Emmanuel Emenike’s Mansion in Owerri – Photos from launch

Footballer Emmanuel Emenike’s Mansion in Owerri was launched on Friday the 4th of January 2019.

The mansion constructed in the heart of Owerri, has its own bridge leading to an upstairs garage is a sight to behold.

Emmanuel Emenike’s Mansion in Owerri - Photos from launch lailasnews 13
Emmanuel Emenike’s Mansion in Owerri – Photos from launch

The launch had a lot of dignitaries and celebs in attendance including; Osita ‘Paw Paw’ Iheme, Daddy Showkey, Phyno, Matrick and a host of others.

The exterior photo of the mansion had earlier been shared on social media by his wife, ex-beauty queen, Iheoma.

She had written:

”Now this is how it’s done!!!!!! What!! Castle for a Queen and King! Thank you obim @emenike_9 There’s a whole drive way even .  the interior? drop dead breathtaking!!These pictures don’t even do justice, so if you’re in owerri come through tomorrow for the house opening #bossmoves #whenthemoneylong #blessingsin2019

Now the fans can now behold the interior of the massive mansion.

See more photos below:




  1. When dere is money dere is every, a big congratulation to emmanuel emenike i pray that he lived long in that house

  2. wow this is amazing nigerian footballers are really getting to the top…….. I hope they also set up investment the way they setup mansions…………………..

  3. The view is really breathtaking, and anytime I behold such beautiful expressions of money am encouraged to work harder. Congratulations.

  4. Wow, congratulation to you sir, that is one beautiful mansion, dreams always come true when you work hard for it

  5. Congratulations. It’s not easy. No amount of money you have without a house called yours, is just a waste of time.

  6. nice interior and wonderful exterior. the mansion itself is georgious. I wish I were there. enjoy yourself Emmanuel E. Congratulations!!!

  7. What a marvelous house in owerri, emmineke has done well making his himself and family proud nice one

  8. Wow,,,, this is an edifice mansion, a beauty to behold, congratulations brother. God bless your hustle.

  9. The achievement that comes through determination. Is an advice to many, do it well any were u find ur self.

  10. Congratulations Emmenike, please don’t forget to raise many other Emmenikes among the youths of Owerri playing in the streets.

  11. Wow amazing photos….it’s really a mansion for a King and queen.. congratulations to you and your family.

  12. Congrats to Emmanuel Emenike, the mansion is very fine from the pictures. He must have spent a lot of money in building the mansion. Footballers are really making cool catch. I will go and see the mansion anytime I go to Owerri. Hard work really pays.

  13. When money talks bull shit works. Fine mansion indeed, he should also create employment through investment

  14. This is simply loving & amazing i pray God keeps u to enjoy the fruits of your labor & also do the same for me in Jesus name

  15. Wow this is lovely,congrat man,wish I can attend the opening of the house but unfortunately am not in owerri

  16. What an edifice
    Power of money
    This building is fit fora prince of Dubai

    Congratulations to him

    God please do my own for me this year

  17. His Mansion is breathtaking a big congratulations to him and may God keep him and his family to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

  18. Hardwork pays. More blessings to you. Hope the youths out there would submit to hard work and enjoy in future

  19. This is too much money talking here o. Interior is a boom. Wish I was there to have a firsthand view. Congratulations man

  20. woh that house is beautiful its ot all the things inside i hope you stay init with your family and not for side chick

  21. its a sight to behold.. this is what we call money speaking speaking.. enjoy the fruit of your labor my big bros. i pray to have something bigger than this in my life by God’s grace Amen

  22. This is lovely, congratulations I would love you bring more investment too to your Nation, all the best

  23. Money speak louder than poverty. Congratulations because other people are building in other countries. Thank God you have a mind to develop your contry

  24. This house is simply breathtaking in and out. Congratulations. Mine is coming too in Jesus name Amen.

  25. That’s a good one, wishing him the best and more grace to grow higher than where he is now.

  26. Such a beauty to behold, the interior is another lost of words to describe. Congratulations Emenike for such an achievement.

  27. This mansion is a goal.Seriously God has blessed you.To be able to afford this great mansion, You have worked so hard for it. The celebrities really did well by coming to celebrate with you

  28. The mansion looks so beautiful, he has spent quite a lot to achieve this wonderful building. The photos are really looking great.

  29. This mansion is indeed exquisite and beautiful, I can’t stop viewing the pictures, he really tried.congratulations

  30. The house is fine, the designs are superb. I am so happy for him. This is result of hardwork, its pays. Congratulations for that.

  31. Congratulations to you and your family but am seriously tapping into this your blessing. Sooner or later I will testify

  32. Wow… Such a beautiful house… May he continue to prosper. He should also endeavour to give to the less privileged in the society.

  33. Its a nice house, and it doesn’t look like a house that would cost much to maintain. Congrats to him

  34. This is Fabulous!!! This is what they call mansion, look at the build no to talk about the inside….. Congratulations to You! Success all the way.

  35. The mansion is great, money is good, enjoy yourself Emmanuel, more of it to come your way

  36. Please don’t forget to raise many other Emmenikes among the youths, the designs are superb. I am so happy for him.

  37. Congratulations Eminike for such wonderful mansion in your home town.. MY God bless and keep your family

  38. Wow…what a beauty. I pray some day to have a mansion like this for my family. Congratulations onece more.

  39. When the money is long…chai
    If no be money wetin we gain
    Congratulations sir emenike…i tap

  40. Wow! This is really breath taking, good beautiful, mind blowing, congratulations to you Emma, An investment well spent.

  41. You see, wish my parents had allowed me to play football. Anyways, my own will blow everybody’s head.

  42. Indeed this is an elegant mansion wow I just love everything about this mansion!! Greater heights awaits you!! God bless us all

  43. The house is really breathtaking, what a luxury to behold. Congrats to Emmanuel on this achievement

  44. I never knew emenike has such financial strength to carry this luxurious building, its really a lovely house ,congrats to him

  45. The igbo’s are now building mansions and fortresses in their respective hometown. Because, the Yorubas thought they were fools in building those mansions in Lagos. So, each day they are becoming even wiser. I urge other igbo’s living in Lagos, to emulate what Emenike did.

  46. Such a beautiful edifice, this is a nice castle, amazing design, congratulations, wish him more success in his career

  47. This is the type of house being referred as heaven on earth… Oh Lord I must have a better one than this.

  48. Wow this house is magnificent what an edifice congratulations emenike this is the result of hardwork its so lovely

  49. The house is soooo amazing. Waooo, is really so lovely. A very big congratulations Emenike more blessings

  50. Congrats Emma. This is an achievement worth celebrating big time. This is beautiful. A beauty to behold. Congrats once again!

  51. What a fabulous structure. successful life indeed is full of hustling. wishing you a long life lived in it.

  52. God!! this is Paradise, it’s amazing am shut of words, congratulations sir this beautiful and homely

  53. His Mansion is breathtaking a big congratulations to Emmanuel emenike and may God keep him and his family to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

  54. The mansion is Wow!
    A very congratulations to him and his wife on the house warming. More achievement.

  55. If earthly structures is like this, how much beautiful will that built in heaven look like? This is really beautiful.

  56. I love this house,God bless you my brother for having the thought to put up such a structure and at home…every hardwork pays

  57. If I have never gealous anything in my life I can’t deny gealousing this one Broz your house is fine

  58. When God bless a man he shows it by the live he leaves, this is good news and I hope younwill continue to reference the giver

  59. Money is good and the mansion is beautiful.More of it Emenike in Jesus name and for me too,Amen.

  60. Oho money is good. Congratulations brother, happy for you
    I claim it by faith in Jesus name

  61. Breathtakingly beautiful and gorgeous. A good place to rest and relax a tired legs after playing career is over. Nice one by Emenike

  62. Money is good. Congrats guy the sky is your starting point . keep on your hard work

  63. Wow. My mouth is still open. Who says money is not good when you work hard for it.. Let them come and see.. Congrats to you

  64. Wow. I m completely blown away with the nature of this building. See car park on top the house sef. Congrats Emenike

  65. Emenike, has been a hardworking footballer and coach,well done.this Castle is just the beginning of your rewards.

  66. Your house is Porsche. You are a man with taste… Congrats on your new mansion. Wish you more mansions.

  67. Wow, can’t shut my mouth after looking at the photo of the house. This is really a palace. Congratulation.

  68. The house is an architectural masterpiece.He deserves it because he has really worked hard for it.

  69. Congratulations Emenike. This house is really beautiful and a mansion indeed. Am very happy for you and your wife.

  70. Congrats to him. Nice mansion. But try helping the poor and needy instead of flauting wealth up and down.

  71. This is a great edifice that calls for rejoicing. I congratulate you for this mansion and I rejoice with you.

  72. Congratulations!.this house warming is a sight to behold.May You live in this house in good health…it shall open more doors to more great things in your life …enjoy. this is the reward for hard work.

  73. Wow! The mansion is worth celebrating. A warm CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement. Enjoy the fruits of your labour

  74. When hustle pays. I see this as a challenge to my person and I must achieve a feat far more than this. More wins bro

  75. GOD GOD GOD, am seeing what you are doing for other, the other day it was ighalo and now emenike, am not asking for much just give me something good even if its not nice and not up to this but make my life also good and in good health and more wisdom to know you more, ALLIASKEDFOR

  76. This is heaven on Earth, it’s very lovely. Congratulations emenike my main man.
    May you build more IJN.

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