Efe and K.Brule defend fraudsters

The controversy that ensued following the fight between Nigerian media personality, Noble Igwe and Motivational Speaker, Oyemykke after the former disclosed some major fraud fronts in Nigeria, is not dying down anytime soon as some Nigerian celebrities, including Olamide, Efe and K.Brule have also shared their thoughts.

Efe and K.Brule defend fraudsters  lailasnews

Efe who shared his thought on Twitter, made a case for fraudsters against those calling them out for negative narrative they’ve given Nigeria. Here’s what he wrote below;

Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified? I am asking a question o.. don’t take it too personal..

2019 is close, please get your PVCs… vent and rant your opinion with it.

Efe and K.Brule defend fraudsters  lailasnews 1

K.Brule on the other hand wrote;

Fraud is bad fraud is bad yes true. But do you know what fraud replaced? Armed robbery and cults. Pick your poison since you won’t fix the real problems

For the sake of full disclosure last tweet on the matter. I dont support crime I’m saying. Fix whats making people turn to fraud and drugs before you take them away cuz it will worsen the problem.

Will delete that tweet because saying it’s the best thing we have is an Insult to jollof. But think about its impact on society. From funding arts to feed millions within our eco system

Worst part is it will still happen. Naija and connections. Just be fooling us with arrest to seem busy

Nigerian music industry Slay queens Clubs and lounges Hotels & hospitality Etc… Proudly sponsored by the nigerian fraud & corruption association

Non of my business sha. Country has never had foresight. Just deceiving you with distractions. Nigeria is under threat by sanctions and aid by the west to stop fraud. That’s the reason for the sudden focus. Our own problems are bigger we will not fix.

And some fools will come and insult me issokay. What i get for being intelligent. Remember America’s war on drugs? How did that work out? Cuz they didn’t fix the root cause like Portugal and Norway and other countries.

Fix the economy. Provide bail out funds from your stolen loot. Stop borrowing. Stop doing business with China. Invest in education. Invest in energy then fix our transportation system. And watch the other problems start to take care of themselves

The ones insulting me probably feel for mmm. That’s why they can’t reason it from where i am. It’s all opinions though. Peace and love always.

Efe and K.Brule defend fraudsters  lailasnews 2

EFCC arraigns social media influencer Adeherself for fraud


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  1. There is no justification for fraud as it is a premeditated crime, that is to say, it is thought of, planned and activated. It is a different or distinct crime arraignable and convictable by law. Anyone who justifies or premises it on politicians’ stealing is insisting that, “if, or because your neigbor steals, it is justifiable to become an armed robber as a result”.

    One of the biggest problems in Nigeria is the lack of diligent enforcement of laws, especially as relates to prosecution and conviction for crimes. If people, including politicians pay and are shamed for stealing or for their crimes, no one would have any excuse to commit another crime as an offshoot of another crime, there is no deterrence to commit crimes in Nigeria.

    Same way they hail the thieving politicians and kill for them is same way they hail the youths who come into questionable finances. But the effect is not felt at all in Nigeria, it is felt when you are recognized as a Nigerian or when you “venture” show the notorious green Passport outside Nigeria. Frequent flyers and global travelers know this pain. Nigeria is doomed.

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