Elon Musk debunks claim that his father own an Emerald mine

Emerald mine is currently trending after Elon Musk was declared the richest man in the world with $190 billion net worth.

Many social media users claimed that Musk was not born into an average home and that he grew up from a privileged background which helped him in accumulating more wealth.

According to some Twitter users, Elon’s father own an emerald mine in Zambia and that the richest man in the world did not grow up poor.

See tweets;

However, the billionaire in a tweet from 2019, had once debunked the claims that his father own an emerald mine.

Elon said he worked his way through college, ending up with $100k student loan. He also revealed in the tweet that he couldn’t afford a 2nd PC at Zip2 during that time.



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