EFCC secures conviction of three Internet fraudsters

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has secured the convictions of three Internet fraudsters, popularly known as “yahoo-yahoo boys”.

EFCC secures the conviction of three Internet fraudsters lailasnews

The convicts, Emeka Anyanechi Ekene, 27; Anthony Oghuma, 26, and Onokebhagbe Okouromi Franklin, 25 were brought before Justice D.Z. Senchi of a Federal Capital Territory, FCT High Court, Jabi, for various offences bordering on Internet fraud.

Ekene was arraigned on a four-count charge bordering on cheating, and for specializing in inducing his victims through a Facebook account, to part with their hard earned money. The offence contravenes Section 95 of the Penal Code, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Abuja) 1990.

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Oghuma, on his part, was arraigned on a one-count charge, bordering on obtaining by false pretence. He allegedly induced a Canadian who goes simply by the name, David, to transfer N2 million to him. The offence contravenes Section 320 (a) of the Penal Code, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Abuja) 1990 and punishable under Section 322 of the same Law.

Franklin was arraigned on a four-count charge, bordering on obtaining by false pretence, for inducing a New York-based divorcee who goes by the name, Mary, posing as Peter Mark, a Contractor based in Malaysia. He swindled Mary of $10,000 (about N3.6million) and lured her to send him several expensive gadgets including: Apple Macbook Laptop, Apple Iphone X, Apple Iphone 7, amongst others. His offence contravenes Section 320 (a) of the Penal Code, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Abuja) 1990 and punishable under Section 322 of the same law.

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They did not waste the time of the court as they all pleaded “guilty” to the charges.

Their journey to prison followed an intelligence report received by the EFCC on November 30, 2018, concerning the fraudulent activities of some fraudsters, housed by one Alheri E. B. Sajo, at Cluster 4, River Park in Abuja.


  1. Efcc are really doing a great job to curb internet fraud stars . I hope their cases serves as a lesson to others

  2. Obtaining money from peoplease through false pretence that’s a bad act. Thank God they have been caught.

  3. Our youths are wasting away, engaging in crime, while i commend the EFCC, the government needs to sit up so that the country is conducive for youths to thrive.

  4. Kudos to efcc for a job well one. They shouldn’t relent on their efforts to bring Internet fraud to the barest minimum

  5. This people are just tarnishing the image of Nigeria, they should all be fished out. Kudos to the Efcc

  6. Convicted cyber fraudsters caught by the EFCC, that’s good. They should be enforced to serve their punishment.

  7. Good job…though they still wont learn their lessons…we thank God for this opportunity…may God keep gracing d efcc to secure us all

  8. What of the corrupt politicians, what are the efcc doing about them, they are just busy arresting only internet fraudsters while there are some corrupt politicians out there walking freely

  9. That is wickedness and very bad habit, i wonder why most of youth are not ready to work and they want to be living large, i really appreciate EFCC for the great job they are doing, may the lord contineu helping them in their job.

  10. I’m just happy they’ve been caught, that’s how my friend was scammed of a huge amount of money. EFCC is doing well

  11. Thumbs up to EFCC, you guys are trying. As for this young boys , can’t u people secure a job for yourselves instead of engaging in fraud.. I hope u learn if u are able to come out of this.

  12. This year is not ending fine for this Yahoo boys… What we hear everytime is their arrest. May be the dirty pant charm is not active….

  13. EFCC are r really trying their best to stop this criminal act, but the government also should create more job opportunities ,cos an idle man is the devils work shop

  14. Yahoo boys case are getting out of hand,they like money and expensive things but they didn’t want to work for it.Nice one EFCC

  15. Good job by EFCC, they should all catch up with all these fraudsters tarnishing the image of Nigerians, they must all pay for their crimes in jail, that serves them right, they brought it upon themselves

  16. The way this guys are been caught and more is going into it, is very alarming…kudos to EFCC…fraudulent act doesn’t pay…u will definitely be caught one day

  17. These yahoo guys r soo RUDE and disrespectful coz they have ill gotten wealth. They see us with Legit jobs like time wasters. They kill and celebrate it

  18. Good work Efcc…but you guys just got the common ones,the real fraudster are out there,instead of arresting them,you along side police men gets paid off

  19. The rate of this yahoo yahoo boys are much now. .. u see them changing flashy cars roaming around ..is a criminal act indeed. .thanks to EFCC for their efforts to stop this illegal act..

  20. Good for them. Everyday for thief but one is for the owner. They don’t want to suffer but to reap where they didnnot sow. More kudos to EFCC

  21. I think the EFCC are doing a great job. Yahoo Yahoo is turning into something else in Nigeria and must b put to a STOP

  22. EFCC weldone for the hard work and please let them be punished and also used as scape goat so that others will learn from them.

  23. I think with this the rate of Yahoo boys will reduce because 50% of the guys do this for a living which is totally wrong.Kudos to EFCC

  24. Young lazy people like these dent the image of our country outside. More should be fish out and properly dealt with

  25. EFCC are really trying their best….nice judgment for three criminal,I hope before the will come they might have learnt their lessons.

  26. leave the lazy youths alone let them recover our loots since you people don’t want to go and get it for us

  27. The EFCC is not doing their job well they leave all politicians that is stealing our money and face yahoo boys

  28. It is the situation of the country that makes them to indulge in the illegal activities the court should tamper justice with mercy.

  29. These fraudsters otherwise known as yahoo yahoo boys must be thoroughly dealt with and made to spend some years in prison for this their evil.

  30. Lazy youth, instead of them to struggle and make their own money they will be looking for someone to dupe.

  31. Collecting hard earn money of people by ill-gotten means is strictly an obnoxious act.Let the court sentence them for life imprisonment.

  32. So pathetic, what our society is turning into. quick money making has become the order of the day. EFCC. Weldone.

  33. Kudos to EFCC for there good job. One fact I want use to know is that, things are so hard in this country. We youlth of our time should wise up and be creative… If we don’t want to end up doing illegal job that can lead to jail. May God help us.

  34. Let’s tell ourselves the truth the main reason why Nigeria boys are doing this is because of our leaders so EFCC fight the problem from this root because a time is coming when young boys will invade those office and there nothing you people can do about it

  35. Good job from EFCC, this will decrease the rate of crime and fraud in this country. The law must prevail on this.

  36. This Efcc people ehh.. What consines them and the yahoo yahoo boys they should leave them oo… When their is no job for the youths..

  37. He’s a frauster, and deserves to be punished for such an offence. So that others can learn from it. Thanks to the government .

  38. I’m so happy to hear this. Good job by EFCC and hope more is done to reduce this evil crime in our society and country because is really giving Nigeria and her citizens bad image and names. I suggest promises to be made to whistleblowers in exchange for more information.

  39. LooK at them lazy nigeria youth, they will not go and look for something meaning to do with life.i know the situation of the country but its not a yardstick for them to go into fraud.the EFCC has really done well

  40. Yahoo Yahoo is now a big business and a big industry that has accommodated so many fraudulent people. But God who knows how to expose people will always expose them and they will face the penalty

  41. I dnt believe well looking guyz will do such if there is gud job on space
    Strt will d political head ….

  42. Thank God, the world is a bit better with less criminals. let them face the music they played for themselves

  43. Nice job EFCC. Help us to curb these menance of defrauding people. It won’t be easy but it’s a good beginning and I hope it will continue.

  44. Youth should stop this attitude and find better source of income. It will serve as lesson for those engaging in it.

  45. Kudos to you efcc for the great job you have been done on does yahoo boys, I hope dey we reduce as at now

  46. If they go to jail, will it make others stop? You’re treating the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.. Provide youths with jobs.. Old people give way

  47. Heeyah I don’t pity you at all I pity your parent that trained u and u dint collect the training well. A lesson to other. Efcc gud job

  48. Our youths are wasting away, engaging in crime, while i commend the EFCC, the government needs to sit up so that the country is conducive for youths to thrive.

  49. It is good they are acting well bringing to book the people from the populace, while the initiators who hold polical authorities and still stealing with Biro’s are not brought to book.

  50. That is the result of greed. Instead of using their God given potential for reasonable and rightful things that will make them earn money lagally they prefer fruad.

  51. These young men has turned into something else and should face the consequences of their actions. Though I’ll not just blame them alone, government should also be blamed for the lack of jobs and a conducive environment to survive, which has now turned out to be the reason these young men give as why they delve into the life styles they lead today.

  52. Very good of EFCC, they should not spare anyone caught committing cyber crime again so that others will learn

  53. nice job Efcc, they should pay dearly for their crimes because that’s the life they chose instead doing something meaningful to help their lives

  54. People engaged in this Yahoo Yahoo these days are those who are btw 20-29. You can imagine how much the Malaysia woman and all others they dupe have lost. May God have mercy on this generation

  55. chaii, sorry for the guys.
    this will serve as a lesson to other yahoo boys out there to leave illegitimate work and do legitimate work

  56. We only hear this kind of judgement when it has to do with internet fraud but you can never hear this when it comes to political frauds. May God help us

  57. Even if there are no jobs, are there no self employed graduates. Learn a trade and don’t blame the devil what this mess you got yourself into, lazy bones.

  58. The commission is really doing a great job. Hope the youths involved will learn and find better things to do.

  59. Have the government provided them with job?thoisands of youths are jobless and has no choice than to be an internet fraudster

  60. Very nice work efcc Carry go but remember politicians are also engaging crime like fraud star .

  61. What about corrupt politicians, what are the efcc doing about them, they are just busy arresting only internet fraudsters while there are some corrupt politicians out there walking freely.

  62. The commission is really doing their work,those guy should be jailed, they want to reap where they did not sow and answer big boys

  63. The only thing am always happy about is the fact that their faces are shown to the public. Let this serve as a warning to others

  64. The EFCC are trying but government should do something concerning unemployment. If the youths are employed we will have less yahoo guys in the society. Though bad ones must exist. And they don’t want to waste time in court, they quickly accept what they did

  65. government also should create more job opportunities ,cos an idle man is the devils work shop. engaging crime like fraud star .

  66. Nice one but nigeria justice is blind no code conduct to punish nigeria politician who still the country resources

  67. That’s a good job by EFCC for those yahoo yahoo boys their time is up. EFCC are waiting for them this time around.

  68. The rate of crime in this country is becoming something else. Isn’t unemployment a bane to all this? This has to stop.

  69. The EFCC are trying but they should also see politicians jesting with the Nation’s economy

  70. EFCC are doing a great job but you guys should take it easy because there are no good jobs in Nigeria

  71. We need more focus on individuals in power. Those are the ones destroying this country and making people do things lime this

  72. Efcc are really doing a great job to curb internet fraud stars . I hope their cases serves as a lesson to others

  73. Personally I am not supporting the boys but what do you expect out of a country that has done nothing to improve the well being of it’s citizens…

  74. EFCC are really doing a great work please they shud not allow them go free they must be tortured accordingling

  75. See their faces, thieves. They should be forgotten in jail. They are not ready to work but want to leave a wealthy lifestyle.

  76. unemployment in Nigeria. They don’t want to suffer but to reap where they didnnot sow. More thanks to EFCC

  77. So the young men are going to jail? What does the future holds for this country? We have politicians that have have embezzled billions of naira here in Nigeria and they are still being celebrated as national heroes. Why can’t EFCC apprehend those politicians that have embezzled and charge them to court. And if they are charged to court, we only hear the beginning of the proceedings, no one knows the end. God will judge everyone.

  78. Ttuely efcc are trying, at the same time we have look at the way our country is, why not concentrate on these corruption leaders.

  79. Yahoo yahoo..
    Nice job by EFCC. Thank God they didn’t waste our time in court, as they all pleaded guilty to the charges.

  80. Feeling sad for them as they just wasted their lives in fraudulent activity! The country too is not encouraging at all

  81. While the EFCC is doing a good job, the government should also create job opportunities for our youths in order to reduce this criminal acts.

  82. i won’t blame them. thanks to the EFCC for making this country to be a better place to be. this guys have seen what they have caused to theirself which has landed them im prison

  83. Good job efcc. Most of the greedy youth are involved in yahoo yahoo. These should serve as a great lesson to others

  84. The EFCC has been trying their best to save people from yahoo boys on the internet anyway they have already caught 3 and they are being convicted

  85. EFCC are really doing a great job in cleaning the society by getting all these internet fraudsters off the street to where they belong

  86. They took many for a ride, swindling them of their hard earn monies, now justice has been served. Good job EFCC.

  87. Yes one day is for the thief and one day for the owner. The hand of the law has caught up with you, so go and face the music.

  88. If we look it in a different direction it’s not their fault because the rate of Education and employment opportunity in this country is low. Too low

  89. Job well done!, they should keep catching them so that they’ll stop denting the country’s image.

  90. EFCC really dealing with Yahoo guys at the moment, I hope it reduce! And pls face our politicians too…

  91. Yahoo boys should have given by now, but it seems most are dump and fool for continuity of their fraudulent activities after a woman track down a yahoo boy to Ghana last week. EFCC kudos to you guys for job welldone

  92. The EFCC are doing their job but have they sat to think and push ways to stop this problem
    The answer is
    No job in the country
    No means of survival
    We live in a country where money means respect
    If the efcc could tackle our political class half as effectively as they go after yahoo boys
    I believe enough resource would go round to tackle this problem from the root and who knows Nigeria would have been able to implement a minimum wage of no less than a 100k like south Africa
    And not battling with 18k

  93. Instead of the EFCC to concentrate on the Politicians..its these young people who are looking for aw to survive the horrible situation in the country u are arresting.if the government had provided for them will there b anytin like internet fraud. Or is internet fraud rampant in overseas..No, just cos they are treating there youth well.

  94. What one shows is what one reaps. Some youths are so eager to make quick money that they put their lives at risk and danger. They use social media as their channel platform.Didn’t they think of that one day they will be caught. They can’t go free forever. One must be careful to avoid being a victim of this wicked fraudsters Efcc are doing great jobs.

  95. Wire wire abi
    God have catch you guys today
    Be spoiling this country’s name
    The real lazy youths

  96. Wow..the EFCC are really doing a marvelous work indeed..plss they should make sure that those yahoo boys are being punished very well because this are professionals and not just ordinary thieves.

  97. This is so interesting.look at how horrible there faces is, EFCC thanks for detecting these ones,it will serve as a lesson to others

  98. May god protect us from evil act and deeds EFCC should take good action on them,shame on you guys Lazy youth

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