EFCC arraigns two suspected yahoo boys in Oyo state

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has arraigned two suspected internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) in Oyo state.

EFCC arraigns two suspected yahoo boys in Oyo state lailasnews

This was made known in a recent report by the commission, read below;

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibadan office today, 13 December, 2018 arraigned Akinwunmi Akubulejo and Dominic Obinna Ebisike before Hon. Justice P. I. Ajoku of the Federal High Court of Oyo State, sitting in Ibadan on a 10-count charge bordering on obtaining money by false pretence and money laundering.

The defendants however, pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.

In view of their plea, the prosecuting counsel, Mabas Mabur, applied for a date for trial and urged the court to remand the defendants in prison custody.

However, counsel to the first defendant, Kehinde Olawunmi filed an application praying the court to admit the first defendant to bail. Counsel to the second defendant also aligned himself with the submission of Kehinde.

Justice Ajoku, however, granted the defendants bail in the sum of N2, 000, 000 (Two Million Naira) each and two sureties in like sum. One of the sureties for each shall be a civil servant not below grade level 14 with the Federal or Oyo State Government.

The court further ruled that the surety must have a landed property which must be covered by a Certificate of Occupancy which must be deposited with the Deputy Chief Registrar of the court. The sureties must be resident within the jurisdiction of the court and will be verified by the prosecution. The case is adjourned to February 27, 2019 for trial.

One of the charges read: “That you, Akinwunmi Akubulejo and Dominic Obinna Ebisike and Harrison Duru, a.k.a. Emeka Chukwu and one K. C. (both now at large), in February, 2017, in Ibadan, within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, conspired to obtain the sum of Two Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira, under false pretence and thereby committed an offence contrary to Sections 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and punishable under Section 1(3) of the same Act”.

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  1. This has been a popular offence for our youths now in Nigeria ,nobody wants to work .
    There should be strong investigation before pass out judgement before punishment so that others can learn from them

  2. This is the level at which excessive desire of material wealth and get rich quick syndrome is turning some people into. Justice, however, must prevail.

  3. 60% of Nigerian youth now a days are in to this yahoo of a thing…. and we are saying that the youth to take over the government

  4. Proper investigation oo don’t hurt innocent citizens oo nd efcc operating still there is a lot of crime may god take control

  5. Most of our youths are now getting involved in this yahoo yahoo act they don’t want to be patients looking for all means to get rich, if they are guilty they should be prosecuted

  6. Why can’t they understand that yahoo is not the problem of this country, it’s a hustle join with brains, so please do the right investigation and let those boys go

  7. These frauds have given Nigeria a bad picture internationally. Congratulations to EFCC,for stepping up on them recently.

  8. Upon telling them to move away from the act they continue to do it. This will serve as a lesson to other.

  9. If they are guilt nice one because this yhoo boys is getting out of hand guys are not ready to Hussle they now prefer to fraud others

  10. Proper investigation must be done ascertain the truth and if found guilty, let justice be given to serve as a lesson to others involve in this kind of crime. The high rate of fraud by this so called yahoo boys is alarming and is given Nigeria a bad image too.

  11. EFCC no wan free o these days they are so busy!! But please before any judgement make sure thorough investigation is done

  12. Most of our youth are now getting into Yahoo business now, they don’t want to be patient looking for all means to get rich.

  13. Good,the should start arresting them because they causeing alot of havoc in this country even here in warri is the worse

  14. Please proper investigation should be carried out for proper judgment to the delivered. And to all the fraud stars out there your days are numbered

  15. Why is this frauder becoming stronger every day with all EFCC effort to comb them out of the system.anyway judgement day is here ,they should be prosecute accordingly for their crime and others will learn from them . weldone EFCC.

  16. Yahoo boys are gold diggers trying to reap where they did not sow. Investigate if found guilty of the crime then they face the law.

  17. I don’t think real yahoo boys could be easily apprehended, they should investigate the matter properly, EFCC wanna act like they are working

  18. 60% of Nigerian youths engage in such dubious act these days all in the name of fast money. Such act should be eradicated by the EFCC. Nice job.

  19. EFCC should try and investigate properly before arresting innocent person because not every young boy in Nigeria that is doing well is doing Yahoo Yahoo

  20. Efcc nd yahoo boys every now and then , I beg d should be doing proper investigation before judging oo, no b every body that make it in life be yahoo boy

  21. EFCC are doing a good job, but I think job opportunity should be created and job employments should be made impartial, in other to help eradicate all these bad acts

  22. Yahoo yahoo boys everywere, this think is geting out of hand everyday…pls let try to make this money in a right way pls, making money is not a do or die afair

  23. The efcc are really doing a good job. I commend their efforts in tackling cyber crimes . They are really doing well

  24. hmm, although there are a lot of innocent, the yahoo boys are now in every state but the Ibadan on is many nooo. take a good investigation and judge them according to law

  25. Most of our youths are now getting involved in this yahoo yahoo act anyway the police should investigate more on this case so that necessary action will be taken.

  26. This Yahoo of a thing needs to be eradicated in this country. Youths must not be lazy, hardworking leads to a better country and not through fruad.

  27. Let proper investigation be made before passing judgment cos if government had provide enough job now the youth will ave something to do but instead they ‘re looting our money n once they catch one Yahoo boy dey will be like they ‘re thief na only for naija thief dey catch thief

  28. EFCC, please leave those boys alone. There is no work any where in this country. To secure job in this country is not easy, except you have to buy it with huge amount of money or you have someone big in the country to help to fix you whether qualify or Not. Damn

  29. Proper investigation should be done before arresting innocent people o…may God save us from all those yahoo boys

  30. Good,the should start arresting them because they causeing alot of havoc in this country even here in our state

  31. EFCC, was doing great job and also I just want to said that efcc should not just suspect them . they should do proper investigation.

  32. EFCC is really doing a good and nice job in Nigeria most especially this Christmas seasons. thank you very much

  33. I dont blame them… When the government cant cater for the people. I am not against them…if they are not ritualists

  34. You catch two, 4 more emerge..provide the youths with something to do, so they won’t get their hands dirty because of poverty

  35. This Yahoo boys need to stop this evil activities. Investors no longer have the mind to invest because of Yahoo boys, no one is to be trusted oo

  36. Fraudster everywhere, they should be doing legitimate business, with the skills they have in defrauding people, they can use it positively

  37. Pls investigation should be carry out first before said anything about them ,is the bes way it should be okay before bring them out to people.

  38. I appreciate the fact that there names are published. It will definitely sound a loud warning to others who in anywhere are involved or plan to get on same train with them. Enough of this fraud acts

  39. Comment*
    Every time you will hear nigeria is corrupt while they are the one worsening it day by day and they are waiting for corruption to be eradicated in Nigeria when they can’t resist the temptation and greediness. may God help us.

  40. Das good for them, what efcc has done to them we be inform of lession to other people’s who also want to engage them self in yahoo

  41. Fraudsters everywhere. Should it be blamed on the economy or the fact that youths are lazy and want fast track to riches?

  42. This is nonsense… Let them provide job for them nah…or are they not better than all those criminals in d govt…who arrest them

  43. It is a serious issue if Youths who are vibrant keep involving themselves in obtaining money by false pretence and money laundering and forgetting that nemesis will catch up with them one day.

  44. Yahoo boys are not duping people alone but the give a very high traumatic that makes some people to be hopeless and think of commiting suicide.

  45. I hope they don’t catch innocent guys all in the name of Yahoo boys sha. They’re doing a great job if its correct.

  46. This yahoo boys issue is getting out of hand EFCC pls don’t mercy for them they must go behind box

  47. Proper investigation should be carry out, bailing for yahoo boys 2,000,000 naira God help us, others yahoo guys should be careful.
    Amount for bail in efcc custody
    Yahoo fraud … 2,000,000

    Political fraud…. silently

  48. people of this nature should not granted bail,they’ve ruined lifes.what they deserve is life sentence

  49. EFCC must root all of them out, they will all be exposed and pay for their evil deeds, they are just busy destroying the reputation of good Nigerians, God will surely hold them down

  50. thank God for the EFCC. imagine the number of innocent nigerians these people would have defrauded if they were not arrested

  51. This is to show that whatever you sow, that’s what you’ll reap. They’re reaping what they’ve down.

  52. More investigation should be carried out before persecution of youths and because a lad is young and rich doesn’t necessarily means they are into fraudulent activities

  53. Proper investigation should be made before passing judgment if they are wrong then they should be passed judgment

  54. I hope they are actually yahoo boys, they should better focus on the original yahoo boys and leave these young men, Efcc and misplaced priorities

  55. Kudos to EFCC for a job well done but please don’t grant them bail anyhow. Let them be severely punished

  56. The second guy’s face looks familiar… They should do proper investigation first, the funny thing is the more u arrest them… It’s the more our youths indulge in the act

  57. Good for them. I love the courts bail demand even more. Wish more guys like them will be caught and brought to book.

  58. I like that because that’s exactly what they are supposed to be doing instead of following politicians up and down

  59. Lol ha Nigeria yahoo boy that I don’t even know what they have made from their yahoo business to pay 2million for bail while a someone already found guilty for stealing hundreds of millions of Maura was told to pay only 120 thousand. God is watching

  60. EFCC seems to be doing a good job when it comes to ordinary citizens. Why are they not going after the fraudsters we have in government.

  61. That is a good development for Ibadan. These Yahoo boys is much now. Though, they became much when Buhari came into power.

  62. Full investigations should be carried out and if found guilty should be made to face the full wrath of the law.

  63. Good job by the efcc, they should interrogate them well so that they will expose the hideouts of their colleagues

  64. Everyday for the theif one day for the owner, the only way is to make sure justice should take its course

  65. Youths of nowadays are not totally interested in gradual wealth, just to be rich overnight. Justice should take it’s place. Our leaders should make economy better for people’s survival.

  66. These Yahoo boys activities are becoming too much nowadays and the authorities shouldn’t spare them at all, they should be prosecuted when found guilty.

  67. If not for yahoo yahoo ,where will Nigeria be today am sure we won’t be able to walk on the street any more kidnapping and robbery would have been the order of the day.. Anyways efcc weldone

  68. Kudos to EFCC, proper investigation should be carried out and the case should not be unnecessarily prolonged

  69. They should have made them faced the consequences of their deeds squarely even before the grant of their bail. The fraudsters want to reap where they’ve not sown

  70. Most of our youths are now getting involved in this yahoo yahoo act they don’t want to be patients looking for all means to get rich,

  71. Most of our youths are now getting involved in this yahoo yahoo act they don’t want to be patients looking for all means to get rich

  72. Obtaining money from people through false pretence. You must dance to the rhythm of the music you have played for yourself.

  73. This case should be treated well and if they’re found guilty, they should get the punishment due them.

  74. In as much as we condemn crime, the government should try and establish organizations that will engage our youths meaningfully.
    It will reduce crime

  75. Wow…really so what did they wwnt them to do…is yahoo boys they are focusing on…as if there are no any other thing to focus on

  76. They should be able punishment only if they are found guilty of the crime. So proper investigation should be carried out.. It’s very important

  77. The 10 count charge against this guys is too much, they should carry out a thorough investigation about the matter

  78. These yahoo boys games is over, can’t they read the picture very clear. everything has a beginning and ending. so yahoo has gone, they should forget about it.

  79. Please they should investigate very well before throwing judgement, besides when there is no job in the country what do you expect youth to do after spending four to five years in school come out no job.

  80. Why is EFCC always on yahoo boys, with all this problem everywhere they are arresting young guys who are out to help theirself since the government careless about them. this issue should be properly investigated by judging them.

  81. Almost our youths of nowadays are now getting involved in this yahoo yahoo act they don’t want to be patients looking for all means to get rich, if they are guilty they should be prosecuted

  82. These yahoo guys are getting more criminal by the day, please investigation should b carried out properly so that the innocent once will not get hurt

  83. This news made my day. They should arrest more of them. Their own is too much. That’s how one was trying to dupe me some days ago

  84. These yahoo guys are getting more criminal by the day please proper investigation should be carried out to avoid innocent ones from getting hurt

  85. Pleading not guilty is a lie. These internet fraudsters are everywhere. I wish they were not granted bail. All of them shall be caught one after the other.

  86. Nice job but they should be proper investigation because this is common nowadays that’s why Buhari call them lazy Nigeria youth.

  87. Good work and Kudos to EFCC, but good and proper investigation should be made before judgement so as to ensure not to send innocent people to jail

  88. Let’s hope they are not only arraigned but brought to justice for their evil deeds
    I just hope they get the punishment they deserve. Living at the expense of others

  89. Thorough investigation should still be done, abd the government should do something concerning this unemployment situation.

  90. The situation of the country is pushing most guys to cyber crime, may God take control, I don’t really blame them anyway

  91. They should be called yahoo men not yahoo boys. EFCC should carry out conclusive investigations before showing their faces all over the net.

  92. All this yahoo ehnnnn, wit all EFCC efforts Ally this this yahoo are still operating let them face the consequences..

  93. Due diligence must be adhered to before conviction cos as I write a guy and his minor younger are at Agodi for preprosterous allegation of buglary…

  94. Wait is yahoo now a business. Industries should also upgrade themselves security wise to avoid all these minance. However, the yahoo guys that have been arrested for years, what had they governemtn done to help them get out of such act?

  95. Fraud should be discouraged by really discouraging youths through these serious penalties
    A million for bail sounds fair
    But so too should corrupt politicians be dealt with

  96. Granting bail is a bad idea..that cannot stop them from going back to Yahoo boy job,stealing from innocent people
    They should be imprisoned

  97. What a life of money laundering and of pretence. Well proper investigation should be carried out so that things can fall in the right place.

  98. It’s good to catch all these fraudsters. But please at the same time, EFCC should also try and catch all these our leaders looting our money ooo..

  99. Kudos to the Efcc, they have buckled up in doing their jobs. More investigations should be carried out to expose more yahoo boys.

  100. I can’t greet you that you are doing your job with this reason, there is no work in Nigeria for 70% graduate to do, now tell me what did you expect guys to be eating, and also you the one that doesn’t let us no who serious

  101. There are suspects as said so I think there should be good investigation so innocent people won’t be hurt & I also think yahoo boys are really bad nowadays so they should be proper investigation

  102. Efcc, keep the good work but how bout those stealing in high places… Hope we can see them treated as such.

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