Elisha Abbo: Punishment for assault is up to 10 years – Dolapo Badmos

CSP Dolapo Badmos has said that Senator Elisha Abbo, if found guilty of assault may spend 10 years in jail.

She made the statement while reacting to the report of the lawmaker who was caught on camera assaulting a nursing mother in a sex toy shop in Abuja.

Elisha Abbo: Punishment for assault is up to 10 years – Dolapo Badmos

The celebrity police officer wrote on Instagram:

“The offence of assault is created by section 113 of the Criminal Code. A person is guilty of this offence if they unlawfully offer or attempt, with force or violence, to strike, beat, wound, or do bodily harm to another is liable to at least one year imprisonment and if the assault is aggravated… punishment is up to 10 years!”

While also reacting to the assault story, media personality Uti Nwachukwu said he will try everything possible within his powers to ensure than his children are not bred in Nigeria.

He wrote;

Say no to Freedom of Speech !!! We have imploded !! We just do not know it !!!!!! I mean!! How can we be patriotic at times like these ??!! Forget Hope for things to get better!!! INFACT THE YOUTH ARE NOW THE MAJOR PROBLEM ! Thanks to what was learned from the elders multiplied by 100!!! TUFIA!!!


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