very big no. There are better things to do with money she ain’t the only one who needs money

  16. I can never pay 50k to follow stupid Kemi on twitter. It’s like Kemi’s madness have started again. Very soon she will be the one begging for money on twitter.

  17. This must be a joke, just because you wanna follow someone on social media, someone should pay 50k, this sounds somehow to me, you better hold yourself.

  18. I guess this is your new year resolution interesting. Get ready to lose Many of your fans on twitter this 2019 then.

  19. Seriously this lady needs to be taken to mental asylum for shocks…. She isn’t well. Sick people in disguise everywhere on social media exhibiting nonchalant attitudes.smh

  20. Nobody will follow you on Twitter na. Who in their right mind will pay 50,000 just for you? This woman is so controversial

  21. No way, what will following her add to my life that I have to pay 50k for. Aunty please this better be a joke.

  22. You mean if I have to follow you with my own data, I will still pay you 50k?
    Madam am sure you’re just joking

  23. This is so funny. Who did following you help? I’ll follow Jesus and get that 50k and even more. Lol

  24. She’s probably looking for a way to cut her high number of flowers low lol. I don’t believe that post of hers.

  25. 50k,sister this new year and a new system it is not possible for me to pay you 50k when you have nothing to offer

  26. Nonsense!
    How on earth will I pay. To hell with her twitter account.
    Following Kemi Olunloyo on Twitter is it the shortcut to heaven?

  27. And why will I pay such amount it’s not possible when its not a must to follow you that money we cover a lot so stick to tour account madam kemi

  28. Thanks ma
    But I will pass
    50k and gain what in return? Gossips about people’s private life?
    Aunty look for something else to do Abeg

  29. I can never pay such an amount just to follow you on Twitter instead I will use it to stake game in bet9ja

  30. And why will I pay such amount it’s not possible when its not a must to follow you that money we cover a lot so stick to your account madam kemi

  31. What is so special about her, that before anyone follow her on Instagram must subscribe with 50k, is that a job opportunity?

  32. What is so special about her that will make one pay such an amount to follow her on twitter? Well, she’s a controversial person and I can’t blame her for that. If she likes let charge #50 kobo for people to follow her, its none of my business

  33. She is always act funny don’t forget this is 2019.dont do what will make social fans laugh you,50k for what to follow to heaven or were?

  34. Point of correction please. I will not pay a dime to follow you on Twitter. Madam Kemi you are too controversial for my likings

  35. I dont even know you..are you a star or what? or dont you know relationship is gift and privilege. Maybe when people dessert you, you will now understand the gravity of this your statement

  36. How possible is that? What is so special about her on Twitter that followers would want to pay 50k for?

  37. Like this is #50,000 that you fell like have, baby look else way because no twitter follow will even give you one kobo

  38. Well I feel its a joke,no even need to reply this because its free to follow jayz himself not to talk of her.

  39. what the 50k for is it for ur new year? very funny even if she can help us send ha 50k let share among members and u shall b bless

  40. Hmmmm,story of the gods,just to follow you on Twitter and you will pay that person 50k ,,please stop fulling your self.

  41. Hmmm, #smiles. Even Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Tecno and many other superstar can’t say such a thing. She won’t see a dime follower this year at all if she’s not careful

  42. I believe you know what you are try to said or just want to make a headline news.let that time come, I will the first person to follow you.

  43. Never say everyone on those that want to can do that because for me even to follow you for free i wont let alone 50k who you help….keep dreaming

  44. Lolzzzz are you in anyway related to obama? Madam pack well…. you go soon the follow yourself

  45. Who is she to say that, I mean this is the biggest joke of the century. Even Jesus did not demand anything for us to gain internity although I just want to believe she is joking about this news.

  46. It’s like this one being is suffering from bipolar disease he really needs help even if you are close to jesus christ I won’t even pay such I’ll meet him myself nonsense human being

  47. Twitter followers you have heard madam blogger. When you pay your 50k, then you follow her. Congratulations ma as you aim high this new year.

  48. Follow to where. It’s it heaven. Who will want to be so stupid to pay 50k just to follow a mere human being. What are they going to achieve if they pay you such. Am just shining my eyes

  49. Follow to where. It’s it heaven. Who will want to be so stupid to pay 50k just to follow a mere human being. What are they going to achieve if they pay you such. Am just shining my eyes. Wonders shall never end in this new year

  50. It is true people will pay ₦50,000 to follow you this year. It’s quite unfortunate that you didn’t mention the sect of people that will do that. But I’m here and now telling you that it’s only a lunatic that would waste such money for nothing you dish out to people

  51. What the heck is the meaning of this, like I wish those following you now to unfollow you, then you we know where you are…

  52. She is funny, paying #50,000 to follow her twitter. Is that a certificate to enter Paradise ?

  53. Is she an angel from heaven that needs to pay money for her to be followed, even the angels sef, what is she even insinuating

  54. OK madam we have heard you but can you answer this question?

    It twitter a bungalow or dumplet with a price tag of 50,000k

    Shaaa you funny ooo

  55. Can’t blame her u kw she just came out of prison…so her mental health is unstable….50k ko 50kobo ni

  56. We are here to bear witness to it, as we patiently wait for the execution, I will be the first to pay, I don’t like free things The ACN my stomach

  57. If truly she made this statement, I want to ask weather follow her on twitter will bring fortune to the followers if yes then so be it but if otherwise I can’t even follow her free of charge let alone paying such huge amount of money at a time most her followers are strongly to eat one meal a day, if I’m one of his followers before now I will unfollow myself for this statement

  58. Why are you mocking yourself, do you think 50k is like stone that you can see anywhere, are you an angel,, 50k my foot

  59. Okey see me where am following u,be going am coming so I I did not follow u on Twitter what will happen

  60. Even Mark the owner of Facebook will not said that. She’s too funny, she think money is bn plug on a tree.

  61. Go and rot with your Twitter handle, instead of you to say you desperately looking for followership.

  62. lol look at this funny aunty sha.. pay you 50k…you be Niki Minaj or drake… Aunty goan sit down one place..
    Who you help… Follow ur self Na

  63. What a joke from a controversial personality, let’s see if she will stand by her words. Funny

  64. I’m sorry to say it, I won’t even pay #5.00 to follow you, don’t know where the fifty thousand is even coming for. Na you sabi shah.

  65. Maybe she will start giving out money to her followers on Instagram. You never can tell anything is possible for this our naija

  66. I took that to be a joke, but if you really mean your words then I advise you help empower the youths

  67. So funny for aunty kemi 50000 thousand is not easy oo talkless before people will follow you on twitter each must pay i know you are just jicking

  68. 50k!!???!!…..in this present economy?…..just to follow you…..You must be a joker. Even Davido or Wizkid demands money like that on social media.

  69. smile and some people would still go ahead and pay such amount of money just to follow her, that your wish sha.

  70. What a controversial joke from a controversial personality like u. So how much will now pay for following other people ?
    This woman is not serious.

  71. You most be joking right.? Because even if I earn 100k per day I will not follow you on that amount..lolxx

  72. Who you be, no be your name them they use collect money for bank now so why must I follow u with 50k on twitter, it be like say 2018 still they slumber you, better go sleep and wake again

  73. She is deceiving herself how come, is it any influence on follow her or if someone follows her it will gained money through it, nonsensetical word.

  74. She’s talking trash if that’s serious and if anyone should engage in such… Don’t know what to say
    God help you

  75. This is good news,this is a new way to make money for her,N50000 is too big for just following, well make money 2019 is a goal, this is good news

  76. Then your alone..I pity those who would pay such amount just to follow you…me I’m not interested.

  77. Nice try she’s very Wonderful 50k to follow some one idiot that have not heard her name before

  78. See how pride kills people. Instead I’ll give out that money to charity. People should wise up jare, this is a new year

  79. We don’t need to be abusing her,everyone has his/her own right to say what he/she want in this year 2019.say yours too,mine is 100k.

  80. As you have already stated, let keep our fingers crossed and watched as matter unfold, pay 50k to follow you seriously funny.

  81. these women was just joking, she doesn’t have any meaningful thing to post, which can motivate people’s to follow her.

  82. Shaa it’s those that don’t know what to use their money and do left for me my dear you will follow yourself.

  83. Is this her own way of trying to beg for money? Well lemme coman unfollow her before she goes private

  84. So for me to follow you tweeter I have to pay the some of 50k please what will be my gain if I follow u

  85. I think the way this your statement sounds funny it’s the same way it might be in your mind because it’s really so funny.

  86. If I pay the 50k to follow her, will she take me to the promise land? , or will she take me to acquire my piece of land???

    Just wondering

  87. 50k to follow you for what,are you jesus Christ. You should think before making annoying statement.

  88. Madam Kemi don’t bother and not even following you in the first place and I know those are following you will unfollow you

  89. I can’t argue with her because the power of media is crazy and anything goes in social media. A lot of people are making so much money in media and who knows what she has in stock and sad what really made her took the decision. Let’s fold our hands and see what happens. She’s intelligent and smart but also controversial too. Wish her well.

  90. Because she is what, I should now pay 50,000 to follow someone who will not add any value to my life

  91. Pay 50k to follow you on Twitter for what na. Are you an Angel sent from Heaven? Or you are one of Jesus’s Disciples. You’re just funny.

  92. What will I do with following you on Twitter? Will following you take me to heaven? Am just okay without following you madam Olunloyo.

  93. Very funny post even big artist want peoples to follow them for free they didn’t see talk less of you what is her Achievement

  94. Abeg if o follow her,how does it put food on my table that I will have to pay #50k.Please ma just follow yourself.

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