EFCC seizes 46 properties from Jonathan’s campaign director, Ngozi Olejeme

The EFCC has seized 46 properties from Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign director, Ngozi Olejeme, a former chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF and also the Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation in the 2015 election.

EFCC seizes 46 properties from Jonathan’s campaign director, Ngozi Olejeme lailasnews

Justice Ijeoma L. Ojukwu who presided over the Federal High Court, Abuja on Friday, December 21, 2018, ordered the interim forfeiture of assets which came after an Ex-parte Originating Summons, filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, through its counsel, Elizabeth Alabi, on December 12, 2018.

Justice Ojukwu ruled that “an order is hereby made attaching/forfeiting in the interim, all assets and properties set out in the schedule attached to this application, to the Federal Government of Nigeria, pending the hearing and determination of the trial in Charge No. CR/365/17 pending at”.

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The EFCC seized 46 properties from Jonathan’s campaign director, and they include parcels of lands, duplexes, a bank building, and hotel buildings, amongst others.

Some of them are: one storey semi-detached residential building, located at house/flat 86, 11 Crescent, Kado estate, Abuja; a fenced plot of land with C of O No. DTSR16326, located at plots 104 and 105, Block IV, Phase V, Core Area, Asaba, Delta state; Six units of one bedroom apartment; one unit of five bedroom bungalow; a block of six units of office space, all located at 196, Melford Okilo road, Amarata-Epie, Yenegoa, Bayelsa state.

Others include: one duplex and 4 house residential building with swimming pool, gate house, fully furnished with state of the art facilities, located at No. 25 Kainji Crescent, off Maitama, Abuja. This same property is also known as plot No. 738 Cadastral zone AO5, Maitama, Abuja; A storey building; two bungalows; printing press with printing equipment; a fenced empty land measuring 1422.765 square meters, located at km.9 Asaba-Benin Express road, Asaba, Delta state.

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Another property is a twin duplex office building, located at Plot R/151 (No. 30A) Kingsway Road, Old GRA, Enugu State, registered at Enugu Land Registry.

The Commission, through the application, also sought for the interim forfeiture of two Duplexes with Boys Quarters, Generator House, Gym and Car Park, located at No. 3D Opolo, Old Commissioner’s Quarters, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State; Ten plots of land, located at plot 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, 20, 23, and 24 Phase IV, Block 111, Core Area, Asaba, Delta state, with C of O No. DSTR1194; A two bedroom bungalow, located at No. 3 Ogwa Godspower avenue, Oshimili South LGA, Asaba, Delta State; A two bedroom bungalow, located at No. 11 Chiweta Street, off Ezenie Avenue, Asaba, Delta State, measuring 527.141 square meters; A two bedroom bungalow, located at James Odittah Street, Oshimili LGA, Asaba, Delta State, amongst many others.


  1. She was just a campaign director what if she held a post. She would have looted the whole Nigeria and is this the same set of people you will be vote again ?

  2. Property that is not your belongs to the country, I don’t just know how many political thinks sometimes as they we not die one day

  3. Efcc bravo all these politicians that keep stealing huge amount of money while in office instead of them fighting corruption

  4. Jonathan government gives room for corruption both the lower and upper chamber of his government. Efcc are trying.

    • Had it been that you listened to the recently presented budget to the national assembly by the president objectively you wouldn’t ask this type of question. It’s like lailablog is the only source of your information.

  5. One Person 46 properties, what is she going to do with all of them. Acquiring so much while there are people eating from the dustbin

  6. This is nonsense did she held any government position, EFCC let the corruption going on in this current administration and chasing after a campaign director of 2015 election.

  7. It’s well with our politicians, they will hide money and acquire new properties, but hope efcc has investigated very well??

  8. The EFCC are really making serious moves to bring all offenders in Nigeria to justice, she has so much properties, more investigations should be carried out to find out the truth, good job from them

  9. One person acquired all these properties….. Is he living in the same country with me..but that notwithstanding, seizing 46 properties is not a bit too much?

  10. She was just a campaign director what if she held a post. Efcc is trying this days. But they should plan in their judgement.

  11. Look at all properties owned by just 1 woman and this is just a tip of the iceberg
    When a lot of people are not sure of money to get a single meal
    Just too bad

  12. They are ceasing it and who takes it, I’m not I to this stuff,EFCC should do their job without being partial, there are many that have more properties but no one talks to them.

  13. Welcome to the era of Change, where Government does not fight corruption but his political opponents….

  14. Kudos to you efcc for the great job you have done to caught does thief that steal nigeria money to build properity for them self

  15. Good work efcc,keep in progress with your investigation and bring back all our nation properties from cheaters, for a better Nigeria tomorrow.

  16. EFCC don’t have a bearing anymore.. They’ll just move around and accuse or seize properties.. Just so they’ll look functional

  17. Let a thorough investigation without personal or political motive be carried out. If found guilty let it be seized from her

  18. Continue to make noise everywhere one day you will leave power and someone else will be in charge and we will know how own, continue to be one sided

  19. Property that is not your belongs to the country, I don’t just know how many political thinks sometimes as they we not die one day

  20. I don’t understand this EFCC again. They are just seizing people’s properties and money anyhow. Proper investigations need to be carried out before seizing people’s properties. But the properties is too much for one woman. In this country, the rich keeps getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer.

  21. Imagine what she got for herself, greedy woman. She is among those that ruined our nation and making the citizens suffer.

  22. 46 properties seized from only one person, Jonathan I will never forget what you did to this country, my children will hear of you

  23. Thump’s up to you EFCC But also remember that, that this is not the issues why our Dear country is going down day by day

  24. Politics in Nigeria is becoming something else. EFCC is working. Step up your game and catch all our corrupt leaders please

  25. If they can seize alot of things like this from just a campaign director it means only God know where this country is heading to

  26. If investigation from EFCC prove that the properties is Nigeria money dey still no problem good job to to EFCC

  27. Haaa, this is so terrible, She has looted the whole Nigeria and is this the same set of people you will be vote again ?

  28. Ad it been that this measure will be used on all d politicians in Nigeria,I believed that stealing will reduce.kudos to efcc for job well done.

  29. What the hell, all these in her possession just because she held a President’s campaign chairman. This is ridiculous. Only God will save the poor citizens of Nigeria.

  30. Seizing these properties is OK but the way EFCC goes about these seized properties is not fare because they will confisticate them either sell them to some other people who pay higher or use them themselves in any case it’s bad.

  31. Efcc this days are so quick to collect peoples assets .I know many people around Jonathan stole but still there are people that had some assets before power why collect all

  32. But this is so disgusting. How come almost everyone that came to power in Jonathan s period had severe embezzlement issues. haba.

  33. The list of loot is endless in Nigeria. Leaders like Madam Ngozi should have mercy on her dear fatherland.

  34. EFCC have never tacked or investigate any apc members so far, they keep tackling the opponent parties, I don’t really support their operations.

  35. Weldone EFCC you guys have done well and just imagine a campaign coodinator with this type of asset and if she is give a commissioner or minister ,I wonder what will become of her.

  36. This is what we call harvest of corruption. Whatever u acquire in a devious manner will equally be lost in the twinkle of an eye.

  37. As efcc seized Jonathan property, let them also search others and seized their own too,not only Jonathan that steals property.

  38. What a good work from the EFCC there,how can someone be in possession of all these properties? Our politicians are putting the future of the youth of this country to be at stake

  39. Can we see why most Nigerians are accusing the PDP administration of corruption? Can she acquire such properties base on her salary? This is just one person that is not into business o. Hmm! Am speechless

  40. The EFCC are really making serious moves to bring all offenders in Nigeria to justice, she has so much properties, more investigations should be carried out to find out the truth, good job from them

  41. This shows great level of greed and an insatiable quest for overnight riches .EFCC should pursue this case to a logical conclusion.

  42. I’m not always moved or excited when ever i hear that the effc are making a political arrest. That’s their business shaa.

  43. If the properties are illegal then good for her if not they should investigate properly nd give her properties

  44. Chai. See our money being embezzled by every tom Dick and Harry. EFCC please look for all of them and jail them all

  45. Hope this is not Apc vs pdp problem. Please let’s proper investigations be carried out and be sure she is guilty because those properties are worth millions of naira

  46. EFCC thanks for your actions. I don’t know why most people will not be transparent when they are in position that people are looking up to them for good accountability. She was busy looting and didn’t remember a time like this would come. Tumbling up EFCC and God bless you.

  47. EFCC is working in Nigeria, even if it is against the opposite party but have they stolen… Yes. They should seize more properties… They should come to the village, cos they have started running to the villa

  48. Selfishness is one of our problems in this country , any little opportunity someone will gather wealth for his or her fifth generations.
    EFCC please keep on fishing them out but don’t be partial while doing that.

  49. Good work from EFCC but I also think they should look into this government issue because corruption is increasing in rate.

  50. You don’t mean it only her 46 properties this is serious and an average nigerian working endlessly don’t even have one this is saboteur

  51. This people are still calling Good luck. You guys should please let his government be. He have been the best president ever.

  52. 46 properties from jonathans meant for campaign that just too uncalled for, APC people here i can smell that

  53. Just imagine properties owned by just one person in this country,and people are living in slums with hunger.

  54. EFCC is up and doing this period, sometimes I wonder why one person could own such number of properties, she should go and face the law

  55. Anyone that get the opportunity of Serving will just go there and steal the nation’s property
    Serves her right

  56. Efcc are really doing their job,people that worked with Jonathan all packed money for their fourth generation

  57. That’s good. Keep seizing all their properties that they have gotten by looting money from poor citizens

  58. I applaud the EFCC for their tireless efforts to curb economic crimes in Nigeria. May God give you them the strength to continue the good work.

  59. Let this be a lesson to all those living on stolen wealth. All properties and riches acquired by corrupt means will be forfeited at the appointed time.

  60. That’s a good one. but it does not end there
    We have a lot of criminals in our government today
    You guys should start ur investigation on them

  61. These woman had looted nigeria’s treasure big time and she have to face the justice for others to learn from it.

  62. Forty six properties from just one person and a woman for that matter. She’s part of those that drains Nigeria.

  63. All these own by only one person? EFCC I wish you guys will extend to catch more of her likes.. They are many in the country not only her..

  64. Campaign director has all these properties to herself? Then what will the oga at the top have? EFCC shouldn’t allow her to go Scot free. Yhis is just too much.

  65. Nice job EFCC but my problem with you guys is the accountability & usage of the recovered properties/fund

  66. just because she was a campaign chairman in Jonathan election doesn’t mean that she got all those property through embezzling. Proper investigation on each of the property should be done.

  67. Jesus Christ!, just a campaign director, see all she’s acquired and the masses are suffering. I am sire there are some not know to the EFCC.. The people are just too wicked and selfish.

  68. The thing is,,,,after collecting, the efcc will now share amongst themselves. We don’t see them

  69. A campaign director with all these, a woman for that matter? Where and who gave you the money you used in purchasing all these properties? Thank God for the EFCC….I suggest further investigation be done on her.

  70. See the property of just one person and they are so many people dying ,while money are looted for selfish interest .na wa oh.

  71. Wawu….so only one person has over 40 properties….I doubt if corruption can be erased in naija

  72. That’s alot of wealth she’s acquired to herself oo. Little they said Jonathan’s regime was corrupt. This are the persons who killed his government.

  73. EFCC is trying… Continue working till Gods kingdom comes and put an end to any source of corruption

  74. Good job..EFCC is really working…i like them more …but it shouldn’t be politically motivated

  75. This politics pple with the way they have properties up and down..looted money is easy for them to use to buy properties

  76. EFCC , i hope you guys investigate properly and not just about him being the former president’s campaign aide

  77. Madam Ngozi Olejeme, only you with 46 properties alone? When acquiring all these with stolen money, you people don’t think EFCC will come after you one day? You didn’t hold the position of a governor or anything and you have this much, what if you were really involved? Then half of Nigeria would be yours. The madam should remain in EFCC domain permanently.

  78. Efcc u people should go and investigate on APC politician property not only PDP people…sometimes I don’t trust this efcc CU’s corruption has taken over nigeria

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