#EndSARS: Adamu Garba sues Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO for $1 billion

Former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, has sued Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey for reportedly lending support to the ongoing #EndSARS protests rocking the nation.

#EndSARS: Adamu Garba sues Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO for $1 billion

The politician who is a member of APC, accused the Tech Guru of meddling in the affairs of Nigeria and holds him responsible for the resultant violence that erupted from the protests.

Adamu is asking the court to compel Jack to pay the Nigerian government $1 billion as compensation for all the damages caused by the #EndSARS protest.

He is also asking the court to compel Jack to establish a Twitter office here in Nigeria. He alleged that the grand plan of Jack and others is to topple the government of the day.

Speaking to newsmen at the court premises, Adamu said the lawsuit is against

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter owner and Twitter International as a company, for actively sponsoring and supporting the#EndSARS movement by encouraging funding for this movement that has resulted into serious catastrophy for this country. I am sure most of you are aware of what is happening.

Now we have several uprising in the country, destruction of so many lives and properties is ongoing and therefore, we are calling on Jack Dorsey to come and pay Nigerian government $1 billion in compensation for all the damages that he caused this country and also we knew exactly the kind of script they play in other countries when they intervene using their social platform.

So for his gross abuse of priviledge because it is a platform where most of the gullible Nigerians have joined and have been actively patronising and supporting him, he went ahead and tweeted that people should donate to a Bitcoin account, an acount that is untrackable, to us.

The end game is to topple the democratically elected government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so as a patrotic citizen, I cannot sit and wait for our country degenerate like Libya..the way we have seen now in Egypt when it tuend out to be a graveyard.

We cannot allow those kind of damages happen in Nigeria and that is why we are here to call on him to make sure he complies to come and pay Nigerian government a billion dollar in settlement for all the damages he is causing in this country.”

Speaking further, Adamu said

For him to continue to operate in the Nigerian internet space, he has to open a company in Nigeria, employ labour, pay local tax and submit all the evils and bad acting that is happening at the bargain of the twitter to the respondent authority.

See copies of the court document below:

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