Eminem had the highest album sales of 2018

Eminem had the highest album sales than any other artist in the year 2018, making him the biggest rapper at the moment.

Eminem had the highest album sales of 2018 lailasnews

According to the stats revealed in BuzzAngle Music’s end of year report for 2018, Eminem outsold every single artist in the world in the last year.

That’s a staggering 755,027 album sales. Though the 45-year-old’s album Kamikaze – which finished as the fourth biggest selling album of the year anyway accounts for only half of his total sales in 2018.

Kamikaze, which earned 373,067 sales was only behind The Greatest Showman soundtrack, A Star Is Born soundtrack and Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods.

His last nine albums have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and two of them—The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show—have been certified diamond by the RIAA.

In total, Em racked up more than 2.5 billion streams throughout last year. Of that amount, 760 million were for his new album.

On top of that, he broke records on YouTube with his diss track of the aforementioned Machine Gun Kelly, entitled ‘Kill Shot’.

It quickly became the largest debut of any hip-hop track to be uploaded to the site. Again, not bad.

All in all, not a bad year for Eminem, proving that more than 20 years since his debut album, his fans are still loyal and he is still on top of his game.


  1. Congratulations to Eminem. More greeze to your elbow, and wish you many more wins… You deserve the reward for the work of your hands.

  2. This is incredible that Eminem has the highest sales in 2018.
    Happy biggest rapper at the moment to Rapper Eminem

  3. He really deserves it. Reward for hardworking. Congratulations Eminem. More sales and more money

  4. 2018 indeed poured her blessings on you before her exist. Congratulation and may 2019 unfold better opportunities for you

  5. Eminem you’ve done well but my candid advice for you, it’s to work hard in maintaining this record!! Definitely other competitors will arise soon!!!

  6. Eminem congratulations to you your hardwork pay off also to your fans that stood by you more winning this year

  7. Congratulations Eminem…more than 20 years he is still on top of the game…that is a good note to behold

  8. Hmmm… That’s a nice one, congratulations to him, that means more money entered his account last year

  9. Comment*It is indeed “staggering”. that’s a nice shot in 2018. congratulations Eminem, more grace to maintain the record.

  10. Eminem is a very good musician who always make fame in American music industry.and also as fans all over the world.

  11. Congratulations man. This is a nice achievement…. And 2019 have kicked off. Hope it see you at the top.

  12. This is massive. He keeps on making giant strides. May 2019 be far better than 2018 for him. Congratulations to Eminem

  13. Wow! Eminem the rapgod has done something incredible. Wish you more sales and many more raps

  14. Eminem, you are great, a big congratulations, what is worth doing is worth doing well, once again I said a big congratulations.

  15. That’s amazing men, you did real good, Infact you deserve the award as best rapper of 2018 who had more sales. Congrats Eminem

  16. A big congratulation to him and more money into his bank account, looking forward for more of it in this 2019

  17. Nice one congratulation I really like him,keep it up,this year will be a better one for all of us

  18. I can’t even believe slimshady is at the top of his game , he is a real legend whom everyone loves even at his age, congrats to him

  19. Eminem has always maintain high-level in rapping. He as for long been the fastest rapper and I like him. Congratulations to him on this award. More grace.

  20. It’s amazing to know that he’s still got it. No slacking now, keep raking in the dough bro.

  21. I still find it hard to believe that Eminem successfully pulled this up, what a wonderful achievement,, I never thought it was possible for him to accomplish,,,, congrats to his,, his fans were really loyal

  22. wow this is great news to Mr.Eminem..everybody was thinking he is not performin well betterstill has been inside for long..but he is doing great congrat to him

  23. He is 45 and he is still doing great, thats the advantages of keeping it real. Congrats to him.

  24. Congratulations Eminem, that was a great achievement for you. Thank for putting smile’s on our face’s.

  25. Congratulations to Eminem, his hard work really paid off in 2018, more success to him in 2019. Eminem really recorded a huge success in 2018 and I believe he worked very hard for it. This is a very wonderful achievement.

  26. Congratulations!!! I wish you the very best in your future work. keep it up and more grease to your elbow.

  27. That’s great, he’s a big shot and a very good rapper. Wishing him the best in all his endeavors.

  28. A super star is always a super star.
    Eminem is highly gifted and he knows the best way of using his talent.

  29. 755,027 album sold? Wow. Now that’s the slim shady I know… If you ask me who the king of rap is right now, I would say its Eminem, regardless of how controversial he might sound most time on track.. His diss track was off the hook also. Thumbs up.

  30. Hey yo Em you know you my favorite white boy right.. Congrats Eminem you havd always been exceptional in this rap game

  31. Eminem…kamikaze ..
    Congratulations man…your a god when it comes to rap
    45 and counting

  32. This is a good news and also to Eminem I’m a very good fan of yhu.
    Yhur lines and flows are always fascinating and satisfying. Congratulations

  33. Eminem has always been at the tip of the game, his music career has also been encouraging the upcoming rappers. Congratulations bro.

  34. His done well for himself, I congratulate him and his marketers… So good and entertaining guy,big up

  35. Congratulation if I may say you are the best but I believe that this year 2019 is going to be better than the last year keep it up

  36. Congratulations to Eminen.He keeps topping his game.Have always loved his Rap songs from way back. He keeps doing wonders and setting records.More wins

  37. Eminem is one of the few old stars that are still reigning now. He is even at the top. Congratulations to him.

  38. He have a dream and works towards archiving it. Work bring profit twlk bring poverty.

  39. I thought they said he’s finished and that his time has passed. He’s the rap god so he can never be finished. Congrats to him on his achievement

  40. He really deserves it. Reward for hardworking. Congratulations Eminem. More sales and more money.

  41. Wow what a record breaker he his indeed a good rapper congratulations Eminem more to come in this new year

  42. Eminem is a great MC. He sure will go down as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Having the highest record sales in the world is a great feat. Kudos.

  43. He is a good rapper so can understand why he sold highest. Every one enjoys good stuff. Congrats to him

  44. wow, 755,027 album sales. Eminem is good rapper. i understand his lines well than any other rapper. he is just the best. kudos to him

  45. That is good for him and his team, it show that hard work pays. But think more of God and the after life

  46. See my man…….Eminem all the way,if i no listen to your rap every evening watin i gain….CONGRATULATIONS BOO

  47. More than 20 years still waxing strongest
    Strong feats achieved 2018
    Em truly killed it all with the sales and streams
    A proof of growing old and better

  48. It was a remarkable year 2018 for you Eminem. Your successes that became tops on the music bill board was something to reckon with.

  49. Am so happy for you Eminem,I wish you more success in this year.congratulations to you.make sure you work more harder

  50. Wow! I didn’t even see this coming, he did create buzz enough in 2018. Eminem is arguably the greatest rapper.

  51. I can’t believe that oo, were is drake if I may ask?
    But I believe that he is the best rapper alive

  52. hard work pays, congratulations to you Eminem keep soaring higher the sky is your starting point.

  53. It is a great feat but it would be a greater feat if he was born again and saved. I pray this happens some day.

  54. Eminem has always been the best rapper so far,am not surprised with this development,congrat to him

  55. Congratulations to you guy.msy the good Lord strengthen you and give you more strategy for your carrier

  56. Eminem is the great white rapper of all time. there is no white person that can be compared to him in this generation. Congratulations

  57. wow.. eminem always make a record every year this guy is really good lets face it…congratulation bro u deserve it

  58. Can’t love u less my cool guy always loving u…..u always made me feel am on top of the world……honesty u were sooo great……

  59. Eminem is still the man anywhere and everywhere. Forget all these newbies. Congrats Eminem. It shows u are a real boss

  60. Eminem is a legend . An album he totally surprises us with became the most song album . Congratulations to Eminem , more wins legend

  61. Eminem isn’t just a rapper, he’s a legend in the music industry. Congratulations to you Eminem. More wins to come.

  62. Congratulations Eminem, didn’t know he still sing because you hardly hear his name in the mouth of people…. You made yourself proud

  63. Enimen is the best rapper I have ever seen. I’m not surprise. Congratulations to him and more awards to come.

  64. Wow that’s a good one from Eminem..
    I really like that guy
    He his a good rapper..
    Congratulations to you bro
    Bigger you in 2019

  65. Congratulations my rap God I love you so much 2018 was indeed a huge success for you wishing you more success

  66. I thought they said he’s finished and that his time has passed. He’s the rap god so he can never be finished. Congrats to him on his achievement

  67. Like seriously, I didn’t even know that he still singing. A big congratulations to him. More achievement ahead

  68. Yh I love Eminem songs but funny enough through out last year didn’t listen to any of his songs

  69. Wow!! Bravo!! Eminem must have been working hard throughout last year.. Accolades for the 45 years old.

  70. One of the greatest rappers of all time
    He has been consistent in the past few year
    Congratulations to him

  71. It’s a Wow! A big Congratulation to Eminem, despite his long time silence not dropping a singles, then he came to drop an Album to sales most in 2018. Good job to you Eminem.

  72. Ah… I’m just hearing this now because last year I didn’t hear one of his music
    Congrats though

  73. So this guy Eminem is still existing…that’s so wonderful of him to have sold that much all over the world. Kudos and congratulations..!

  74. Congratulations to Eminem. More power to your elbow, and wish you many more wins… You deserve the reward for the work of your hands.

  75. This is good news. Congratulations to him. This is a sign of hard work through out the year 2018. He should work harder this year. I wish him the best this year.

  76. Congratulations to Eminem. He is indeed a good rapper. I believe in him and know he can do more and more

  77. its very funny if you reason this ….he never intended on making an album from the start …but he woke up one day cause of criticism from other celebrities and made this album dissing him ….and it sold so rapidly

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