EFCC declares war on Yahoo boys ahead of Christmas

Ahead of the Yuletide, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has launched total war on Yahoo Boys who specialise in defrauding unsuspecting foreigners on the internet, Punch Metro reports.

The operation codenamed ‘Cyber Storm’, will involve EFCC operatives monitoring suspicious transactions especially by youths who cannot explain their source of wealth.

EFCC declares war on Yahoo boys ahead of Christmas lailasnews 2
EFCC declares war on Yahoo boys ahead of Christmas

The commission will also deploy its agents in nightclubs and concerts where youths usually go to “pop” expensive champagne.

The anti-graft agency will also be monitoring social media accounts of suspected fraudsters who usually show off their expensive cars and houses.

Confirming the development, the Spokesman for the EFCC,  Mr. Tony Orilade, said, “The chairman,  Ibrahim Magu, has constituted a Special Task Force on Internet Fraud.
The task force, is made up of personnel from ICT, Public Affairs, Operations and Special Control Unit against Money Laundering.”
As part of the operation, the EFCC has already arrested over 50 suspected online fraudsters in the last 10 days in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.

An EFCC operative said, “We have declared a total war on Yahoo boys who have done nothing but given Nigeria a bad name home and abroad. We know their methods of operation. Be assured that in the coming days we will make more arrests.

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“Those who live honest lives will not be touched.”

Meanwhile, the EFCC has arrested three suspected internet fraudsters, at No 24, 1st Avenue, Fort Royal Estate, Airport Road, Abuja.

The suspects are; Marvin Nwankwo, Prince Ojenike and Jude Olatekobowale. They allegedly created a Facebook account with the following names: Rodney David; David Rodgers and Carlos David, respectively.

The EFCC said in a statement by its acting Spokesman, Mr. Tony Orilade, that arrest was based on intelligence report that the suspects turned the said residence into their office, using laptops, phone and other gadgets to defraud innocent people, including foreigners, of their hard earned money and other valuables.

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The statement added:

“The intelligence further revealed that the suspects aged between 22 to 30 years, used the proceeds of their crimes to acquire different properties such as cars which include a GLK Mercedes Benz SUV, a Toyota Corolla, amongst others.

“On receipt of the intelligence report, operatives of the EFCC swung into action and mounted surveillance on the said address, to monitor the activities of the suspects.

“After thorough investigations, the suspects were arrested and items, which included several laptops of different makes, very expensive mobile phones, modems, many SIM cards, amongst others were recovered.”


    • This is real goodnew to hear. Weldone Sir for your efforts.but the Nigerian government should provide job opportunity for the youth

  1. Its simply karma, these yahoo boys cannot go on stealing people’s hard earned money so I say it’s justice.

  2. The EFCC has declared full monitor on the cyber fraudulent activities this season. And that’s a good move from the EFCC

  3. This really a good move, but they have given out the hint already, automatically those boys can guide against do those things so as not to expose themselves.

  4. Ride on EFCC, let them face the law. Even those selling ladies pant to make money they should face the law too.

  5. I know with the corruption that is facing all our people in Nigeria am sure that they will soon free them

  6. Nice work from the efcc but I wish I can use this same effort to cheek our politians so this contry can be a better place

  7. Good development!they should do somthing more reasonable with their lives…not dubious means for survival…welldone to the Nigeria police force .meanwhile, the government should create jobs for the youth.

  8. EFCC did well because the rate of yahoo boys in this country is becoming alarming. Maybe after dealing with those boys they caught, others would learn from it

  9. Many days for the thief one day for the owner. Instead of using their intelligence on making legal money they decide to use it to defraud people. Justice must be served.

  10. I love this. It’s a welcomed development and a good one. At least the rate at which these internet fraudsters defraud people will reduce. Though it’s going to take a lot of time but it’s possible.

  11. I’m so certain that 80% of the suspected online fraudster that Wre arrested in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.will be guilty of the act

  12. An idle hand is a devil’s workshop. I hope of the government can increase the rate of employment and salary. This will also reduced

  13. Now the government want to increase crime again, if u are not as greedy as those yahoo boys they can’t get you but because they have promise u and shown u heaven on earth u will now fall for them.

  14. Thsts Very good, i love that action, yahoo boys are too much this days, They don’t want hustle But duping Innocent people, God punish them!

  15. This is great news, they should face the punishment because the rate at which they use people for ritual is really alarming. Thanks to EFCC

  16. Yea, the efcc are say to be doing a great job, but they should also check among their self properly, there corruption everywhere.

  17. Being fraudulent is bad! Irrespective of the situation in the country. The government should curb these acts.

  18. I never take their words serious but if they are really serious about this… They all have my full support. Anyway it’s a nice idea

  19. If the government had provided good jobs i guess there wont b anything call yahoo.they are just victim of circumstances.

  20. Young people who were supposed to be the leader of this great nation are also the ones giving a wrong impression of Nigeria. For you to look for ways of reaping people of their money shows your brain cells is working, why not channel it into something positive. I really don’t feel sorry for them. Good job EFCC, it’s nice to know something is been done for a change.

  21. EFCC God bless you all for your wonderful work, they should be disgraced and punish is too much for them.

  22. Yes ohhooo good work I love this news so much this so called Yahoo boys have done a lot of things to people they should face there crime

  23. This is really good as they have decided that girls won’t sleep nor wear pants them too will no succeed.

  24. This Yahoo boys are getting out of hand, the police should do best in arresting them so as to put a stop to Yahoo business.

  25. This is a good one, atleast, it will reduce the rate of fraudulent in the nation and outside the nation

  26. I support, what is all this? Things is really getting out of hand. Please EFCC if una need more arms come carry me join abeg enough is enough.

  27. Nawal for the EFCC, while can’t they allow people who are hustling through internet to do their things. This means that some people who are into yahoo are going to be very vigilant and sensitive

  28. Well done EFCC. I hope this action of nabbing fraudsters will continue for a long time so that the bad image of Nigeria can be redefine and Nigeria will regain her lost glory.

  29. It’s a good thing the EFCC are doing cos these boys don’t just end up defrauding people but also have started doing rituals as well all in the name of no job

  30. I give kudos to the EFCC team for this great job they are doing. The Yahoo Boys have rubbed the name of Nigeria in the mud too much too many

  31. The way this Yahoo of a thing is going out of hand and the efcc’s should make sure they are punishing the right people

  32. A commendable step in the right direction. At least it will save some innocent would be victims their hard earn money

  33. Wow this is a good news oo.
    I just pray they take necessary actions…
    Cus these yahoo boy’s are becoming something else o

  34. This really a good move, but they have given out the hint already, automatically those boys can guide against do those things so as not to expose themselves.

  35. I hope the law enforcement agents would not be biased and would make sure this decision is served justly.

  36. You guys did well because the rate of yahoo boys its becoming alarming. The so called yahoo boys should go look for something else and do and stop ths idea of duping innocent persons please.

  37. EFCC, I’m not saying what you guys are doing is not good oo, but you should have started this war with our leaders who are looting our money and taking them to foreign countries.. Using it to buy private jets and bullet proof cars.. Start the war from top please.. Try and be fair in your duties..

  38. EFCC should sustained the war on yahoo boys beyond Christmas. It will be worse if the war is relaxed after Christmas

  39. If you are just waking up now that’s good. Let all hands be on desk no partiality in the execution of your job.

  40. If the government can create more jobs, I think the rate of Yahoo would be reduced… Because most youths engage in such act after being frustrated of lack of job

  41. yahoo boys will hear it this time around ,them never mad reach Oo,Effcc should continue with what they have started, good job.

  42. It’s so bad now that almost every youth now sees Yahoo or Internet frauds as a way of life.Government should find something doing for the youth.and to the youth yahoo is nt the only way you can make it in life you don’t have to make some people so that you will Happy

  43. This shouldn’t be the time to wage war against time, I am not surprise though you guys need money this season than before, I think you should try those in government, they are the biggest fraudsters

  44. These boys should be rehabilitated and empowered to do more meaningful things with their lives than ripping people off

  45. This is a very good development to cub this unlawful act in our community SAY NO TO ILLEGAL businesses

  46. This shouldn’t be the time to wage war against the hustling guys. It’s even better than stealing I think you(EFCC) should try those in government, they are the biggest fraudsters

  47. Declare total war on our vapid and ethical leaders and leave youths alone. Where are the jobs promised by the federal government. Infact start the war on crime from your commission. Leaders are out there siphoning public funds and most of them will leave office or retire to nauseating opulence. So much money being bandied around: water water every and not a single drop to drink by the masses. Why not deal with those fraudulent leaders ?

  48. This is a very great news, at list the government tried in this step they just took, I really congrat the EFCC.

  49. Kudos, its really a good one. The strategy of nightclubs is really good, the security agents should put a stop to this menace.

  50. it’s shouldn’t be on Christmas period only..this should be alwys so as to curtail the level of there evil act.

  51. Let’s pray that it will be a clean and transparent process that will not involve intimidation and extortion of innocent youths…

  52. Please they should keep catching them, so that we can have peace, since they won’t look for honest jobs to do.

  53. This is really a great task from you guys, perhaps this will be an excellent way of dealing with those criminal.

  54. that is good but the question is, are they looking for them to prosecute them or to collect their own share of the money

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