EFCC raids Atiku’s sons’ apartment in Abuja

The PDP Presidential candidate Abubakar Atiku‘s sons’ apartment in Abuja was reportedly raided the by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC over the weekend.

The building also houses an apartment occupied by Chiemeka Orji, son of ex-Abia State Governor, Theodore Orji. That apartment was also reportedly searched by anti-graft operatives, Premium Times reports.

EFCC raids Atiku’s sons’ apartment in Abuja lailasnews 3
EFCC raids Atiku’s sons’ apartment in Abuja

Sources although said the home of Mr Abubakar’s children was the primary target, an anti-graft spokesperson suggested Chiemeka might have been the target.

The raid on Aliyu and Mustapha Atiku-Abubakar’s residence in the posh Maitama neighbourhood on Saturday comes a day after claims emerged that Mr Abubakar’s running mate, Peter Obi, had his bank accounts frozen by federal authorities. Two anti-graft agencies, EFCC and ICPC, denied freezing Mr Obi’s accounts.

Paul Ibe, a spokesperson for the Atiku Abubakar family, confirmed the search on Sunday, saying the officers who conducted the “grievous act of intimidation” were “unable to find anything implicating.”

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Neither Aliyu nor Mustapha was in town when the anti-graft agents arrived — as both are said to be studying for master’s degrees at foreign universities — but those with whom they share the building were reportedly taken to the EFCC office and some of their properties confiscated, sources said.

Amongst those arrested was Chiemeka whose father is now a serving senator and a subject of an ongoing EFCC corruption investigation.

Chiemeka was said to have been taken to the EFCC office in Abuja alongside his brother, and two vehicles confiscated from them.

“When the EFCC officers arrived on Saturday, they met Theodore Orji’s sons at home, because they both live in the same building,” a source said. “They asked to see the apartment of Aliyu and Mustapha Atiku-Abubakar but Theodore Orji’s sons refused to show them, saying their friends are out of the country, anyway.”

“The EFCC operatives then said they have intelligence that a large cache of dollars had been kept in the apartment which they had come to recover,” the source said. “They forcibly searched the apartment, but there was no hard currency or anything that could be construed as fraudulently damning.”

Chiemeka and his brother were released soon after they were questioned at the EFCC office, but two cars belonging to them were still in possession of the anti-graft agency as of Monday morning.

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A spokesperson for the EFCC said he has no immediate knowledge of the operation, but expressed strong doubts that Mr Abubakar’s son’s home could be raided.

Tony Orilade said the EFCC has been investigating Mr Orji, and it was possible the former governor’s children were the target of further investigation into how state funds were used during his tenure from 2007 to 2015.

Coming over the same weekend that the PDP alleged restrictions were placed on the bank accounts of Mr Obi and his family, as well as claims that EFCC attempted to arrest Doyin Okupe, a PDP top shot, Mr Ibe accused the Buhari administration of raising the stakes of 2019 election higher than the country could absorb.

“Atiku Abubakar is destined to win the 2019 presidential election, and Nigerians are set to ensure that destiny holds by voting for him en masse,” Mr Ibe said. “The actors in Buhari’s government have now realised this possibility and are gripped by the fears of Atiku Abubakar.”

“This grievous act of intimidation now has an expiry date that is dwindling faster than a twinkle,” Mr Ibe said.


  1. It is indeed a grievous act of intimidation.
    The truth is, Nigeria is a backward country. In other countries, a search order or permit has to be rendered to the occupants of the house before any such act is carried out. And another question is why would they confiscate their properties?

  2. What’s all this? Why won’t they let this man contest in peace? They are just looking for ways to incriminate to. I’m not a fan of Atiku but what is bad is bad

  3. That’s is embarrassing, they could have let them be around while they were searching, they should stop poke nosing

  4. All I can say is.. Neither atiku nor buhari is fit to rule cos eventually it’s the same old song over and over again.. Please vote wisely and don’t be biased by these political shams

  5. You find it difficult to know what to believe thisdays. When politics is in the air, you hear alot of story with or without fact.

  6. Politics in Nigeria is indeed a dirty game, all these is because of d coming election, the EFCC should have investigated properly before caring out this act, now after raiding the house no evidence was found what do we call that

  7. Why going to harass their children? The government has started using this anti-grafts agencies again as tools to intimidate the opposition parties…this is a democratic government for Christ sake.

  8. EFCC and their intimidations can be alarming ,why are they disrupting the peace of this young boys in the name of corruption, well APC has failed no need to be running around.

  9. These guys are just looking for a way to disturb last article but anyways is still going to win the election

  10. Why won’t EFCC leave this man and his family alone, I am sure this is a directive from the FG. Its just too plain to see.

  11. Efcc is no longer independent, is a partisan agency not carrying out the purpose of establishment, is used by APC government against the opposition

  12. y should they rade his son house of what offence has he committed. or they are just looking for a way to stop his father from becoming our president??

  13. This efcc of a thing is getting out of hand, with the recent happenings there’s no doubt that they belong to the ruling party

  14. This is truly an act to sabotage the former vice President on the oncoming election few weeks ahead…they have discovered that they can’t withstand him financially….Lets watch and see….

  15. I don’t know what they would achieve in doing all these things for. But one thing is sure, transformation must take place come 2019.

  16. Efcc are really doing their work but must it be now that the father Mr Atiku is an asparant that they know to search the boy’s house. Is so unfair, well all these are politic

  17. All of this are getting suspicious….is probably APC hand doing ….I wonder how Efcc also get inflvolved in dirty businesses

  18. The rate at which this politicians are coming at their selves is it really worth it? I hate to involve myself in any thing that will tamper with the peace of my home abeg…

  19. This is becoming like a desperate measure by APC to win at all cost. Using the act of intimidation with the security agencies to weaken the opposition but let them not forget they are we are sensible enough to understand all there actions and is an advantage to the opposition party. This tactics won’t work and is working against them. Let the government stop heating up the polity to avoid violence in the coming election. We should tread with care.

  20. why did they not froze his account and have efcc raid his son apartment before became presidential. I wonder what politics is all about in nigeria

  21. I guess they were doing their jobs . Because if they are no information on him . They won’t attempt to raid atiku’s son house

  22. Why all these, its embarrassing, though is political fight. God will help them This is oppression. Its totally uncalled for. This government should be sacked

  23. so EFCC has turned to a political hunting dog now,its started during the reign of pdp-led government so i’m not surprised

  24. atikulated Nigeria must win among all odds,EFCC should learn to discharge their duties with almost diligent and intergrity

  25. Do they ever get tired of hunting people who are competing with the presidency? This country set, ” hunting by pointing “. Na them go taya.

  26. EFCC smelt a dead rat but they couldn’t find the dead rat. Someone’s giving EFCC a leak somewhere to destroy PDP presidential candidate.

  27. All these are strategies for APC to hold PDP aspirants from further contest in the election. EFCC and ICPC denied they didn’t freeze Peter Obi and family account, then who did?

  28. Efcc is no longer independent, is a partisan agency not carrying out the purpose of establishment, is used by APC government against the opposition

  29. Maybe they have something against him because they can’t just behave like that just because his father is a politician.
    Is his son also contesting

  30. That’s not right that is an harassment and a force allegations on both atikus sons an allegation with no proof or evidence efcc you guys should always have a strong evidence before pushing an allegation on someone

  31. I urge EFCC to be unbiased in the discharged of their duties. And not act under the influence of any politician.

  32. Presidency fight with your hand if you have the power leave innocent people alone remember you took from some body

  33. Das politics for you, they thought dat.. atiku have keep the money that his going to used for uncoming election dere, dat is the reason why dey come search dat place

  34. All these are tactics by EFCC Buhari to run down Atiku Abubakar. But they will not succeed. Thank God no such hard currency was found.

  35. Efcc this act of yours is not lawful in this die minute to election, what will the masses said now, this act of evidness.

  36. Mr President could have caution this people because the opposition party will be using it for there campaign.

  37. That’s a great idea… Efcc well done May God crown your efforts… Still waiting for the final outcome

  38. The EFCC going to atikus sons house is for a reason…but since they saw nothing its also a good thing they are just doing their jobs….

  39. What is going on in this country at this time? Why will his apartment raided. This only shows the level of desperation by this administration to win the next election by intimidating the opposition.

  40. Paul Ibe, a spokesperson for the Atiku Abubakar family, confirmed the search on Sunday, saying the officers who conducted the “grievous act of intimidation” were “unable to find anything implicating.”


  41. The EFCC are doing their work but I think is a force from the opposition party. All because of upcoming election 2019

  42. There must be an information or suspect that warranted the search, but unfortunately nothing was found, efcc keep the work strong….

  43. Politice is defiantly a dirt game….APC are really trying their best …hope to see the end in 2019.

  44. The EFCC went to search his house because the father is a presidential candidate, they are looking for how to tarnish his image.

  45. Where are they getting the fake news from?? I noticed EFCC lacks good int personnel they should stop harassing people like SARS

  46. The election fever have taking another turn. We all expect the opposition party to face the music from the ruling party.

  47. Except EFCC had an Intel that the Atikus son is involved in one form of criminal act or the other, I dare say that this is rather intimidating. What kind of a search is that? How is he connected to his father’s political ambition. Go and face the Man Atiku and leave the son abeg

  48. I think so far they can search Atiku’s son’s house…rule of law is coming in place….but I dont understand something….what did he do wrong and did they find anything in his house

  49. I know this have the hand of his father’s opponent in it. They are just looking for a way to implicate the father.

  50. Why should EFCC raid atiku son now. Why didnt they do this before his father came out for elective post? Rubbish

  51. They should have gotten the right proof before heading to search his house now they got nothing it looks unprofessional to me,Efcc should ensure they have concrete evidence before embarking on search

  52. They need to be careful so as not to be accused of infringing on his fundamental human rights. AT this point,it would be seen as a political witch hunt

  53. they got false information…
    And you just swing into action like that
    Embarrassing the innocent people

  54. We need transparency in this country, the public needs to know why they singled out those apartments for a search

  55. Since the efcc caught no proof against the allegations levelled up, I think they should compensate Atiku’s sons greatly for the embarrassment

  56. I don’t understand all this if you people want to give us news make it specific and transparent what kind of country is this.

  57. They are just looking for ways to incriminate to. What kind of a search is that? How is he connected to his father’s political ambition. Go and face the Man Atiku and leave the son abeg

  58. Intimidation detected! Sombody is blowing whistle. Continue …nothing incriminating found.

  59. This is crystal clear that this present government is using efcc and other anti-graft agencies to fight opposition parties

  60. Efcc are just doing their job, they have the right to search anyone’s house, nobody is an exception, that he is atiku’s son dosen’t means that efcc can’t raid his house

  61. The EFCC should have investigated properly before caring out this act, now after raiding the house no evidence was found what do we call that

  62. This is where and how the problem starts, not it’s time for election people will not peaceful contest and take his eyes off his counterparts,,, but never they won’t, z they will be doing everything to bring their counterparts down,, now if Atiku eventually wins this election throughout his rigim he will only end up paying them back and 4getting the things he’s supposed to do and before you know it his tennor will be finished,, please what’s wrong with this country?

  63. They are doing their job quite alright but they should not go as far as to intimidate the pple o in the vicinity

  64. They are doing their job,they should investigate the ex-governor and his sons thoroughly for misusing our funds as a sitting governor.

  65. The men of the EFCC must have been given information prior to their search of Atiku’s son’s house. Well luck was on their side thar t nothing implicating was found in the house.

  66. EFCC are really kicking hard in investigating politicians nowadays, they have now started raiding after their children houses, hope they give us good results soon, keep it up @EFCC

  67. EFCC , is good you guys are doing your jobs but also respect the law- meaning that you have to het a warrant before rading someone’s house

  68. I dont even understand what is happening in this country. Why are they now searching their home since he came out for president. This is looking political. But if it for the t. A. Orjis son, they should turn it upside down

  69. This is so wrong I must say why will the efcc do that if not looking for anything to intimidate the father with hmmmm what will be will be

  70. Can they not be peaceful when carrying out their duties? Must they harass the person? Their own is getting too much honestly

  71. When will we learn to do things rightly in this country. Can’t things be done without attaching politics to it?

  72. U people should allow Atiku contest in peace. There’s free and fair election in our constitution. Stop looking for ways to incriminate him

  73. Politics all I see is politics here.. this election is not funny o me I will continue to pray for peace..

  74. I’ll take it that they are doing their job only that the timing ain’t too proper but all time is a corruption fighting time on second thought

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