EJ Johnson outfit at Golden Globes Awards 2018

EJ Johnson outfit at Golden Globes Awards 2018, which held last night in Beverly Hills, was one of the major highlights at the event.

EJ Johnson outfit at Golden Globes Awards 2018 lailasnews 3
EJ Johnson outfit at Golden Globes Awards 2018

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star wore a long black dress with a crotch-high slit and a daring plunging neckline.

The cross-dresser became the cynosure of all eyes the moment he stepped into the event venue, and he at the same time carried himself in a well coordinated manner while posing for the cameras on the red carpet.

Days earlier, during a time out with friends, he wore an outfit that was just as risque as the one he wore at the Golden Globes Awards


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  1. Clothes are meant to cover our nakedness when we wear them but today celebrities have turn clothes to something else it still reveals their body so why wear them. The clothes she wore was fine and revealing how body.

  2. Cloths are meant to cover our nakedness and to make us look good and smart but our today’s dressing is becoming worrisome

  3. It’s funny how they engage and allow cross dressers and transgenders in the US. This would not be accepted in Nigeria

  4. Hmmmm, this not fine at all, those people commenting beautiful, I didn’t see any beauty in this, all I see is nakedness. The dress is so awkward .

  5. Celebrities should know that the younger generation are looking up to them. For that the likes of EJ Johnson should learn to dress honourably

  6. If you read well, the person in question is a guy. Professional bobrisky from the other side. He is a cross dresser!!! Nonsense everywhere

  7. Well all I can say is that being a cross dresser, He actually killed it with his dressing to the event. And his posing in front of the camera is not bad either.

  8. He is in a world of his own and he lives in a society that allow this kind of cross dressing. Not too ethical especially for youngsters

  9. What is the purpose of wearing a dress; if it is not to cover the body. I am not a fan of that kind of dressing.

  10. What benefit do you derive exposing your heritage! Anyway,you have a luminous skin if that is what you are expecting from us!

  11. But this dress is just something else ooo, anyway is her choice and she have use that to cut attention. At least the aimnis achieved

  12. People do what the feel makes them happy. But sorry ooh she looks like a man hope I’m not mistaken. Celebrities loves looking their best and unique especially when attending events etc

  13. What have I not seen in this world, there is absolutely nothing left to see. So bobrisky actually have a brother/ sister in the US, I hail two of u, continue the madness even in this new year.

  14. You can imagine him looking so awful in the outfit.You can’t change the real you no matter what you do.There must be something to remind you of the fact you’re a man

  15. Sis celebrity,you are created in the image of God. please try cover some things that ought to be covered. God will help you.

  16. Why Will him dress like a girl while him is a guy I don’t know what this world is turning into but the black fit you alot

  17. Is this one an outfit that should be talked about? I don’t see this as a decent outfit because it doesn’t show how dignified the person is.

  18. Soon I mean very soon many women/ladies will not be putting on dress anymore, power of nude is taking them over.

  19. Work of evil.You are addressed the way you dress. If you like it fine but I don’t. And you should be uncomfortable in it though

  20. You are looking good lady, cloth is meant to cover once body, you can do better by covering all your body.

  21. This outfit isn’t the best at all and what we wear most of the time tells us who the person is and difines the person.

  22. The outfit is not good at all. This is not a good way to dress for such an event. I’m very sure that he was the worst dressed among everyone that attended the event. He should better go and learn how to dress.

  23. What is worth to celebrate in this half naked dressing ❓ how many of our Sisters, wife, daughter can be encouraged to dress like her ❓

  24. How can a MAN dress like that!!!..celebrities don turn clothes to another thing..the outfit is bad to me..its not worth celebrating at all…a man dressing like a lady!..UGH!

  25. They have their own, ours is Denrele and Bobrisky.. No cheating. But what really is the problem of all these cross cross dressers? A full able bodied man will just decide to be acting and dressing lika female.. May God help us

  26. Why is he fooling around? thinking he is a girl or what? He should park well let me see well…Man dressing like a woman..

  27. Clothes are meant to cover our nakedness when we wear them but today celebrities have turn clothes to something else it still reveals their body so why wear them.

  28. Am sure this was the same way Bobrisky started his transgender and today he claims to be a lady well may God help you so that you will not follow that footstep

  29. This is total madness, I don’t see anything that is classy about what he put on. We celebrate rubbish in this world now

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