EFCC is corrupt, they convict people wrongly – Agboola Taiwo

A Nigerian man who works as an MC, Agboola Taiwo claimed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is corrupt as they allegedly go about convicting people wrongly.

EFCC is corrupt, they convict people wrongly - Agboola Taiwo lailasnews
EFCC is corrupt, they convict people wrongly – Agboola Taiwo

Agboola Taiwo, who made headlines last month back as a fraudster jailed for posing as a white woman, claimed he was innocent and operatives of the anti-graft agency set him up after discovering they had wrongly accused him.

He wrote:

My name is Agboola Taiwo, I am a qualified youth and responsible citizen of this country and I make my daily living as a Stand up comedian and wedding MC.

I was at the point of arrest at Ago Iwoye where I was invited as a guest comedian for a school concert where 34 oou student where arrested by @officialefcc ibadan zone for cyber crime..

Good job well done by the Efcc, that was my mindset before until I got to their office and discover many things heeding to many Nigerians, they investigated me for 2 good weeks and find nothing implicating on my phone and bank statement but they never release me because they where up to something, maybe because they have posted our pictures online tagging everyone as an Internet fraudster and they know I will charge them to court if they release me as innocent so they manage to find an empty Gmail on my phone which is not even updated and connected to any of my 2sim and they charge me for impersonation just because the picture on the Gmail is an Oyibo woman.

So I was made to write statement under duress (threat) so I was remanded with the oou students at Abeokuta prison, later their lawyer (Efcc) told us to do plea bargain with them so they can release us so as a student, we can’t afford to loose our education, so we pleaded guilty under plea bargain because we have already spent up to 3month in prison, our parent are already lean and cried everyday, borrowing money up and down..

After our release they forfiet all our properties, both phones, cars and laptops and because I was the only one without a car or laptop or iPhone among all of us, their lawyer did not want to accept my plea bargain until they asked my mum to bring 30k to join the phone so she did and I was sentenced 4month, tho am out now but that didn’t satisfy them, they started sending my pictures to top blogs in Nigeria to spoil my name, forgotten that I am a student and a fellow Nigeria, my picture was everywhere..

I lost my education, my job and my parent are rolling in debt, my mum became ulcer and hypertensive patients and I lost all my clients, my video, my materials and important information in my phone…NOW HEAR MY VOICE NIGERIA @THE COMMENT BOX

HEAR MY VOICE NIGERIA… EFCC introduced the method plea bargain to Nigeria just because of their self interest….. They forfiet my phone with fitile information, abeg se na federal government wan use my phone?

No But Efcc are just using government to cover up if they didn’t, why can’t they post it online that so so car, laptop, land document, money and phone that was collected from so so yahoo boys have been remited to the government through court of law, secteriate or government house………..

All they do is posting our igbo and Yoruba brothers online tagging us with crime even without proper investigation…….. I am the voice of Nigeria students, Aluta continue, we are one Nigeria, stop treating us differently, both hausa, igbo and Yoruba are one…..



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