Emir of Kano son’s wedding in Kano – See photos

Prince Aminu Sanusi Lamido, the Emir of Kano son’s wedding and his heartthrob, Zainab Ali Bashir held over the weekend in Kano

The colorful ceremony took place in Al-Furqan Mosque, Alu Avenue, Nassarawa GRA Kano on Saturday 29th December, 2018.

Emir of Kano son's wedding - See photos lailasnews 8
Emir of Kano son’s wedding – See photos

The Crossing Swords took place at the Emir of Kano Palace.

Prince Sanusi is an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), while his lovely bride is the daughter of Dr Sani Ali Bashir.

The Emir of Kano son’s wedding was attended by the Creme de la Creme of the society. Though not much publicity was made on the ceremony, despite being a royal wedding.

Here are some of the pictures from the event:


  1. Looking young, hope they were not forced (maybe political stuffs)
    Nice backdrop though. And happy life ahead

  2. Congratulations to the couple I wish you guys all the best.. But why is the grooms face so hard like this, is he not happy or what.. Bro learn how smile abeg

  3. Nice photo shots but your trouser looks too big for you. Did your tailor missed your size? Congratulations anyways

  4. Beside the carriage cart or whatever it’s called, nothing really special to make a royal wedding that it is. Uniformed men always look dapper and sharp on their wedding day, but this isn’t at alllll! Emir’s son for that matter.

  5. Wow a big congratulation to both of them i pray that almight god we bless there union with abundant twins

  6. Congratulations to the newly married couple.. Better days ahead for you guys.. Try not to divorce quickly

  7. A royal wedding indeed, d guy no de smile o, young and getting it, wishing a long lyf 2geda, nd also blessings all through

  8. How old is that boy, you all are loving this keep loving.
    The marriage good I’m happy for them but I’m seeing something more just looking at this.

  9. Happy marriage life, may God bless your union and make your wish come true, congratulations latest couple.

  10. Congratulations ,may God bless ur new home,but from my observance ,both coupled are not really shareful..

  11. It is the wedding of the rich but the Emir’s son did not smile in any of the photos. Happy married life to them.

  12. Is your wedding day and you are not happy, well he just made everything looks like they force him to marry her. Well anyway congratulations

  13. The bride and the groom is so young. Congrats to the newly Weds. Lovely wedding photos. The wedding ceremony was really colorful. Congrats to the both of them once again

  14. Mehn, this is cool
    He found a good one and hooked up with her.
    Who says marriage is nothing, its a honorable thing.

  15. I wish you a happy married life. I love seeing very young people getting married. The wedding pictures are so beautiful. May peace and love never depart from your home. Congratulations to you both.

  16. What a lovely couple… Wish u guys happy married… More happiness and furitfullness and more love in ur home

  17. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple, i wish them a happy and a harmonious marriage life together, good luck, wish them well

  18. His as slim as his dad, but am not seeing much smiles. The setting is very nice especially the chariot.

  19. Congratulations to the newly married couple, but the looks in the picture arouse suspicion to ask hope this is not arrangy marriage.

  20. Its their wedding day and no smiles. Please were they force to get married or royalties don’t smile

  21. This is good news,congratulations to them,both families should be proud,this is good news,I hope they are cool

  22. What a glamorous wedding but I hope they weren’t match made forcefully becausebno smiles of any sort, I wish them happiness together.

  23. I felicitate you on this occasion and my prayer is that the Almighty will see you through the journey of life

  24. Colourful photos indeed!
    Happy married life to Prince Aminu Sanusi Lamido and Zainab Ali Bashir.
    Happy for your Union

  25. Nice one, wishing them the best in their new home, and all that they desire in the drive to make this union a success.

  26. Congratulations Acp Aminu but you are not smiling eh it’s your day,and I don’t think the emire have a big son like you,any way wishing you a blissful home.

  27. This is the wedding of the moneybags in Nigeria, can imagine how young the prince is and he’s already an ASP. Naija. Anyways congratulations to the couples.

  28. Well congratulations and happy married life, but me o I didn’t see anything special about this marriage o, or is it because he’s the emir son

  29. What a great royal wedding. But it’s unfortunate that the couples are not smiling, hope they didn’t marry against their wishes.

  30. That’s great news…happy marriage to the latest couple in town ..congratulations to both of them…peace and unity is what I pray for

  31. The both of them are looking so melancholic as if they were forced into the marriage especially the husband is not joyous in expression anyways i wish them a peaceful marriage life

  32. Oh finally here comes the bride and groom.. The prince and princess.. Beautiful pictures.. Congratulations to Prince Aminu and his heartrob princess Zainab.. Your union is blessed

  33. Conjugal bliss to the newly wed couple may your union be bless with lovely kids and uncountable success. Enjoy your honey moon.

  34. Wow! What a glamorous northern royal wedding, wishing the latest couple a happy married life. May God bless your new home.

  35. Congratulations to the prince and his wife. I am happy for them and wish them a very blissful marriage.

  36. The boy looks young and handsome. I love the wedding outfit of the dude. Blessings follow you in to your new home.

  37. Just imaging this boy that joined the police force not up to two year is now assistant superintendent of police soon he would became IG. Congratulations all the same.

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