EFCC arraigns 24 suspected yahoo boys

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arraigned 24 suspected internet fraudsters, popularly known as yahoo boys.

EFCC arraigns 24 suspected yahoo boys lailasnews

The EFCC Ibadan Office arraigned the 24 students of Olabisi Onabanjo University and the National Open University of Nigeria.

Ten of the defendants which include: Agboola Taiwo, Adetayo Tade Ademiluyi, Rabiu Daniel, Sokoya Oluwaseyi, Fredrick Shaibu, Oshikoya Gbolahan, Adegbola Kazeem Aina, Ademosun Opeyemi, Tosin Awobona and Babarinde Jacob were arraigned Monday, 10th December, 2018 before Hon. Justice Ibrahim Watilat of the Federal High Court 2 sitting in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Fourteen others, comprising of Adeleke Oluwamayowa, Banjo Femi, Towolawi Olanrewaju, Tijani Babatunde, Sarafadeen Abibullahi, Adebowale Abimbola, Osunkoya Korede, Mufutau Yusuf Akorede, Salisu Ajibola, Olamikan Oluwasiji, Oduwole Gbenga, Damilare Adelaja, Bakare Azeez Adebola and Edward Ayodeji were arraigned on Tuesday 11th December, 2018 before Hon. Justice M. S. Abubakar of the Federal High Court 1 sitting in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The defendants were all arraigned on separate charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretences, impersonation and possession of fraudulent documents. They all pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.

While Six out of the first ten defendants earlier arraigned were granted bail immediately on varying conditions, four of them were denied bail. However, the other fourteen defendants were all granted bail also on varying conditions.

All the defendants were remanded in prison custody at Abeokuta pending the perfection of their bail conditions. While the cases of the first 10 were adjourned to the 28th of January, 2019 for trial, the cases of the 14 were adjourned till 5th, 6th, 7th and 12th of February, 2019 for trial.


  1. Most of this guys are innocent, while some are,but my opinion is that they should judge them according to the law…

  2. This is outrageous….some of them are looking for girls to use for money rituals…they are in for a serious case to answer…..some may be innocent…proper investigation should be carried out 1st..

  3. This Yahoo boys should find something else to do with there life because this leads to using ladies for rituals

  4. All these people that dont want to do something better with their lives, i know there are some innocent ones sha

  5. EFCC are really trying in this country..but the issue is what is going on with cash they have collected..?I alwys wonder..

  6. Not as it’s shown to the general public now! We’d not be told again when they bail themselves with huge amount of money…

  7. Nawa ooo.. Are we really sure they are yahoo boys? This one EFCC dey catch people everyday calling them Yahoo boys. No offence pls

  8. Only God can save us yahoo sure the case of d day please some innocent may involved after clean investigation let law should be spell out

  9. They call it survival method. But i think it can be still be done or they can use their talent in a more genuine way.

  10. defendants were all arraigned on separate charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretences, impersonation and possession of fraudulent documents. They all pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.may the lord help us in this country.this born out of unemployment

  11. So they want them to go back to frontal attack. That is,armrobbers.they should live third guys before I vex

  12. That’s good for them.,but government should and created employment so that young boys will not be yahoo ing..

  13. This is seriou cases in Nigerian, Nigerian youth don’t want to work again, if this people are innocent please live than

  14. Am not against the arrest, but please let propa investigation be done to avoid punishing the innocent… And please if found guilty should be sent to jail…

  15. Thats good, they are really working keep it up, those still hiding will be soon exposed too, this is too much

  16. Very good for them fast money duping others to live big at last the prayers of all the people you dupe have caught up with you

  17. Is better for one to be graduate than carry laptop all in the name of Yahoo boys,God have mercy in them.

  18. Good for them, kudos to EFCC for a great job done, this Yahoo boys have done so much damage to our nation

  19. You people should leave the Yahoo boys ooo.
    If government provide job for the unemployed
    All these won’t be happening.
    I sensed that since Yahoo boys have been busy with net, the rate of arm robbery has reduced

  20. I think the EFF is doing the right things , they should flush all those yahoo boys out from our fissility.

  21. Most of them are not actually guilty.. But proper investigation must be carried out so that the innocent will not be punish

  22. Yahoo boys alone have made the country be in because if rituals they do body parts they sell too …let them be investigated thoroughly please

  23. Our government should provide good job for the youth maybe it will put an end to this yahoo stuff

  24. For now they’re suspects, until proven guilty but if they are actual yahoo boys, then good for them. Karma isn’t sleeping.

  25. It’s because of the situation of this country that led to these criminal activities. The yahoo stuff is now becoming too much. Let the government help solve this unemployment crisis

  26. This is Nigeria
    all this dude’s names are here probably because they failed to drop something g
    they shouldn’t just suffer innocent people biko

  27. I dont know what nigerian boys gain in doing yahoo all so that they will have money. Let them be sent to jail if truelly they are yohoo boys

  28. Lovely And wonderful job by EFCC they should not Give up just to put an end to yahoo boys rituals and other evolution.

  29. Lovely And wonderful job by EFCC they should not Give up just to put an end to yahoo boys rituals and other evil

  30. Wonderful, Efcc are really trying this time around oh. The boys should be investigated thoroughly before punishment to avoid punishing the innocent ones among them

  31. Is actually a good thing the police or EFCC are catching this people , but also proper investigation should be done ato avoid arresting innocent people

  32. we must be sure on what we accuse people of, because this days almost every young guy properly dressed is seen as a yahoo boy, which is not supposed to be so at all…

  33. The real yahoo men that are in politics looting how many of them have EFCC caught? Leave them boys to huzzle in peace after all it’s not Nigerian money they make it in dollars

  34. Good job all these yahoo boys have ruined the lives of many sturbon ladies they should be dealt with. .

  35. Very wonderful work by the Efcc but the innocent ones among them if any should be freed and the guilty should be charged with the full weight of the law.

  36. They should prosecute them straight they keep increasing what a shameful you and a waste to their generation

  37. Hmmmm, young Nigerians, when will this end. I wish there’s a way to discourage this from the attitude of getting rich quick.

  38. This is outrageous….some of them are looking for girls to use for money rituals…they are in for a serious case to answer…..some may be innocent…proper investigation should be carried out 1st..

  39. Some are still innocent and that is why it is called “suspected yahoo boys”, so those of you drawing into conclusion……. Read first

  40. it’s lack of Employment and poverty rate is Thia country is high and also corruption is not left out.. If things were right in this country all these things won’t be coming out.. The govt should try and provide jobs especially for the graduates… They should temper mercy with justice in their case

  41. I think they should do proper investigation very well because I don’t think that all of them is Yahoo Boys.

  42. The way EFCC is so effective when it comes to yahoo boys, I pray they become that effective when it comes to our leaders and politicians.. Who are busy looting the Mega Millions. I’m not supporting the yahoo boys though.. But I wish they could be more efficient with the real scammers..

  43. Let justice be done. Those boys might have be doing this before now but am sure not the 24 of them are doing it. There are innocent ones so the issue should be properly investigated and handled so as to set the innocent ones free.

  44. EFCC well done. Plz you people should catch yahoo plus guys too, so that the society can be a little

  45. But come to think of it, the so-called money from the White men is really our own that they lotted from us, the difference is just application of knowledge in taking them back. Well, let them be remanded in the police custody.

  46. Please, be sure they are guilty before detaining them. Meanwhile, this is Christmas anything can happen so far is all about money.

  47. Please, be sure they are guilty before detaining them. Meanwhile, this is Christmas anything can happen so far is all about getting money.

  48. The EFCC are really doing a good job by finding these Yahoo boys from their hide out. Am proud of their good work

  49. Great job from EFCC. They should keep up the good work. We need to urgently eradicate this disease (yahoo yahoo) that is gradually eating into our system.

  50. Is not all about arresting Yahoo boiz there should treat them in line with the law and let dis not b innocent boi dat have done nothing, all in the name of working

  51. What is happening in Nigeria now efcc is only facing Yahoo boy,s people that decided not to be theif in they own country but bringing goods from outside, u people should leave them abeg

  52. EFCC don’t free them o please take them to jail straight o because they are among those people damaging Nigeria o

  53. What is evidence that this boy’s are truly yahoo boys. If at the end of the day they are found not guilty efcc have to compensate this boy’s for tarnishing there images.

  54. Chai, if they are yahoo for real ,may they face the law,and there be any innocent among them,may God vindicat

  55. Those granted bail should thank their head and their lord for helping them get off the hook and those that remain to should still continue to pray to their lord to grant them freedom

  56. Dere should leave those guys to enjoy a little bit of wealth, coz our todayz government can’t even provide job for d youth

  57. Kudos to you people’s efcc, for the great work u had been doing to stop does yahoo boys in nigeria, I thought wat efcc has done we be inform of lession to other people’s that nomally engage them self in such kind of things

  58. I don’t think all of them are engaged in such practice so I will urge Efcc to make a clear investigation and not to punish the innocents

  59. Good job to EFCC. But government should do something coz the rate of these yahoo boys is becoming alarming. Job opportunities should be created for our young graduates

  60. Good for them, lazy nigeria youth that doesn’t value hardworking but prefer fraud. They should serves as example to others

  61. Smh efcc in your mind you are working.. You leave people lotting our money in this country and you are going after yahoo boys,shame!!

  62. It’s not good to have student in this kind of mess, if they give them prison sentence that could end hire schoo

  63. No young man/guys wants to suffer again,, this have become the only business guys can do an be it’s really pushing them into somany atrocities

  64. Hmm..this kind thing seff..i think chances shouldnt be taken in this issue ..yahoo is yahoo..so all of them should face the full force of the law.

  65. This do or die wealth amongst our youth is really alarming. God help us all.N ig youth needs God in their life.

  66. Keep up the good work our security agencies. More of this can go a long way to reduce this menace and evil crime.

  67. The government should give job to our youths, most of them under detention are graduates with amazing certificates but couldn’t get a job, then they decided to make quick money, I pity them seriously….

  68. They should be punished for their actions… Even if d rate of unemployment is high is dis country dat shouldn’t make scam others. so they deserve wat dey gat

  69. So EFCC know how to arrest yahoo boys but they dont know how to arrest their godfathers(politicians) who are the major actor. It’s unfortunate that in Nigeria, an accused/suspect is already call a criminal before the the court judgement. It is only the court that have the right to declare them a criminal.

  70. Proper investigation should be made to avoid punishing innocent ones for most of the guys that lavish money are not yahoo boys there are still good ones.

  71. This is one of the sad commentary on our times. Most tertiary institutions are replete with boys and girls in the internet fraudster business and the empire keeps expanding. I don’t know what could be done to stop it

  72. This people are too wicked why don’t dey arrest all those politicians they are business arresting you Guy’s that have nobody to speak for them.

    • In as much as we need Peace and tranquillity in our Nation, we should also endeavour to to tamper justice with mercy. I know that sometimes innocent people are punished for what they know nothing about.

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