Egypt to host 2019 AFCON tournament

Egypt has won the right to host the 2019 AFCON tournament, and this was announced after CAF’s executive meeting in Dakar, Senegal on Tuesday morning.

Egypt to host 2019 AFCON tournament lailasnews

Egypt was announced as host of 2019 AFCON tournament after Cameroon were dumped as hosts late last year.  Though South Africa and Egypt were the only two nations to submit bids for the tournament, which is only five months away from kicking off, North African media outlets had predicted an Egyptian win long before the announcement this morning.

While Egypt last hosted the AFCON in 2006 – for South Africa it was 2013 – they’ve hosted on four occasions in total compared to South Africa’s two. The football tournament between African countries,  has been expanded to 24 nations and has moved from the usual January slot to June.

Cameroon was however stripped of hosting rights, because of delays in infrastructure and security concerns.


  1. Congratulations I believed the country deserve it or else they won’t have been given the chance to host it at all cheers and up Egypt

  2. This is a plus for the Egyptians they will be hosting AFCON 2019 . That’s nice congratulations to them.

  3. Oh no! I prefer South Africa to these Egyptian, they are hostile people. Anyway congratulations to them.

  4. Egypt has what it takes to host d tournament,both in amenities and infrastructures.Congrats Egypt

  5. Congratulations to Egypt ,I guess they worked hard for this,can’t wait for June ,hope eagles will do us proud

  6. A moment of solid preparation for all African country to earn the crown…. Congrat to the outstanding host country

  7. What a privilege!! But it’s so sad that the Cameroon were tripped of their hosting right due to security and infrastructure reasons. I pray that will not be the case of Nigeria when it’s due.
    Meanwhile, congratulations to Egypt for they are hosting it again for the fifth time if I’m not wrong.

  8. Am happy for them they made the right choice, congrats to egypt I know they will do well.south africa is wrong for any cup for now.

  9. This is good news and am looking forward to Dakaar for the mundial, Egypt willmbe a great host

  10. Finally the awaited result is out. Congratulations to Egypt. Hail Egypt… All roads leds to Egypt.

  11. It has finally been announced, I hope Egypt gives its best in hosting the AFCON.. Congratulations to Egypt

  12. Congratulations to Egypt. Security challenges need to be dealt with in our countries cos it robs us of so many benefits.

  13. Can’t wait for the tournament to commence. Dunno who I’ll support yet but obviously not super eagles

  14. Egypt been the new host is a good thing. They have good sports infrastructure. And I believe it will be a favourable venue for Nigeria like Tunisia.

  15. I just hope Egypt has what it takes to host the tournament, something like better stadium, security and infrastructure ..

  16. An opportunity to host and win
    The Egyptians are always good at home soil
    Congratulations to dem

  17. Egypt deserve the new host of this upcoming turnament after many years they have been best of Africans in football.i hope Nigeria win the turnament

    • Congratulations I believed the country deserve it or else they won’t have been given the chance to host it at all cheers and up Egyptaa

  18. well, I would have loved Cameroon to host it ….. but, anyway congratulations to the Egyptians

  19. Egypt still has a long gap to prepare for the tournament ,so they shouldnt border much

  20. Congratulations TO Egypt. I guess all road leads to the Pharoah s home where Salah resides. Let’s go there

  21. That is good, a big congratulation to them, looking forward to the time when the march we comment

  22. This is very good, at least there is change of hosting venue. Congratulations to Egypt, hope they make it to the finals when the game starts.

  23. Insecurity in a country can make the country loss many advantages, anyway congratulations to the Egyptian, all way to Caro. #Caro2019

  24. Egypt hosting the AFCON tournament is a welcomed development. I’ll enjoy watching the ever thrilling tournament.

  25. Yes oo
    That’s good
    The great Pharaohs of Egypt.
    I know that they will do everything humanly possible to carry that cup

  26. Congratulations to them but I don’t want them to win this tournament again I want another country to win the throphy

  27. Cameroon denied because of lack of infrastructures. Mhm. Congrats Egypt. More boost to your economy.

  28. Finally we now have a host nation for AFCON, wish to watch a sintinlating AFCON this year

  29. No more backdoor entrance for south africa, they must qualify like the others, And congratulation to Egypt

  30. This is a good development. Cameroon should be sanctioned for trying to ridicule Africa. I wish Egypt a great outing come June.

  31. Egypt is more experienced for the fact they have hosted the tournament four times and they hosted it well. I congratulaten the Northern African for getting host right.

  32. Now that host country has been announced, Nigerias Super Eagles has no excuse for not preparing well with 5/6 months ahead.

  33. That’s a good one.. Kudos to the Egyptian government.. They havr saved us a huge embarrassment cos the Cameroonian government weren’t prepares at all to host the tournament.

  34. Good news and congratulations to Egypt for the wonderful opportunity. I hope the rest of African countries will rally round support for the success of the upcoming tournament.

  35. I would have prefered south africa won the bid ahead of egypt, i have the feeling Nigeria have the chance to win it in South african than in egypt.. And i hope Cameroon will not participate in the tournament and they should be banned for a very long time, they are greedy to host but will want to win it when other countries host. Nonsense

  36. Finally the result of the host is here and no other country but Egypt. Congratulations to them. I think they will host this tournament well because they already have the facilities on ground since they have hosted it before. Is a big pride to any country that had this opportunity and enviable too. Hope we all see a perfect tournament in Egypt for the African cup of nations.

  37. Congratulations Egypt for winning the bid to host the 2019 AFCON cup. Come June, the 24 African countries will fight it out in football tournament.

  38. Let the investments that will be deployed in getting set for this tournament help in fixing the nation being ravaged by unrest. Time for preparations to hit off in top gear.

  39. Really can’t believe it how did they beat south Africa? Well congrats to Egypt and we Hope to see a wonderful Afcon with Nigeria probably becoming champions

  40. Well congrats to Egypt and we Hope to see a wonderful Afcon with Nigeria probably becoming champions

  41. Congratulations to Egypt.. This kind of stuffs can never come to Nigeria because we are so so poor.. No infrastructure.. No security..

  42. Wow. It will really be a great experience in Egypt… I’d love to be there if I had a chance. Wish you the best on your preparations , Egypt.

  43. Congratulations to Egypt for hosting the AFCON 2019, the super eagles are looking forward to come there and win the cup.

  44. Good for them, and hope the issues of security and facilities is well taken care of, thumbs up to Egypt

  45. What a privilege, congratulations to the Egyptian, I hope they make it far. I hope I’ll make it there.

  46. Good news i have been waiting for this announcement thats great congratulations to Egypt let the tournament begin….wish all country players the very best…

  47. Congratulations to them. Hope our Super Eagles start their trainings on time so as to prepare well for the tournament.

  48. I knew it will be Egypt, congratulations, Super Eagles should be preparing seriously already

  49. Congrats to Egypt, I hope they will not disappoint like Cameroon did, I know Mohammed Salah will be happy that his country is hosting the Africa nation’s cup

  50. After much deliberation Egypy are the ones to host the CAF 2019. Good news, they have 5 months to prepare for this.

  51. That’s a great honour to them, it shows how qualified they are to host the nation’s cup, congratulations to them and all participating nations playing the cup

  52. Wow!!! Its good but for me I want south Africa anyway good luck to them once again congrat to egypt

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