Egyptian woman jailed for sexually harassing a monkey

An Egyptian woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for sexually harassing a monkey in the country’s north, state daily Al-Ahram reported Friday.

Egyptian woman jailed for sexually harassing a monkey lailasnews

The 25-year-old woman, Basma Ahmed was charged with “inciting debauchery” and “committing an obscene act in public”, a judicial source told the newspaper.

She was arrested in October after a 90-second video of the incident went viral. The video shows Ahmed laughing while touching the genitalia of a monkey at a pet shop in the Nile Delta city and making sexual innuendos as people around her chuckle.

Brigadier General Issam Abu Arab, head of the Protection of Literacy Department, was able to identify the accused. Basma Ahmed admitted that one of her friends had filmed her.

She told the prosecution that she had not meant to abuse the monkey in any way and that she was fond of the monkey.


  1. You were fond of the monkey and you showed your fondness by touching its genitals, madam, this your story is unbelievable.

  2. All this American woman with their wrong behaviour. How can she be asexually attracted with an animal ( monkey) for that matter.

  3. It is madness wasting her three years because of a monkey. Sure, she should be punished but not with prison term of 3 years.

  4. That’s good for her
    By the time she comes out of penitentiary,she would have learnt how to behave well. NONSENSE.

  5. This story sound very interesting, so both human and animals have equal right. this kind of justice can’t happen in Nigeria.

  6. Nawa oo! How can humanbeing sexually harass A monkey? I Don’t believe this Story. She might be playing with monkey, that Is Not the Reason to jail her

  7. This is good. At least others will take caution. Not when they contacted disease in the name of having fun with an animal, they will transfer it to humans.

  8. Playing with animal genital shouldn’t have led her to prison at the same time she shouldn’t have done that since animal rights is legalised in her country.

  9. Unbelievable, strange things are happening, can u imagine human and monkey, and human was arrested for sexual look.

  10. So satisfaction and pleasures cannot be gotten from humans again, she should be jailed for money years.

  11. This is serious and unbelievable…….. But she said that she did it unintentionally and she did not know that the vidio will go online.

  12. Are there no men in her country? Even though she was playing with it, I thinks it’s silly of her but three years is too much.

  13. The judgment to me is not good. Three years imprisonment for touching monkey’s genitalia? That’s absurd if you ask me.

  14. I don’t know why people can’t respect human hood. if she wants sex that much, why not go to her husband

  15. Beastiality has been with mankind from time immemorial, it is a psychological concept known as sexual deviant!

  16. serves her right. How can someone who is normal be sexually attracted to a monkey and it is not normal some thing must be wrong.

  17. When its not that yhu can’t find a man again
    What’s this world turning into!
    Well… I rest my case

  18. You should have just avoided such a stupid act, now you get to your next 3yrs of your life in Jail…..

  19. Just listen to yourself your found of a monkey, when there’s alot of man out there. Go there and repent.

  20. Hmmmm,,this woman mighty be playing with that monkey,, and they turn it to sexual harassment, have you people caught those man harassing their fellow man? Or girls harassing their fellow girls? Hmmmm that woman don’t deserve that jail.

  21. Their is nothing one will not hear asexually harassing a monkey hmm please she doesn’t deserve to be in that prison she is human

  22. As hilarious as the story is, am left wondering, why would a Muslim lady in a predominantly Muslim country do such in a public place? Whose fault is it? Is it a social, religious, economic or political issue?

  23. She should be checked whether she’s mentally okay, if not how could she be touching genitalia of a monkey, for what? She should be carried to hospital to check weather she’s mentally fit.

  24. That was her own way of playing with the monkey. I don’t see any abuse in what she did as there were other people around watching and enjoying the fun.

  25. My question is, who gave the report that its a sexual assault? Only the money has the right to report it. The person is jobless

  26. Nawa ooo, just playing with monkey could sentence her to imprisonment, who knows if the monkey was enjoying it


  28. What is going on, why do people always want to make out news from every little mistake, this is what everyone close to a pet must have done knowing and unknowingly, why is this different.

  29. She did wrong yes, but that doesn’t mean that she should be jailed for three years because of a monkey

  30. Madness. She got what she wants, how you be sexually attracted to a monkey and you said you are fond of the monkey. Congratulations

  31. Is she not married, even though With all men in town, no feelings for them rather animal, well she deserved the consequence

  32. Na wa o,there is nothing one will not hear in this end time. “Woman” harassing a monkey me. It is well o.

  33. That’s weird, how can a person even be sexually attracted to a monkey or becoming so fond of it to attract her being filmed, now she just has to serve an unnecessary jail term because of a monkey

  34. Are u sure this woman is OK,if not how can a woman will be so low attracted to a monkey,i think the end time has come oo

  35. lol.. this so funny, maybe she has some problems. can the monkey shout for
    that is weird, but some people are sexually attracted to animals

  36. That is why I love foreign country everything, everybody has equal right weather animals or human. How can someone who is normal be sexually attracted to a monkey

  37. Have men finish for your area? Leave monkeys naw.. This is so funny.. Any man that marries you, need to be extra hairy to meet your standard

  38. This is an irresponsible way of behaving to an animal, The woman is very stupid, why play with the genital of the monkey?

  39. Is either this lady is sex starve,so what kind of joy did she gain from playing with monkey’s sex gentile.

  40. Smiles.this is really confusing,because of her touching monkey wa for their constitution

  41. Nawaoo! What is this world turning into? Are there no men again? What could she be lookjng for? Its well ooo

  42. How sure are they . Can’t she play with the monkey. If truly she is guilty of the allegation, she should be fined

  43. How sure are they . Can’t she play with the monkey. If truly she is guilty of the allegation, she should be fined .

  44. Wonders shall never end, this is serious and disgusting. How can you be involving yourself in harassing a monkey sexually, may God help you

  45. Hilarious it is always the way around that is common. But three years is a lot. Well if there can be an appeal they should try it out. She shouldn’t try such again and all her friends too. Animal abuse is not allowed too.

  46. We are in a world where higher animals (human) behaves even worse than the real animals. After all there are men everywhere, why monkey?

  47. If she can do this to a monkey then there is something wrong somewhere why didn’t the monkey bite her self

  48. What nonsense . What is happening in this world right now. How can you develop amorous affection for an animal,gash! Tufiakwa

  49. Things are really happening in this world. Why will she be fond of a monkey to the extent of touching the monkey’s genitalia?

  50. Her jail year should be more than that ….How can someone who is normal be sexually attracted to a monkey

  51. Maybe she was just playing with the monkey and doesn’t have anything in mind but all the same It will serve as a lesson to others.

  52. Rubbing monkey genitals is not right at all but
    Although, it has not worse to jail her, that kind of justice can’t happen somewhere else, particularly, in Nigeria

  53. Hmm. When would Nigeria develop to this level
    Even 5 years old is given hand for marriage.
    Chai monkey someone is jailed

  54. 3 years I even small a human in her normal sense been attracted to an animal human beings don finish for her area

  55. I can’t even believe this for once….if truly she wants to arras a monkey while in the public. This case needs proper investigation

  56. I think its her private life and I wonder what law they used that perfectly fits for her to be jailed its not fair

  57. Wait oo so women have started their own sexual harassment …and they started with monkeys…so now whats next…

  58. Seriously that’s s is not a good reason for them to jail her for three years, that’s s act of wickedness

  59. Thats a country where human lives and that of animals are being valued but here in nigeria, its the opposite

  60. Wow nothing that we won’t see in this life and generation. Arresting somebody because of an animal.

  61. While human sexual harassment is just lying down,this one is busy harassing animal, funny one.

  62. Wonders shall never end, I don’t think she is normal, why can’t she look for a man instead of an animal.

  63. This time not underage but monkey. Does the monkey’s genital look like that of a man that you are fond of the monkey

  64. How she be playing the animal genital in public? Am sure if a man had sought for her friends she might deny the gesture and she is sexually high. Serves her right

  65. I don’t think she’s normal, how can someone be attracted to animals, his husband penis no reach am he still wants that of animals

  66. From what she said it might be true that she was just find of the donkey but not sexual as believe

  67. So in the whole of Egypt she couldn’t find someone that can certified her but animal?This world is turning to something else.

  68. A monkey ni? Hmm when so many men will be dying to have her in their arms. This is really bad. Or maybe probably she is sick

  69. People can really do nonsense things. So, she is no longer attracted to humans but monkey. I think that she should be jailed for life because it’s things like this that do spread strange diseases.

  70. How can you be fond if a monkey and even if you were is that the more reason you should commit such act,are you sure she is in her right state of mind that serves her right

  71. If only she had known that the actress will land her in jail, and it was the filming from her friends phone. It’s a pity

  72. for sexually harassing a monkey she was jailed, what about here in NIGERIA, i need to know what will or would have happen to such person

  73. Hilarious!!! I can only imagine what will be done to her if she was in Nigeria. Who cares if you sleep with your goat. But ain’t this crazy, attempting a monkey. Humans ain’t enough for her. Ok.. I rest my case

  74. Playing with animal genital shouldn’t have led her to prison at the same time she shouldn’t have done that since animal rights is legalised in her country.

  75. Wow. I think she is suffering from depression and should be examine medically instead of jailing her. Definitely their must be a reason why is doing that.
    Anyway that fits her.

  76. All this news will not kill somebody. Monkey again? I believe they have animal rights over there but we don’t over here which makes it a joke, for a woman to be jailed 3 year s for harrassing a monkey. There’s nothing we won’t see anymore.

  77. Chai! My belle o! Abeg make una leave me o!!! Wonders can never ever ever cease! Sexually harassing a monkey?????

  78. I didn’t see that as a crime…beside its a monkey not even human being…. Maybe she loves doing that

  79. Not child sexual abuse now, itz monkey sexual abuse…. This is just too bad, that’s how they will contact diseases and be transmitting it everywhere. Stupid set of people

  80. Does that really make any sense, to me is nothing, well depending on the part you people are looking at it from

  81. What started like a fun and harmless gesture turns out not to be harmless afterall. 3years in prison for being to playful I guess

  82. She should face the persecution for her action
    She wasn’t only fond of the monkey, probably she was caught in the act.

  83. Hahahaaa jailed for sexually harassing a monkey.. Lol this got me laughing real hard. So she couldn’t see a man anymore but a monkey.. This lady is crazy.

  84. This is unfairshe should be warned not repeat such again that not a good reason to jail her .she should be forgiven

  85. this reminds me of the holy bible..debauchery…Its a good one. Egypt is not America of Obama, shit does not happen in Egypt

  86. Please can someone tell me what she’s doing with a monkey when there are Men out there in millions

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