#ENDSARS: Again, Nigerians protest against extortion and brutal police officials

#ENDSARS: Again, Nigerians protest against extortion and brutal police officials

Nigerians are again protesting against the continuous extortion and brutality by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) with #ENDSARS.

#ENDSARS is now being campaigned for by Nigerians who took to their social media pages to protest as they share their fears, experiences of extortion and brutality by the officials of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

See some of posts being shared on social media below.

The criminal activities of the Nigerian Police, not just the SARS alone is a resultant effect of a dysfunctional society. Nigeria is bastardized by the political elitist leaders by their corrupt practices, undermining our public institutions for their selfish interests. #EndSARS – @TosinOlugbenga

I do a legit Job but cox my place of work is far, i always live in fear, not cox of touts or robbers but cox of SARS and Police…. Every single day and am so tired of it honestly… It’s depressing u won’t understand. #EndSARS – @AuGuSt_RaNnY

We all came against the xenophobic attacks in S.A,good enough,but what is our government doing to end this tyranny kind of xenophobia inside our very own country..The system is f**ked up,tell me why everyone wouldn’t wanna leave, when our own country ain’t safe for us #EndSARS – @FlawlessOmoniyi

As soon as #ENDSARS starts trending. Just know someone innocent is dead or harassed. This government won’t #ENDSARS till it gets to them – @TunechiHypes

#EndSARS please this guys are killing us I swear I even hear say lastma don Dey hold person for yahoo this country is just over fucked🤦🏽‍♂️ – @NBig97

Going out and coming in in our own country is now a risk, we are not even safe in our own country anymore and you say we shouldn’t migrate?? This country is a freaking joke😡😡 #EndSARS is going to trend again and the govt won’t still do nothing about it, twats!! – @okikyyy

#EndSARS guys this energy you use In arguing about those whose there daily bread as been set let’s divert this into the end sars protest this bastard are sabotaging us if you’ve not fall victim you can’t understand the pain ppl feel it’s getting out of hand please let’s voice outNBig97

3 months ago the so called Sarz officers came into my room unannounced and started searching..They planted a drug that was not there and is not illegal and I still had to pay for it after wasting my day that was very eventful… I had a tech event I was meant to attend😢#EndSARS







Police officer allegedly shoot dead an okada man for not wearing face mask in Imo state

This movement this time was fueled by the experience of a software engineer who shared his recent experience of being extorted by the officials of SARS who were armed when he was abducted, allegedly pointed a gun at him, beat him up and locked him up after he was unable to pay the N1 Million demanded from him.

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#EndSARS : Software Engineer recounts how armed officials arrested and demanded N1 million from him

#EndSARS : Software Engineer recounts how he was abducted by armed officials demanding N1 million from him

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