Eko Atlantic responds to Davido’s allegation

Eko Atlantic City’s Response to Davido’s Allegations

It has been brought to our attention that we have allegedly denied the musician Davido’s request to use Eko Atlantic City for his upcoming concert.

Eko Atlantic responds to Davido's allegation lailasnews 3
Eko Atlantic responds to Davido’s allegation

We received this request on November 8 to which we responded for clarification and details about the event on November 9. We are yet to receive the requested information so, the notion that we declined his request is false and to imply we are politically motivated is false.

Some of the additional information requested was pertaining to security provisions and Eko Atlantic City is not an event center and rather a city with existing residents and businesses. In light of this, we have strict rules and regulations when it comes to events and activities within the city, which require due process.

Eko Atlantic City takes the safety and security of the visitors to the city very seriously. We expect the same safety and security measures from event organizers who hold events in Eko Atlantic City. Any event within the city requires a proper level of planning, safety, and security from event organizers.

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As a final note, Davido and some upcoming artists shot a video in Eko Atlantic earlier this year, which we welcomed, as we believe in the development of our entertainment industry in Nigeria as seen on our social media pages.


  1. Davido should go and reconcile with them and make proper arrangements for his concert, it’s good to put security into consideration first. It’s not a big deal.

  2. David if you really know what the problem is pls go and ion it out ,or rather you look for another venue

  3. I said it earlier that I won’t say a word until I hear I hear from them at Atlantic city…. Davido come and clear this o

  4. I think this is a case of neglect . He can still holds meeting with them and continue with the Eko hotel or better still look for a new venue

  5. We’ve heard your reply Eko Atlantic but I personally am confused because I don’t know who to believe again

  6. Moreover, the invitation came late. Since the turn off was as a result of security, I think it is a good one.

  7. If it’s politically motivated, would you people to own up to that? Whatever. Whether it’s politically motivated or not, you can’t stop the event from taking place. The only thing is that it won’t hold in your centre’s.

  8. He might be denied indirectly,
    Hence should go and reconcile with Eko Atlantic, if he really want to make use of the place.

  9. Thank Eko Atlantic for explaining your own part of the story. If the place is built for business purposes,why not lease it him.

  10. Now that they declined that they didn’t stop you that you only need to follow their protocol ,rule and regulations then I thing you need to respect that and do the needful

  11. Who are we to believe now ,because I’m confused right now,anyway if you are telling the truth we shall soon find out

  12. Davido in his previous post never told us all this once. He just said the once that will favour his allegation.

  13. Whether politics or not proper security should be in place to forestall on toward occurrence during davido’s concert

  14. Davido needs to reconcile with this people so that they can play their part in the Fortcoming of yours. Take heed please

  15. Proper investigation should be done guy’s before taken anything to media. It belittled dignities if found to be false.

  16. This is our son that holds an events across the states of America and many countries without complaining about the funds for security. If it not politically motivated why then do you think Davido cannot afford the security for just a night of show. He will get it better and lovely elsewhere

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