EFCC parades 34 OOU students with charms over alleged fraud

The Ibadan Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has paraded 34 students with charms over fraud allegations.

EFCC parades 34 OOU students with charms over alleged fraud lailasnews 6
EFCC parades 34 OOU students with charms over alleged fraud

The suspected cyber criminals who are between 19 and 37 years of age include: 23 students of Olabisi Onabanjo University, out of which 9 were ladies who allegedly claimed to be girlfriends and or neighbours of some of the suspects; one from the National Open University of Nigeria and 12 others are non-students.

The Commission got wind of their activities through series of intelligence alleging that the suspected fraudsters engaged in fraudulent activities of obtaining money by false pretences through sending emails to unsuspecting victims mostly in the U.S while others were engaged in romance scam on several dating sites.

At the point of arrest, EFCC operatives recovered over 300 SIM cards from them. Other items recovered from the suspects include: different models and brands of exotic cars, 18 laptops, 50 phones and two bags of charms from them.

Several documents containing false pretences were also recovered from the suspects. Suspects would be charged to court accordingly as soon as investigation is concluded.


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  1. Money is the root of all evil . Just imagine how young some of the students are and they wooo be spending the rest of their lives in jail

  2. Even to send a child for study is not a problem!!!! Parents are trying but what do they get in return hmmm may God help us oo

  3. Good for them. Thank hod they are apprehended. Youths no longer want to do anything legal to earn but by quick means. Sue punishment should meted out to them.

  4. Na waa ooooooooooh!!!!!! Students of nowadays I wonder what they are thinking, always want to get rich and belong to the high class society. Since they decided to put themselves in such mess they will all bear the consequences.

  5. That’s is too bad for them,this yahoo yahoo of a thing is just on the increase, even if there is no government work there are still other better ways to hustle than defrauding others, let them face the full wrath of the law

  6. Surely monkey will go to market one day and will not return.
    selling yourself to devil because of money will not help the situation.

  7. All these yahoo boys that doesn’t want to work and labor with their hands but dupe people of their sweat earned money, it’s very bad. You people will face the music.

  8. These guyz he gone too far. They are so greedy for easy wealth at expense of others. Now they have brought shame on themselves and their families.

  9. Greediness will never allow you people to stop it. After making huge money to buy cars you still continue to do that rubbish stuff. I think God has been merciful a lot and time is up guys

  10. Na wa oh. Students will not just settle down and do what they were sent to school to do. Many of their parents are sweating out their blood to raise money to train them in school and this is what they get in return. Desperate children who want to make money by all means possible. God help us

  11. That’s one of the reasons why Mr President call the youths lazy youths. Can you imagine, students wey suppose face studies for school dey chase money. It’s all true that Money is the root of all evils

  12. Students who were sent to school by their parents to learn and be useful now turn to criminals.

    Please i ask that they should b giving a second chance for the sake of their parents

  13. I wander what kind of generation we are in now. Maybe end time. People are always becoming lovers of money. Everyone wants to be rich by any means. Both young and old.

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